The 10 Sexiest Celebrity Redheads

There are a lot of jokes being thrown around about redheads on a regular basis, and many TV shows and Movies hit on this as well. Without much consideration, redheads are regularly swept under the rug and pushed under the bus. It is a hard thing for many redheaded kids who have to grow up with this constant bullying and annoyance. It seems like a ridiculous thing to have to say, but here goes: There is nothing wrong with being a redhead.

There are many redheads out there who have gone on to do amazing things with their lives. There are redheaded CEOs, Musicians, Athletes, Actors, and more. These redheads embrace life and enjoy it to the fullest. There is much more to life than just the color of someones hair, and these people know that. The redheads out in the world have to stick up to all the negative stereotypes, and they do a pretty good job at it.

Luckily for our fair, freckled friends, there are of people out there who just adore redheads. Really, if you are reading this article, there's a strong chance you fall into that category.

There are so many beautiful redheads out there in the world, and they need to be talked about. Not only will we be going over some beautiful redheaded celebrities, we will be going over the hottest of the hot.

Of course, there is more to these ladies than just their looks. Check out the 10 who made the cut to find out a little more.

10 Alyson Hannigan

9 Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis is most well known for her mainstream music industry success with her band Rilo Kiley. She was the lead singer for this band and also was the main songwriter. She can also be heard on many Postal Service songs, as she was a member of this band as well during their formation.

Jenny Lewis has also appeared on many television shows and commercials, but her musical success outweighs her acting success. For many, Jenny is the perfect style of redhead, with a very indie musical look, landing her a spot on this list of 10 Hottest Redhead Celebrities.

8 Amy Adams

Amy Adams is one of the better known red-headed actresses in Hollywood toady. She can be seen in many different blockbuster hits, but is very well known for her work in The Fighter, and Man of Steel. Quite possibly the role that propelled her the most in her career was her leading part in the Disney movie "Enchanted."

A big success, it showed that Adams could carry a feature length film on her shoulders. She has since landed on a plethora of different hottest redheads lists on the internet, and it would be silly to exclude her from this one.

7 Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross has been very active in the entertainment industry ever since the early 90s. Her first long term role was in the television show, Melrose Place, on which she played the role of Dr. Kimberly Shaw and stared in 114 episodes.

Cross went on to play the role of Bree Van De Kamp on the hit series Desperate Housewives. She stared in over 180 episodes, and was a huge part of the show. Her role in this show made her a sex symbol of our times and easily one of the hottest redhead celebrities around.

6 Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher has been acting since she was a little girl. Her success in Hollywood has been attributed to not only her great looks, but her ability to have a mix of comedic and dramatic acting in her roles.

Her role as a super clingy girlfriend in the movie Wedding Crashers brought her industry attention and much media coverage. One of her other well known roles is in the movie Hot Rod, where she nails the role of the cute girl who falls for the nerdy less attractive guy, played by Andy Samberg.

5 Emma Stone

Emma Stone is one of the most successful Redheads in the movie business today. She has played many big roles over the years, but is best known for her work in Zombieland, The Amazing Spiderman, The Help, Superbad, and her lead role in the movie Easy A.

In 2013 she was ranked #5 on Ask Men's 99 Most Desirable Women List.

4 Hayley Williams

About 10 years ago you would have probably never heard the name Hayley Williams unless you were really into underground local bands, but she has now established herself as one of the leading female singers in the music industry, whilst making her band Paramore one of the most successful touring rock bands of our time.

Her brilliant red hair is one of her trademarks, and it has been one of the main reasons why so many fans think she is such a sexy rocker chick.

3 Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne has been in the public eye virtually her whole life. At the age of six weeks old she was featured in the popular "Parents Magazine." She got her real start in commercials, appearing in over 40, but she is most known for her three year stay as Cece Jones on the Disney Channel show Shake It Up.

Thorne is quickly becoming one of the most well known redheads in show business, and she has much more than just her looks to back up her success. Expect her to stick around for a long time.

2 Faye Reagan

Via wall.alphacoders.com

Faye Reagan has used her looks to build most of her career. As a model and adult actress, she relies heavily on her look to propel her career into the future. She made her debut in 2007 in a Girls Gone Wild video, which gave her the exposure needed to make her start in modeling.

After her appearance in Girls Gone Wild, she modeled for American Apparel in 2008. She has since gone on to create a very successful career for herself in the adult entertainment industry. One look at Faye and it is easy to see why she makes the list.

1 Cintia Dicker

Cintia Dicker is a very famous, and very beautiful, Brazilian model who is best known for her work with big clients such as Sports Illustrated, Tom Ford, H&M, Victoria's Secret, and many more. She has been featured in the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition four times, from 2009-2013.

She has created a very successful modelling career for herself, and used some of her money to help feel needy children in her home country of Brazil. With her stunning looks and charitable spirit, Dicker is one of those rare few with a heart to match her angelic beauty.

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