The 20 Most Beautiful News Women in America

When it comes time to turn on the television to get caught up on what’s going on in the world, there is no shortage of options. With so many channels and networks to choose from, it can be hard to decide what to watch. So why not tune in to the hottest reporter that’s on the air at that hour? Certainly a beautiful woman delivering the news to you can’t be a bad thing, right?

This list shows that CNN by far has the hottest female reporters in the business. Two of the top three are from that network and there is a good reason for it as you’ll see when you read on. But beauty isn’t everything when it comes to reporting. You want someone that is intelligent and knowledgeable about what they are reporting on so you can make good use of the information. But even if they get something wrong, who cares? As long as they look good!

Every single one of these beautiful ladies has a high level of intelligence. That’s how they advanced to this point in their careers. Networks obviously like to have a beautiful woman in front of their cameras, but they want them to also be smart and good at their job. This list has the sexiest news reporters on the air right now but they are also some of the best in the business.

Find out which one has an extremely deep knowledge of fishing and who had to do everything when reporting on a story, including the camera work! Oh and of course who is the hottest of the hot!


20 Lynda Kinkade (CNN)


Lynda Kinkaid is a beautiful blonde anchor at CNN that was born in Australia. She has been the anchor of CNN Newsroom since 2015 and she also anchors The World Right Now, Connect to the World and CNN Today.

She got started in broadcasting back in 2002 and she worked with several shows and news outlets in Australia before moving to the United States. She was seen there on Sunrise, NBN Television, Nine Network, Today (Australia), Nightline (Australia), Nine Afternoon News and Nine News Sydney.

She moved to Melbourne in 2008 and started working for Today Tonight. During her time there she interviewed Al Gore and did a lot of celebrity coverage. She had some great interviews with Jennifer Hawkins, Rachel Griffiths, Toni Collette and John Travolta.

Kinkade quit her job in Australia in 2013 to move to New York City. She worked as a freelancer when she got there and continued to do work for her previous networks while she pursued steady work in the States. When she first hooked up with CNN she commuted on weekends from New York City down to the CNN Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2015 she was signed on as a full-time member of the network and now we get to see her all the time. Good deal!

19 Jennifer Gray (CNN)


Jennifer Gray is a stunning blonde that does the weather for CNN. Ok, a meteorologist is not technically a news reporter, but the weather is still news and she is on CNN all the time - and nobody changes the channel when she is on the air. So that counts.

She is a current member of the National Weather Association and the American Meteorology Society has given her the AMS Seal of Approval. That means that she is not only hot but she’s very good at her job!

Before Gray hooked up with CNN she worked in Miami at WTVJ, an NBC affiliate, doing not only the weather but regular news as well. She was a regular in producing pieces that helped Florida residents get prepared for hurricanes. She also did work for Sun Sports co-producing and co-hosting Florida Insider Fishing Report. You may be wondering how that makes her good at her job, but in Florida the fishing professionals take their jobs very seriously. They don’t let just anyone work on those shows. And to show you how deep her knowledge is, she was part of the show Beyond the Reef for the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation. Nobody works with anything that has the Guy Harvey name on it unless they are one of the best at what they do.

She also worked in Louisiana and Texas before the nation got to watch her every day. Easy to see why not many complain when she steps in front of the camera!

18 Holly Gregory (Bay News 9)


Holly Gregory is another beautiful blonde that does the weekend news for Bay News 9. During the week, she works out of the Pinellas County newsroom covering all of the events that happen on Florida’s Gulf Coast. If you have something going on in that area worthy of getting news coverage, you hope that Holly will be the one assigned to the job!

After growing up in Bluffs, Illinois, she graduated from Marymount Manhattan College that is located in New York City. She then went back to the Midwest to get her career underway and started working at WGEM in Quincy, Illinois. She then moved on to Des Moines, Iowa at WHO-TV before moving on to the big time in Chicago.

Gregory was a general assignment reporter for CBS2 there and was also an anchor for CLTV News. She got her first job with a major station when she signed up with WGN News as a reporter.

While in Chicago, she covered several major news stories as you would expect. The 2004 Iowa Democratic Caucus was one of them and she also got to cover not one, but two arrests of Illinois Governors. George Ryan was convicted of federal corruption and several years later Rod Blagojevich was also convicted of corruption charges. Holly covered each story every step of the way.

