The 10 Sexiest Female Names

What’s in a name? It depends who you ask. For years, science has wrestled with the idea that what somebody is named can have an effect on their personality and future. Since there’s no blood test f

What’s in a name? It depends who you ask.

For years, science has wrestled with the idea that what somebody is named can have an effect on their personality and future. Since there’s no blood test for such a thing, it’s purely conjecture, but it’s an interesting debate - especially when it comes to the "sexiest" names.

The concept, called “nominative determinism” was first made popular by Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist who is considered the father of analytical psychology, although it was called “compulsion of name” at the time. Jung thought that he and Sigmund Freud were destined to work at healing people since their last names, when translated, meant “young” and “joy”.

There is an argument to be made, but just because Cecil Fielder played professional baseball and a book called Pole Positions about the polar regions of our planet was written by a guy named Daniel Snowman, does that really mean anything or is it just coincidence. What about first names vs. last names? Yes, there are real meteorologists in the world name Amy Freeze, Storm Field and Sara Blizzard, but couldn’t they just as easily have been bank managers?

While many scientists dismiss any connection with names and future outcomes, most notably explained in the book and film Freakonomics, saying that environment has more to do with how people turn out, it is silly to think that names aren’t used in popular culture for that very reason. You’ll never see John Smith on a soap opera. It’s always a name like Stockwell Covington. The name helps to shape the character.

And it’s the character of people that is often reflected in a name. There are names that simply conjure up a concept based on prior experience with the name. How often do you hear expectant parents nix a name off a list for their baby because they’ve had bad experiences with people who had that name. Just because you knew three guys named Jeremy who were all horrible doesn’t mean your son will be...or does it?

Probably the place that people attach meaning to names the most is with sex and beauty. If you didn’t know either person, do you think someone named Gertrude or someone named Candy would be more promiscuous? Most scientists would say there is no basis for most of us choosing Candy over Gertrude.

It’s possible to pick any name and you’ll find 100 different meanings for it. A girl named Jennifer could pick from around 50 different adjectives depending upon which source she chooses.

So, we have very little concrete scientific evidence to back anything up, but we do have a hunch there must be something to the “name = hotness” equation. We also aren’t going to simply guess on a what name means. We’re going to back it up with real world examples. With that in mind, here are 10 women’s names that everyone seems to agree are among the sexiest.

10 Alexa


9 Sasha

8 Gia


7 Brooke

6 Lily

5 Kayla


4 Scarlett

3 Olivia

2 Emma

1 Sophia

This is another one of those names that has 400 different versions and spellings: Sofia, Sophie, etc., and we’re going to allow them all. Purists would immediately point to popular 1960s and 70s actress Sophia Loren as the all time greatest, but when it comes to popular actresses, we’ve been on Team Sofia Vergara, the hot latin wife to the former Al Bundy for quite some time. Sofia Coppola’s acting was derided in Godfather III, but this famous daughter of director Francis Ford Coppola has directed such films as The Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation. We wish she’d spend more time in front of the camera, like Sofia Milos or Sophia Myles, a pair of young actresses who will keep the legacy of good looking women named Sophia in entertainment going for years to come.

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The 10 Sexiest Female Names