The 10 Most Voluptuous Female Celebrities in Their 20s

Whether they are small or large, everybody loves the female figure. Although your spouse's is most likely your favorite female body, there is no doubt that celebrities have some of the best bods on the planet. And newsflash, it’s okay to have a favorite pair of tatas or bum, other than those belonging to your spouse. There’s something about celebrity curves that are better than the rest. Maybe it’s because, for most people, celebrities can only be fantasized about. After all, how many lucky guys actually get the chance to see a celebrity's body in person? Or, maybe it’s because celebrities have the funds to alter their appearance to their desired size and look. Another attribute to Hollywood’s perfect and bustling bodies is that female celebrities tend to take better care of themselves than the average woman. If you were constantly in the spotlight, wouldn’t you want to have a hot bod?

Celebrities of all ages are fit and perky, but it seems like the best bodies in Hollywood belong to those who are in their 20s. After all, celebrities often look the best while they are at the height of their young adult life and their careers, which often occurs when they are in their 20s. Although there are hundreds of celebrities with hot bodies, some celebrities rise above others. So, we have narrowed it down to ten most voluptuous female celebrities, in their 20s. Continue below to find out who made our list.

10 Emily Ratajkowski

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9 Blake Lively

8 Selena Gomez 

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7 Nina Dobrev - Age 27

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6 Naya Rivera 

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5 Hilary Duff


4 Hayden Panettiere

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3 Rihanna

2 Ashley Benson

1 Kate Upton

That leads us to number one. The most voluptuous body in Hollywood goes to no other than Kate Upton. Since Upton appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2011, she has been labeled as a sex icon. This 23-year-old model has size 34DD boobs, which is not only the largest pair on this list, but is one of the largest sets of knockers in Hollywood. Since making her modeling debut, Upton has modeled for many swimsuit magazines and lines, along with lingerie lines and runway shows. She has even dabbled in acting. But, no matter what this blonde bombshell does, she continues to flaunt her voluptuous body. Although Upton has often wished for a smaller chest, she has gained an immense amount of confidence and has learned to love her big boobs. Even when Upton isn’t on set or at a runway show, she isn’t afraid to wear something form fitting or with a plunging neckline. Overall, leave it to the modern day Marilyn Monroe to have the hottest body in Hollywood.

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The 10 Most Voluptuous Female Celebrities in Their 20s