While the people that lived in Illinois at the time can’t be happy about what their Governors did, they can’t be upset that they got to see Holly reporting on it every night!

17 Natalie Allen (CNN)


Natalie Allen is a 54-year-old brunette bombshell that has been in the business for over 25 years. Her work on CNN has brought her plenty of attention not only for her intelligence, but for her beauty as well. She is very active on social media and whenever she puts up new bikini photos, men from around the world go crazy.

You can see her on the weekend show CNN Newsroom and she is probably one of the most underrated reporters in the business. Over her career, she has worked at The Weather Channel, MSNBC, and NBC News. During her time at TWC she was the anchor of the show Forecast Earth and she traveled all over the country interviewing high-profile people for the show.

Allen has been a part of some of the biggest stories of our time. She covered the deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa as well as the O.J. Simpson murder trial and the Oklahoma City bombing.

She won awards for her work in Orlando, Florida with WFTV on the show Daybreak. While she was there the newspaper Florida Today voted her their “Favorite Morning Personality” and one glance at her will tell you why!

16 Sunlen Serfaty (CNN)


One look will let you know why Sunlen Serfaty is on this list. Anytime that she is covering a story you will want to tune in just so you can look at her for a few minutes.

The sexy blonde works for CNN and is based out of Washington D.C. covering politics for the network. She does a lot of reporting right from the White House and she has even won an Emmy for her reporting. When you watch her, not only do you get a nice treat for the eyes for a few minutes, but you usually learn something as well. She is very intelligent and she knows what she is talking about.

Serfaty doesn’t just work in front of the camera (although that’s where we like her), she also does production and writing duties.

Prior to her current assignment, she was a major contributor to the network’s news coverage as part of the CNN News source team. They work out of Washington D.C. as well and supply news to over 800 CNN affiliates.

She has also worked for ABC News and WJLA (Washington D.C.) and she did radio and television projects for The Washington Post.

You never want to miss her when she is on your TV for a few minutes. It really doesn’t matter what she’s talking about!

15 Sara Eisen (CNBC)


Sara Eisen is a smoking hot blonde that works for CNBC. She joined the company in 2013 and worked her way up to a co-anchor position on Squawk on the Street. The 45-year-old went to school at Northwestern University and she has also done work for Bloomberg TV as a financial reporter.

She is easily one of the most popular television reporters based on her social media following. And while she is very good at her career, she isn’t just known for sharing the news. Her beautiful appearance sends the world into a frenzy whenever she puts up new photos of herself, especially in her bikini. But she always stays professional and never lets the attention divert her from her duties as a respected reporter.

She once fell victim to an embarrassing moment while on the air. While with Bloomberg TV, Eisen reached under her skirt to fix a microphone that she was sitting on. The upcoming segment that she was doing had her sitting in a chair and the mic was down between her legs. When she was preparing to be on camera she lifted her skirt to fix it and she didn’t realize that the camera was on her already. Viewers instantly thought she had some kind of sex toy under there and when she was made aware, like the true professional that she is, she addressed the issue and moved on. Lucky microphone!

14 Rosemary Church (CNN)


Rosemary Church is an anchor on CNN International and she works out of the company’s headquarters in Atlanta. She also works on CNN Newsroom and it’s never a waste of time to watch her on the air. It’s hard to believe that this beautiful woman is 53 years old.

She joined the CNN team back in 1998 after working as a reporter for ABC-TV in Australia. For that network, she was a senior anchor for Australia Television. Folks down under were also blessed to see her on Foreign Correspondent and The World at Noon.

Some of Church’s other jobs prior to CNN were anchoring an evening news broadcast in Tasmania and she did weekend news for Network Ten. She also spent five years in Canberra working for the National Media Liaison Service. So you can see that many people around the world have been blessed with being able to watch this beautiful woman report the news.

In 1997, she won an award from New York Festival TV for her work on covering the Hong Kong Handover to China.

With all of the hotties that work for CNN, it was a no-brainer to add her to the mix more than fifteen years ago. Even after all this time she is still one of the sexiest reporters on their roster.


13 Abby Huntsman (Fox News)


Wow! Abby Huntsman is a gorgeous 30-year-old that works for Fox News. You used to see her on The Cycle on MSNBC but now she is a general assignment reporter with Fox.

She gained huge notoriety in 2012 when her father, Jon Huntsman, Jr. was running for President. By the time he was out of the race Abby had a bigger following than he did and that hasn’t changed as of today.

