TheRichest List Of The 20 Nicest Chests In Hollywood

Hollywood is flooded with beautiful female entertainers, actors, singers, models, Television hosts, and reality TV stars. Although talent counts in Hollywood, appearance counts just as much and TheRic

Hollywood is flooded with beautiful female entertainers, actors, singers, models, Television hosts, and reality TV stars. Although talent counts in Hollywood, appearance counts just as much and TheRichest team has come up with our list of who we think have the nicest chests in Hollywood. Female entertainers have to maintain a certain standard of beauty, style and fashion for them to be fully accepted in the entertainment industry, however Hollywood likes to keep the public on their toes. Tabloids often create rumors or make assumptions about whether a persons appearance is natural or cosmetically created. Not that plastic surgery is something negative, however celebrities can often feel the need to get it in order to obtain the right look to succeed in Hollywood.

In this article, we will focus on who we believe to have the nicest chests in Hollywood. We all know how valuable a nice chest can be in a movie, or modeling ad and we will attempt to rank the nicest chests based on online reviews, public perception, as well as our own preference. This list of course includes both implants and natural breasts, however to be sure about these facts is impossible. It is a fact that many female celebrities in Hollywood have implants but many are also just rumored to have fake breasts. Our focus will be on female celebrities who have received the most attention because of their magnificent chests whether they are real or fake.

20 Jenny McCarthy: Breast Implants, Size 34D

Number 20 on this list is Jenny McCarthy. Jenny gained recognition in Hollywood when she began a modelling career for playboy back in 1993. She didn't struggle getting attention after playboy showcased her nude photos earning her the title; playmate of the year in 1993. Since then, Jenny McCarthy has enjoyed tremendous success in film and television. She currently co-hosts a talk show dubbed; The View on ABC.

19 Jessica Pare: Natural, Size 32C

Jessica Pare is a 33 year old Canadian film/television actress. She launched her career in Hollywood in 2000 when she appeared in Stardom, winning over a huge male audience because of her natural style. Jessica Pare is one of Hollywood's women who has become successful in her own right while being completely natural.

18 Emily Ratajkowski: Natural, Size 32C

Emily Ratajkowski is a 22 year old British born American model. Emily caught the attention of her male fans by appearing topless in Robin Thicke’s music video Blurred Lines. Since then, she hasn't had a problem maintaining a top spot in reviews of Hollywood celebrities with the nicest chests.

17 Alison Brie: Rumored Implants, Size 32C

Alison Brie is said to have one of the nicest chests in Hollywood although rumors suggest she has implants. Alison rose to fame playing Annie Edison on the NBC sitcom Community. She is an American actress with many projects under her belt. Some of the films that have helped her gain recognition include; Scream and The Five Year Engagement.

16 Julianna Guill: Rumored All Natural, Size 36B

Julianna Guill is another Hollywood actress with an outstanding chest. She is rumored to be all natural which is why her breasts has gained so much attention in the entertainment scene. She rose to fame when she played a role in Friday the 13th. She also gained a lot of attention in the My Alibi webisode series. She has appeared in very many popular TV series cementing her acting career.

15 Eva Mendes: Rumored All Natural, Size 34B

Eva Mendes is definitely a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. She broke into the Hollywood acting scene in 2001 when she appeared nude in Training Day alongside renowned actor Denzel Washington. Since then, she has earned recognition as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Her chest catches the attention of many men because she is rumored to be all natural.

14 Kat Dennings: Natural, Size 32DD

Kat Dennings makes it to this list because she is a well established actress with an amazing 32DD, natural, chest. This 27 year old American actress gained recognition as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood when she appeared in Sex and the City and even more now that she costars in the comedy 2 Broke Girls. She has earned major film and television roles gaining even more recognition thanks to her incredible talent and her natural chest.

13 Elisha Cuthbert: Natural, Size 34C

Elisha Cuthbert debuted in the Hollywood acting scene in 1997 when she co-hosted a children’s television series dubbed Popular Mechanics for Kids. She gained recognition instantly because of her striking beauty wining major roles in popular TV series like 24 and Happy Endings. She has also acted in a number of hit movies such as Girl Next Door (2004) and House of Wax (2005) which helped her gain many fans.

