The 15 Hottest Women From Scandinavia

Scandinavia, how much do you really know about it? I mean seriously- is it a country, is it a region, what are they known for? What do they do to make money over there, what sort of businesses is Scandinavia known for, what kind of sports do they like? Or do they even have sports over there? They ski right? Isn't it cold there all the time? Maybe they are all figure skaters for all I know.

OK, enough, seriously. Who cares? All you really need to know about Scandinavia is that the most beautiful women in the world come from there. This is no joke, it is literally impossible to find a woman from Scandinavia that is not completely and totally hot. Or at least I assume so- it isn't like I am ever going to go there, I might get eaten by bears. Or dragons. I am pretty sure they have bears and dragons in Scandinavia.

One thing I am sure of, is that all of the women on this list are incredibly hot, and all of them are from Scandinavia, which consists of Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Sometimes Iceland and Finland are included, depending on who you ask.  I should have let you look that up yourself, but I was starting to get the feeling you were just waiting for the photos. I mean, why wouldn't you be.

If you were waiting for the photos, I can't say that I blame you, because these are some of the hottest women you will see anywhere. We even got them to take off their parkas and knit hats for you. Anyway, here is our list of the 15 hottest women from Scandinavia. Enjoy.

15 Nikita Klaestrup


Nikita is a pretty awesome place to start on a list like this. She also would be a good place to finish, and to be honest she would be pretty awesome in the middle too. She is gorgeous. It is not just her looks though, she also has quite the attitude. How many women from Denmark do you know that are political commentators, reality TV stars, topless models, and fashion models? Personally I just know one, and that is Nikita. She has run for election a few times, but has not had much success, this is not all that surprising, as 22-year old topless models don't usually have a good track record for winning elections.  I for one am hoping that this will change soon, and when it does, I want Nikita to be our president. Someone please tell me that this is possible.

14 Elise Dalby


Elise was Miss Norway, and was the Miss Universe representative in 2014. Being names Miss Norway is kind of like being the tallest guy in the NBA or the fastest guy on the Olympic relay team- you get my drift. There is nothing but hot looking women in Norway, so to be thought of as the hottest one of all is a pretty good compliment.Elise knows how to represent, there is no doubt about that.  Sadly, her brother was one of the victims in the 2011 Norway attacks, which was probably the least Scandinavian thing that ever happened.  Elise has the longest hair in Miss Norway history. What does this mean? Don't ask me, all I know is that Elise looks amazing, just like every other woman on this list, and pretty much every other woman in her country. Ladies don't hate on Elise- it is not her fault, it's just a Scandinavian thing.

13 Anna Nystrom


Anna is from Sweden, and is obviously totally gorgeous. Let's take a look at her and see if we can guess what she does. I will give you three choices. Is she a celebrity chef, an international banker, or the most insanely hot fitness model that you have ever seen? If you guessed that she is an insanely hot fitness model, then you won the prize, which is to look at her picture here- hey, I guess we all won.  Anna has an incredible body; that is not meant to be lecherous or odd, she just does, and  I am sure she would not mind anyone saying so, as having a great body is how she makes her living.  Anna does a lot of CrossFit, and one can tell by the way she looks. To top off how in shape she is, she also is quite beautiful, which is why she is on this, or any other list of hot women.

12 Nina Agdal

via moejackson.comg

How could you possibly have a list of this nature without having Nina Agdal on it? Well, you can't, which is why she is on the list. Do I really have to spell this out for you? Nina is an absolute knockout, if you are wondering where you know her from, you have probably spent hours ogling her when she was in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She is from Denmark and is just 24-years old so I would imagine you will be seeing much more of her in the future. Unless Nina decides to quit modeling and live in a cave, then we imagine that the camera will be finding her pretty much wherever she might choose to go, she really is that hot.  She also is well known for appearing in a Carl's Jr ad, and has modeled for places as diverse as Billabong, and Victoria's Secret.

11 Siri Tollerod


Siri has a bit of a unique look. While many of you might prefer the typical gorgeous chick in the bikini, there are a lot of guys, myself included, that always get drawn in by the woman that has a bit of an artistic flair, especially if they are as gorgeous as Siri is. While Nina is a Sports Illustrated model, Siri is way more high fashion and runway; she was discovered when she way young by a fashion scout when she was shopping in a local mall. Why don't these thing ever happen to me? I was never discovered by anyone. Siri is Norwegian, and I would say she puts most other women from her country to shame, except it seems like they all pretty much look this way, or at least I can pretend that's true- it never hurts to dream.

10 Alexandra Bring


All right, so  I have to come out and take a stand here. Alexandra Bring is kind of hot. Don't you think? Sorry, I got a little distracted there. Alexandra is all about being fit and telling others how to do so as well. She seems to be pretty good at it by the looks of her. She is very active on social media where she says " I bring it." Get it? She obviously has a sense of humor too. All kidding aside she really does look fantastic. She is from Sweden, which firmly qualifies her to be on this list. When you think of it though, what list of hot women would she not qualify for? Pretty much everything you can think of, Alexandra has got it covered. One of the ways that she keeps fit is running, and by the looks of her, it seems to help her look pretty amazing.