Huntsman actually got her start on television at the age of 16 when she worked off camera on Good Morning America. But the taste of TV that she got didn’t sit well with her and she started looking at other careers to pursue. When she was a student at the University of Pennsylvania she was awarded an intern position with Diane Sawyer and Huntsman credits her for changing her mind about the business. She was impressed how Sawyer conducted herself and she would later say that “I always think of her as someone that I hope I can try to be like."

To this point, she has done exactly that but unlike Sawyer, Huntsman has the beauty to be named on this list!

Early in her career she had done work for The Huffington Post and has been a guest on CNN numerous times.

12 Amara Walker (CNN)


Amara Walker is a 34-year-old hot brunette that you don’t want to miss on CNN. You can see her on CNN Today with her co-anchor Michael Holmes. She is from the Los Angeles area and she graduated from USC in 2003. She has degrees in political science as well as in broadcast journalism, so you can see that not only is she very sexy but she is very smart to boot.

She got her start in Palm Springs, California at KMIR-TV and then moved on to WTVJ in Miami, Florida where she was an anchor and general assignment reporter.

In 2012, Walker moved to Chicago, Illinois where she started working for WFLD as an anchor and general reporter. But about a year later she was off to Atlanta, Georgia to join up with the CNN team. And nobody that watches the show is complaining one bit about her addition.

She is fluent in Korean and Spanish and in 2012 she got married to Thomas Walker, who to his credit, is a plastic surgeon. The wedding took place in Austria and if her looks ever start to fade, at least she has a pretty good connection to get them fixed up. But one look at her and you’ll see that day is a long way off!

11 Kimberly Guilfoyle (Fox News)


Kimberly Guilfoyle is a smart and sexy political and legal analyst for Fox News. She is a co-host on the show The Five and she regularly appears on the shows Hannity, On the Record with Greta Van Susteren and The O’Reilly Factor.

The 47-year-old used to be an anchor on Court TV and an analyst for ABC. She was once the First Lady of San Francisco when she was married to Mayor Gavin Newsom. She is also a member of La Raza Lawyers Association. That’s right, her brains are as stunning as her appearance is.

Here are a few things that will show you her level of intelligence: She graduated from the University of California, Davis AND the University of San Francisco School Of Law. While she was still a student she interned at the San Francisco DA’s office.

Here are a few things about her beauty: She has modeled for Macy’s Department Store AND for Victoria’s Secret. If you haven’t seen the photos from the Vitoria’s Secret lingerie photo shoot what are you waiting for? A quick search will give you all that you are looking for. I promise!

Kimberly has also worked as an analyst on the CNN show Anderson Cooper 360 Degrees.

10 Alexandra Field (CNN)


Alexandra Field works for CNN based out of New York City. She is a beautiful correspondent that reports news for the network for not only the New York area, but from all over the world. One look at her pics and you can see why she has a huge following on social media.

She went to Hamilton College and she earned a Bachelor’s and a Master degree there. She spent her junior year in college studying in France and she was a member of the Phi Beta Chi sorority. She also has a Master’s degree in journalism that she earned at Syracuse University in 2007. This is one smart woman.

She got her start at WWNY TV 7 working as a general assignment reporter. She didn’t do that long as she was soon promoted to anchor both the 10pm and 11pm news. She won a pair of awards there for her reporting skills, one from the Associated Press and one from Syracuse (Syracuse Press Club Award).

She later moved on to WRGB in Albany, New York and then to WHDH-TV in Boston before coming to CNN. She has covered the Boston Marathon bombings, the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and the Metro-North train derailment. When a reliable reporter is needed to cover a story Alexandra always gets the call. And being sexy doesn’t hurt a single thing either!

9 Robin Meade (HLN)

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Robin Meade is a talented beauty that works for HLN hosting the Morning Express. The 47-year-old is also a country singer. That’s not a combination that you will run into very many times over the course of your life. See is also a former Miss Ohio so you can see that she has it all. Smarts, sexiness, and she can sing.

She has been gracing the television screen on HLN since 2001 and she has won a regional Emmy award for her work. She released country albums in 2011 and another one in 2013.

Meade attended Malone University and Ashland University, majoring in radio and television production, programming and performance. After she graduated she became Miss Ohio in 1992 and she made it all the way to the semi-finals of the Miss America pageant.