12 Blake Lively: Rumored Implants, Size 34C

Blake Lively is a 26 year old American model, actress and celebrity homemaker. She makes it to this list because of her numerous roles in hit movies like; The Town, Savages and Green lantern and TV series Gossip Girl. She has managed to take up a number of roles perfectly, earning the attention of many male fans. Although most of her fans say she is all natural, she is rumored to have implants.

11 Shannon Elizabeth: Rumored Implants, Size 36D

Shannon Elizabeth is a 36D. The 40 year old American actress caught the attention of many people in her role in the hit movie; American Pie in 1999. After appearing in American Pie, Shannon immediately earned a sex symbol title because her nude scene showcased her magnificent chest. She hasn't had problems gaining male attention since, although she is rumored to have implants.

10 JWOWW: Implants, Size 36D

Jennifer Farley popularly known as JWOWW is a 27 year old American TV personality and rose to fame in her role in Jersey Shore. Her 36D chest immediately caught attention earning her numerous TV roles thereafter. Many online reviews on her TV performances attest to the fact that she has one of the nicest chests in Hollywood.

9 Keri Hilson: Rumored Implants, Size 32B

Keri Hilson also makes it to this list because of her amazing voice as well as beautiful body. She is an established American songwriter, singer and actress. Her good looks helped her breakthrough into showbiz when American producer Timbaland featured her in his video; The Way I Are. She created an immediate buzz because of her outstanding voice and curves.

8 Nicole Scherzinger: Rumored Implants, Size 36B

Nicole Scherzinger makes it to the list of nicest chests in Hollywood because she is one of the most talented and beautiful signers in the industry. Her 36B chest isn’t her only asset. She has proved to have the whole package having sold over 50 million records worldwide. Her sexy dances in her dance group, Pussycat Dolls, have definitely earned her recognition and respect in Hollywood.

7 Emmanuelle Chriqui: Natural, Size 34C

This 35 year old Canadian TV and film actress has gained a loyal fan base thanks to her attractive features and acting talent. In 2010, Emmanuelle Chriqui was voted most desirable woman by Her natural 34C chest definitely earned her attention according to most online reviews on her performance in various projects.

6 Jessica Simpson: Rumored Implants, Size 34DD

Although her 34DD chest is rumored to be fake, Jessica Simpson deserves a spot in this list because of her accomplishments in life as well as being well endowed. Her roles in various movies, television shows and commercials helped her gain attention as one of the most beautiful women in showbiz. She is not only a talented actress and singer, but also a smart business woman.

5 Sofia Vergara: Natural, Size 34C

Sofia Vergara makes it to the top 5 in this list because of her interesting story. When she was starting off in Hollywood, she was advised a couple of times to reduce the size of her chest. Sofia chose to ignore the advice making one of the best decisions in her acting career. She instantly gained attention because of her natural signature 34C chest. Thanks to her natural chest, she has had no problems landing sexy film and TV roles.

4 Tyra Banks: Natural, Size 34DD

Tyra Banks is an established TV producer, American actress and TV personality. Tyra

Banks rose to fame as a Victoria's Secret model. Her natural 34DD breasts immediately caught the attention of many, which is one of the main reasons she gets a top spot in this list. Although she was rumored to have a fake chest, she proved it was all natural in an episode on her own talk show to end the controversy.

3 Salma Hayek: Rumored Implants, Size 36C

Salma Hayek has a body to die for. Most men have been on the record stating she is the sexiest woman alive. Her breasts are one of the main reasons she has a huge male fan base. She has enjoyed tremendous success as an actress, film producer and director. She made headlines when she breastfed an African child when the baby’s mother didn't have any milk.

2 Kim Kardashian: Rumored Implants, Size 32DD

Her 32DD chest definitely earns her a number 2 spot in this list. Kim Kardashian broke into showbiz because of her sex tape with Ray J (an American songwriter, singer, actor and record producer). She immediately earned a sex symbol title because of her stunning curves and huge chest. Although she is rumored to have fake breasts, she has managed to earn millions because of her sex appeal.

1 Katy Perry: Rumored Natural, Size 32D

Position number one on the list of top 20 nicest chests in Hollywood, according to TheRichest team, is Katy Perry. Her chest gained popularity just recently when she appeared topless on the rolling stone magazine cover. Her 32D chest grabbed headlines winning her a bigger fan base. Considering this was her first topless appearance, she deserves the number one spot for succeeding in showbiz purely on talent.

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TheRichest List Of The 20 Nicest Chests In Hollywood