9 Silje Norendal


Silje Norendal is a very hot and quite talented Norwegian snowboarder. She has won the Winter X Games twice and came close to winning a medal in Sochi. If there is one thing that is even hotter than a gorgeous chick from Norway, it is a gorgeous chick from Norway that snowboards. She is just 22-years old so it appears that she will be around for a while. Her X Games profile says "Silje came up through the competitive ranks of Norwegian snowboarding, attending the NTG snowboard school as a teenager and eventually joining the strong Norwegian national team. Her riding is stylish and she has serious jump skills -- she stomps her landings and lays down solid frontside rodeo 720s. She also is a fitness fanatic with stunning looks; the 22-year old is a Nike covergirl and has been featured in the Norwegian editions of Cosmo and Elle magazines."

8 Sara Sieppi


As I wrote previously in this article, some people don't consider Finland part of Scandinavia. Well, I for one am saying that is simply not true. I could list a variety of reasons from a cultural, historical, or sociological perspective, but I am going to leave  it at this. If we don't include Finland then Sara Sieppi can't be a part of the list, and that is more than reason enough for me. Sarah is a model, a TV personality, a make up artist, and was Miss Finland in the year 2011. Now I am not one to normally go crazy over eyes, but I have to say, Sara has some of the most gorgeous eyes that I have ever seen, and obviously the rest of her is pretty amazing as well. Because of you Sara, we have decided to let Finland be part of Scandinavia.

7 Mascha Vang


Not that this will be any sort of surprise after seeing the women so far on this list, but Masha is just totally gorgeous. You may wonder who she is, but she has been known as the most searched Danish name on Google, and that has to count for something.  This is from the Danish Wikipedia translated into English: "She started her career in the reality show Villa Medusa in 2000. Villa Medusa was the predecessor of Big Brother. Her big break came in 2005 when she took part in the Paradise Hotel, which meant that she was nicknamed the 'busty blonde.' In 2008 she starred in Zulu Djævleræs where she was on hold with Simon Talbot, and they went on to the semifinals and then the finals." In addition, she was involved in DR's program Dodgeball , as chief of the "Cover Babes." Those Danish people seem so silly. They also seem really, really hot.

6 Hanneli Mustaparta


Hanneli was a model from Norway who was discovered when she was 17. I have to say it probably did not take a lot of ability to "discover" someone that is this hot.  A better word would be "approached." I mean seriously, if you take one look at Hanneli you can tell that pretty much everyone that looked at her probably thought she was hot enough to be a model. It was just that one guy actually was brave enough, or creepy enough, depending on your perspective, to approach her.  With that said the world is glad she was discovered, but sadly Hanneli does not model any more. On the contrary she is now on the other end of things. She is a fashion blogger, does some work for Vogue, and is also a fashion photographer now. Maybe she will discover someone on her own soon that looks as hot as she does. Probably not though, as that is not possible.

5 Medina


Medina has a bit of a different look than most of the women on this list. Can Danish women look like this, all exotic and such?  Duh, of course they can.  Medina is a Danish singer, which obviously is not the biggest market in the world, so you probably have not heard of her, and if you say you have I know you are lying. She has a  Chilean-Danish background, which explains the touch of exotic looks going on here.  Her full name is Medina Danielle Oona Valbak, which makes it seem even more fun to be her boyfriend. How cool would it be to say "I love you Medina Danielle Oona Valbak." Especially to a woman that looks as amazing as this? I will answer that question for you. It would be very cool.

4 Christiane Schaumburg-Muller


Christiane is a totally hot Danish actress as well as a fashion designer. She also has been a professional dancer since 1992 and has been a morning radio show host as well as being a model. It seems like if you are hot over there it is pretty easy to get a lot of jobs. She also has been on the Danish version of Dancing With the Stars. She has the ultimate look when you think of a Scandinavian women. In fact if you were to make a model of what a hot Scandinavian women looked like it would like just like Christiane. In fact if I were to take a wild guess I would bet that about 30% of you actually have tried to make a model of what a hot Scandinavian woman looks like, and since you failed you decided to read this article instead. Better luck next time.

3 Michala Kjaer


While most of these women rock a pretty big career over in Scandinavia, Michala is a fashion and lifestyle blogger over there. The world needs people like Michala, even if they are in Scandinavia. You see, there are all sorts of really hot women over there, we have already established that. Just like in America there are also a lot of other hot women who try to be famous just purely about writing about how they are totally hot and know what is going on in the scene. Then there are guys like me that write articles about how people like Michala write articles about other people, and then every once in a while someone writes an article about me writing articles about other people. The whole thing is kind of like a dog chasing its own tail.

2 Iina Kuustonen


Iina is an actress from Finland, and quite a successful one. She has been in several television shows and also several movies in Finland. It is an interesting thing to be an American at times and sort of have to be reminded of things like "Oh there are actually people that make movies in Finland." Sometimes we Americans can be so self-centered it is ridiculous. What is not ridiculous is how lovely Iina is, though. She has a sort of raw sexiness and a classiness all at once, which I probably do not have to tell you is pretty hard to pull off. If a woman can do so, she is well on her way to conquering the world, which it appears that Iina is about to do. Well okay, maybe she will just conquer Finland, that is good enough for me.

1 Sara Chafak


Sara is a former Miss Finland who represented Finland in the Miss Universe competition. She also has been on the Finnish version of Dancing with the Stars, has played professional poker, and also has dabbled in rap. Okay, this seems like my dream girl- a rapping, dancing, poker playing Miss Universe contestant? How could you go wrong??? Her father was from Morocco, and her mother was from Finland; they also were both obviously ridiculously good looking. Sara is not what one typically expects when one thinks of a gorgeous Scandinavian but I think that is in part what this list is about. They don't all look the same, but they are all gorgeous. Long may Scandinavia continue on this run of producing beautiful women for the rest of the world to enjoy.

Sources:  wikipedia

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