Her broadcasting career got started at WMFD-TV in Mansfield, Ohio and she then moved around the State, working at WCMH-TV in Columbus and WJW-TV in Cleveland. She then furthered her career with a move south. WSVN-TV in Miami, Florida brought Meade on and she became the morning anchor on Today in Florida and was also the noontime news anchor and did some reporting on health.

She has worked at several other stations as well as writing a book. Not to mention her two music albums. Yup, Robin has it all!

8 Michelle Kosinski (CNN)


Michelle Kosinski is a sexy blonde that patrols the White House for CNN. The 42-year-old previously worked for NBC News for about ten years. She was first based in Atlanta before she was promoted to a foreign correspondent that was based in London.

She won an Emmy in 2009 for her work covering the 2008 Presidential election and she attended Northwestern University. While still in school she got a job with WIFR in Rockford, Illinois to get her career started.

Kosinski moved on to Charlotte, North Carolina with WSOC-TV and in 2001 she was voted as the Best Reporter in Charlotte. Later in the year she moved on to Miami, Florida with WTVJ and in 2003 she won a Suncoast Regional Emmy Awards Craft Winner for her coverage of Haitian immigrants. In 2005 Women in Communications named her their Woman of the Year.

For a long time now she has been noted for not only her great work ethic but for her beauty as well. In 2005 she was named as the “Hot Reporter” on Rolling Stone magazine’s “Hot List”.

It’s not very hard to see why CNN picked her up in 2014 or why she is mentioned on just about every sexy reporter list!

7 Megyn Kelly (Fox News)

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Megyn Kelly is one of the reasons that you want to tune into Fox News when there is a current event happening in the world. The 45-year-old beauty is a former attorney that does a lot of work for the network, including hosting The Kelly File each weeknight. She hosts the show from the network's New York City studios.

She has hosted a few other shows with Fox as well. You might remember her from America Live or America’s Newsroom. For six years she also hosted the New Year’s Eve specials on Fox News, All American New Year. If you want to know just how good she is at her job just look at the 2014 Time magazine list of the 100 most influential people, and you’ll find Megyn on it.

Kelly graduated from both Syracuse University and Albany Law School. She worked for Bickel & Brewer LLP in Chicago and she spent nine years with Jones Day before getting started on her broadcasting career.

Her first television job was with WJLA-TV in Washington D.C. as a general assignment reporter. She joined Fox in 2004 and upper management at CNN publicly stated that not bringing her on board with them was something they would regret for a long time. It looks like they were right.

Kelly could actually be higher on this list if she didn’t cut her hair. With her hair long she was much hotter and she dropped a few spots because of the new do. Bad decision Megyn!

6 Fallon Silcox (Bay News 9)


Fallon Silcox is a gorgeous blonde general assignment reporter for Bay News 9 in Florida. She works out of the Pinellas County newsroom and covers everything that’s happening on Florida’s central west coast.

Fallon knew at a very young age that she wanted to be on television reporting the news. She was the anchor for her third-grade news show that was called Bear News.

She went to the University of South Florida and got her first job at WFTX-TV, Fox 4 News in Fort Myers, Florida. She then moved up to Sarasota and started working for WWSB-TV. It was there that she got a taste of the full news reporting slate. As a multimedia journalist there she was responsible for writing, editing and shooting all of her stories as well as presenting them. She did that for about four years and she also was a fill-in anchor there. She joined Bay News 9 in 2013.

Since she went to college in Tampa she was very excited to return home. Not to mention she probably welcomed the change to working for a real station and not having to do everything for a story.

She is an avid runner and she loves spending time at the beach. You know what that means guys, bikini pics! Make sure you look for any new ones she might put up. You won’t be disappointed!

5 Pamela Brown (CNN)


Pamela Brown is a sexy and smart Justice Correspondent for CNN. The 32-year-old is as intelligent as she is sexy. You can always learn a thing or two when staring at her listening to her talk!

Before joining the CNN roster she worked at WJLA-TV in Washington D.C.

Brown comes from very good stock as her father, John Brown, Jr., was the Governor of Kentucky and her mom is Phyllis George. You may remember George as the former Miss America and very successful businesswoman. She was working for CBS on The NFL Today when she took a leave of absence from the show when Pamela was born.

Pamela was named after her aunt who died in 1970 when she was only 28 years old. She was part of a party that was trying to fly a hot air balloon across the Atlantic Ocean.

