The 13 Hottest Female Politicians

Politics is considered one of the most prestigious fields to be in, though this shouldn’t be the case. As a politician, one is supposed to serve and protect his or her constituents, so it’s actually supposed to be a lot of dirty work. Well, dirty it can be, indeed. Instead, politics is being used as a means to give its heads power and authority to abuse their positions so they can further their personal agendas.

In the past, the political arena was a male-dominated field. Females only joined it by virtue of birth, such as British monarchs Queen Elizabeth II and her ancestors Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria. But in the 20th century, women started grabbing the reins and taking positions in politics.

Today, many women hold seats in parliament as senators, congresswomen, and even heads of state. This is considered a major sign of progress, as women have always been viewed as the weaker sex and judged mostly on their looks. The women below defied convention and proved that women aren’t just pretty faces. They can be feisty in the political world as well.

13 Alina Kabaeva - Russia

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This Russian beauty isn’t just a pretty face. She is Russia’s most successful rhythmic gymnast, having won two Olympic gold medals for the sport. After she retired, Alina Kabaeva became a member of the Public Chamber of Russia in 2005 and for seven years, she was a deputy of the State Duma, representing the United Russia party. To add to her list of political achievements, she has also been the Chairman of the National Media Group’s Public Council since 2008.

12 Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner - Argentina

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According to Rant Lifestyle, Cristina Kirchner is the current president of Argentina, having assumed office in December 2007. Her Wikipedia page states that she is the first directly elected female president of the country and the first woman to ever be re-elected, placing her in the history books of Argentinian politics. The dark-haired president is easy on the eyes as well, making it very pleasant for her people to watch her in her public appearances.

11 Lucy Torres-Gomez - Philippines

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In the Philippines, many people from the entertainment industry join politics because they’ve got the funding to stage their own political campaigns. One such person is Lucy Torres-Gomez, a former model, actress, and TV host, who’s from an affluent family from Leyte Province in the Philippines. The statuesque Filipina beauty of German, Spanish, Chinese, and Malayan descent wasn’t content with just being a socialite. She is currently a Congresswoman of the fourth district of Leyte.

10 Julia Bonk - Germany

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At 29 years old, Julia Bonk is the youngest member of the German parliament, as she was elected the year she officially became an adult: 18 years old. She’s considered a Left Party politician in the Landtag of Saxony and she started her political career quite early in life. At 14, she became part of the Dresden City student council and after two years, she became the Speaker of the Students’ Council for the State of Saxony.

9 Orly Levy - Israel

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Israel’s current political and civil state may be all kinds of uncertain, but the country sure has one of the world’s best-looking politicians. Orly Levy currently serves as a member of the Knesset, which is Israel’s parliament. The 41-year-old was born into a political family, with her father once serving as Foreign Affairs Minister. She had brief stints as a model and TV host before entering politics to join her father and brother, who served as a mayor.

8 Sarah Palin - USA

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She may not be the most well-liked person in American politics, but no one can deny the fact that Sarah Palin is attractive. The Republican was once a sportscaster and a sports reporter before eloping with her high school sweetheart Todd Palin. She began her political career as a councillor for the Wasilla City Council. From there, she moved on to mayor and eventually became the first female Governor of Alaska. Of course, everyone knows of her unsuccessful bid for the Vice Presidency in 2008 with John McCain as her running mate.

7 Yulia Tymoshenko - Ukraine

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It’s rare for very conservative countries like Ukraine to appoint a woman as its leader. But Yulia Tymoshenko broke the mold and became the first woman to be chosen as Prime Minister of the country. A successful businesswoman before she entered politics, she co-led the Orange Revolution, a series of protests after the much-tainted 2004 Ukrainian presidential election. The striking blonde served as Prime Minister for two terms, but lost out to Petro Poroshenko in the 2014 election.

6 Vera Lischka - Austria

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She’s probably better known as a professional swimming champion from Austria, having represented her country at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Vera Lischka is indeed an accomplished swimmer, having won the gold medal for the 50-meter breaststroke at the European SC Championships the same year she competed in Atlanta. As if her credentials weren’t impressive enough, Lischka also joined the Upper Australian parliament in 2003, holding the official title of member of the Landtag of Oberosterreich.

5 Yuri Fujikawa - Japan

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For a time, she was arguably considered the world’s most beautiful politician, sometimes being referred to by critics as “too beautiful to be a politician.” Yuri Fujikawa was a councilwoman in Hachinohe City and a member of Japan’s Conservative Party, which was ironic, considering she proved to be anything but conservative. The young politician was involved in a scandal with another politician, as she was caught on camera walking out of a business hotel one morning with a very much married 38-year-old member of the Democratic Party.

4 Belinda Stronach - Canada

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Canadian bombshell Belinda Stronach wears many hats. She’s a businesswoman, philanthropist, politician, not to mention a mother to two children. But of the many roles she plays, she’s most known as a member of the Canadian parliament. The blonde looker was an MP (Member of Parliament) in the Canadian House of Commons for four years starting 2004. She was initially a member of the Conservative party, but later crossed over to the other side, joining the Liberals.

3 Angela Gerekou - Greece

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Before she entered politics, the beautiful Angela Gerekou was a movie actress. The Greek beauty who hails from Corfu Island in the Ionian Sea was discovered by movie producers back in the 1980s. Her acting career was short-lived, however, as she entered politics after studying architecture in Rome. She served as the vice minister of the Ministry of Culture and Sport and is an MP of her hometown of Corfu. Though she left the entertainment industry, she married a man from it, Greek actor and singer Tolis Voskopoulos.

2 Maria Carfagna - Italy

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A politician who was once a model and showgirl will most definitely fall into the list of most beautiful in the political arena. Maria Carafagna was ranked number one in Maxim’s World’s Hottest Politicians. The Italian beauty who comes from Salerno studied law before joining the Miss Italy pageant in 1997, finishing sixth place. Carfagna then became a TV personality, becoming a showgirl for a Sunday TV program. She has even posed nude for Maxim on a few occasions. She left all that behind when she was appointed as the Minister of Equal Opportunity by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

1 Luciana Leon - Peru

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Being polled as the most beautiful female politician of all time may or may not be advantageous for one’s political career. But the fact of the matter is, that’s what Luciana Leon has been dubbed. Coming from a political family, she holds a law degree from the University of Lima and a Master of Governance and Public Policy from the University of San Martin de Porres. At the age of 31, she became the youngest member of the Peruvian parliament’s history.


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