Brown attended the University of North Carolina and left the campus holding a degree in broadcast journalism. While she was a student there she did reporting for the school’s news show called Carolina Week. It was there that she realized that she had what it took to make the big time. And there isn’t a single viewer that is upset that they see her on screen all the time on CNN!

4 Susan Li (CNBC)


Susan Li has worked all over the world and there isn’t anyone around that will complain about it. The 31-year-old is as sexy as she is smart and she lights up any television screen that she is on. She currently graces the screen for CNBC as a reporter. She has also hosted several different shows.

The Canadian has hosted shows called Worldwide Exchange, First Up (Bloomberg TV), Asian Stars, Asia Business Tonight (Bloomberg), Bloomberg Edge and Morning Call (Bloomberg), as well as countless others.

Li’s specialty is business reporting, but she has also done interviews with several high profile people that are in other walks of life. Her interview with Robert de Niro was very well conducted and very entertaining. But of course anytime she is on your screen it’s entertaining right?

Susan is on every list that names some of the sexiest reporters in the news. Just one look at her and you can see why she is an easy inclusion on any of those lists. Many experts think that if she had gone into movies as a career choice, that she would have been just as successful as she is now. Her beauty and pure talent would see her reach unimaginable heights on the silver screen. I mean come on, who wouldn’t watch her movies??

3 Veronica Cintron (Bay News 9)


Veronica Cintron is an award-winning evening anchor on Florida’s Bay News 9. The stunningly beautiful brunette reports the news to Florida residents each weeknight from 5pm on. She joined the channel in 2010 and has won an Emmy as the Suncoast’s Best Anchor. She has also won the Florida Society of Professional Journalist’s Anchor of the Year. The Associated Press has also given her two awards and along with the win,  has been nominated for several Emmy’s for her work.

One look at her pictures and resume and you can see why Veronica is on this list, along with several other lists of sexy news reporters. As far as her beauty is concerned she is a can’t miss if you are looking for a hot reporter. Pictures of her are one of the few reasons to check out the news channel’s website.

To make the major networks it appears that you have to have a combination of sex appeal and intelligence. Cintron has both and it’s only a matter of time before one of the major networks scoop her up. Viewers on Florida’s west coast won’t be happy when that happens but beauty and intelligence like she has needs to be shared with the world!

2 Erin Burnett (CNN)


Erin Burnett works for CNN and it’s never a bad night if you choose to watch her show Erin Burnett Out Front. She has worked for several networks and her skills of reporting the news are as high as her level of sexiness is.

The 39-year-old has previously done work for CNBC, NBC, MSNBC and Bloomberg TV. She has hosted a couple of other shows, Squaw on the Street and Street Signs , before her current one. She has also appeared on Meet the Press, Morning Joe, Today, NBC Nightly News and she was even on The Apprentice.

Burnett filmed several documentaries outside of the United States and she was one time called “The International Superstar” for her work. The documentaries that she did were filmed in India, Jordan, Libya, Democratic Republic of the Congo, United Arab Emirates, Russia and Nigeria. You have to admit that she did some great work in a lot of places that had less than favorable working conditions. And there is no doubt that when she was in some of those places working, that they had never seen such a beautiful woman before.

Erin met her husband, David Rubulotta on a blind date that was set up in 2003. They were together for a long time before they finally got married in 2012.

1 Brooke Baldwin (CNN)


Brooke Baldwin is by far the hottest news reporter around. There is no question that the 36-year-old is very easy on the eyes when she fills you in on all of the happenings from around the world. She currently anchors the CNN show CNN Newsroom every weekday on your television screen.

Brooke graduated from the University of North Carolina with degrees in Spanish as well as one in journalism. So you can see that her intelligence level matches her beauty.

She started in broadcasting in Charlottesville, Virginia at WVIR-TV and later moved on to anchor the morning news at WOWK-TV, also in Virginia. Before she joined the CNN roster in 2008 she was the top reporter at WTTG in Washington D.C.

In 2011, Baldwin was the host of CNN’s Nashville coverage for New Year’s Eve and in addition to world news, she has spent a lot of time doing features on music. She once hosted a show called #MusicMonday and in 2012 she did a half hour special that was called Soundcheck.

One look at her will tell you all that you need to know about having to watch her when she is on the air. If you like hot, sexy and smart reporters, Brooke Baldwin is without question at the top of the heap!


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