The 10 Hottest Celebs With A Small Bust

Some of the world’s hottest celebrities have small boobs. Of course, a lot of them have big boobs, too. But that’s to be more expected. If we take Victoria’s Secret Angels to be our standards of feminine beauty, then toned bubble butts and big ole jugs are requisite in female hotness. But these following ten celebrities are sex symbols, not just in their own right but bonafide sex symbols that people all over the world are ferociously attracted to.

Let’s flip that on its head. Chris Hemsworth is a sex symbol and he has everything that male hotties need: six-pack abs, 6’3” frame, cool bracelets… But then how come there are also sex symbols who look nothing like him? Jared Leto is a short, middle-aged guy with long, flowing tresses of Pantene hair and people are still nuts for him.

The truth is that sex appeal is almost equal parts appearance and attitude. Obviously looking damn good helps you develop a sexy attitude, and looking too bad is going to make any attitude, no matter how genuine, seem a little contrived (like the person is overcompensating.) But the following ten celebs, although their boobies are mini, have some of the coolest attitudes in Hollywood, that being enough to charm their fans and earn the limelight.

Read reading if you’re curious and find out who are the 10 hottest celebs with the smallest boobies.


10 Iggy Azalea

You might be “mesmerized at the size” of her “big, big booty,” but this “Fancy” lady doesn’t have the junk in the front seat that she got in the trunk. Although Iggy Azalea has pretty much been disowned by 2015, she was the hottest item in 2014, occupying the top spot on the Billboard Top 100 with “Fancy” and the #2 spot with “Problem,” where she was featured next to Ariana Grande. Iggy Azalea had a score of complaints about her, from her appropriation of black culture to her affectation of a Southern, specifically Atlantan, twang (even though she’s from Sydney), but she still managed to become a sex symbol in spite of this (and, for the purpose of this list, in spite of her lil' boobies.)

9 Kiera Knightley


Back in 2004, there was a bit of a controversy over the King Arthur promotional photos. In the United States, Kiera seemed to have bigger breasts than she did in England. Yes, she was airbrushed to seem bustier. Four years later, as a brighter and more established star, Kiera Knightley refused to be similarly airbrushed in promotional material for her movie The Dutchess. People wondered why in the world they would even need to sex her up for a “corset drama,” where, as Josh Tyler of Cinemablend says, “any man found in the audience will invariably be gay or dragged there after losing a bet with his wife.” And besides, Kiera Knightley is hot enough as is.

8 Cara Delevigne

It’s no surprise that Cara Delevigne is one of the hottest items in Hollywood today. From her Burberry campaign with supermodel Kate Moss, to her starring role in John Green’s Paper Towns movie, to her membership in the Taylor Swift power-squad, Cara Delevigne is everywhere. Except, apparently, in the “large” section of Victoria’s Secret. That’s right, the Hammersmith hottie is quite flat chested. But, if you take one look at her beautiful face, it becomes impossible to care. She’s just so pretty that it doesn’t matter. Besides, with eyebrows like hers, large breasts would just be too much going on in her upper quadrant. You need to balance the beauty, or you end up cartoonish (like Heidi Klum as Jessica Rabbit.)

7 Rihanna


Rihanna is a force to be reckoned with. While we were all singing: “like bra bra bra!” last year, some poor record exec who had shafted Rihanna on royalties was trembling in his suede Gucci loafers. She wasn’t going to let a couple of B cups stop her from becoming one of the most popular and widely admired sex symbols of a generation. She first announced that she was here to break hearts on her sophomore album, A Girl Like Me, released right after she turned 18 and containing her first ‘sexy’ single, “SOS.” Since then, she has not relented, teasing us ever so sensually.

6 Kendall Jenner

It would be hard to operate in Kim Kardashian’s perfect hourglass shadow. Kim’s chest is now a giant 38” inches around, already impressive without even counting the circumference of her breasts. But Kendall, with a cool confidence, parlayed her family’s notoriety in a hyper-successful modeling career. She has walked for Victoria’s Secret, Chanel, and Balmain for H&M. Open any magazine off the rack, and chances are you’ll see Kendall Jenner (alongside TSwift girl-squad member Gigi Hadid) heading up some fashion campaign. Without an ample bosom to rely on, Kendall Jenner has become almost as recognizable as her enormously busty sister, with a longer-lasting mysterious allure, to boot.

5 Zoe Saldana


Zoe Saldana is one of the hottest action chicks in Hollywood. She’s been in Avatar, Star Trek, and Guardians of the Galaxy, to name a few. Even though she’s on the wrong side of 35, it seems people can’t get enough of her. And, like the other ladies on this list, Zoe Saldana can never say she used her breasts to get anywhere. She is quite flat chested. Arguably, this makes it easier for her to get high-profile action roles. Her fit body gives her the requisite sex appeal, but her boyish chest makes her believably serious – you can’t exactly be running around Pandora with your big ole boobies jumping left and right (although, to be fair, Angelina Jolie did a couple of Lara Croft movies before the double-mastectomy and she made it work.)

4 Emma Watson

Everyone’s favorite book-smart wizardress (‘witch’ makes Hermione sound so evil…) never fully grew up. We met Emma Watson when she was a mere 11 years old, and she seemed poised to become one of today’s “classic beauties” - which she absolutely did, by movie #6. The entire world, all of sudden, was like “Woah… Hermoine’s hot…” but the one thing about her that never really grew up was her chest, which has remained quite flat. No matter: she was scouted to endorse Lancome, one of the world’s top beauty brands. Clearly, despite her lack of large breasts, she's someone that girls wanted to be and men wanted to be with.


3 Sienna Miller


Sienna Miller famously portrayed Edie Sedgwick, a legendarily beautiful woman (and someone who, tragically, died too young.) The point is, to play Edie Sedgwick, you must have impressive sexual charisma. For a minute, everyone was obsessed with the “Factory Girl” and her cool, blonde haircut (even though she got in some hot water for calling Pittsburgh “S**tsburgh”). Since then, Miller has been in a few movies, the biggest-ticket one being American Sniper. She has cleverly made herself elusive, becoming one of those unicorns of Hollywood, seldom spoken of but always welcome when they arrive.

2 Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is one of Hollywood’s hottest it-girls right now. Although she doesn’t often show up on tv or in movies, somehow everyone can put a face to her name. Maybe, just maybe, it’s because it’s such a pretty face. With very little exposure, Olivia Wilde has become a widespread sex symbol. Know what else she hasn’t had much of? We suspect you can guess by now… That’s right: Olivia Wilde’s chest is almost totally flat. Despite all that, it won’t be long before Wilde is headlining movies of her own. With the help of her charm, talent, and hooked-in husband (she’s married to Jason Sudeikis, of SNL then Horrible Bosses and We’re the Millers fame), the flat-chested honey pot is about to attract all the bees.

1 Ariana Grande


To quote her song “Bang, Bang”: “She got a body like an hourglass/ But I can give it to you all the time/ She got a booty like a Cadillac/ But I can send you into overdrive”. If anyone exemplifies the importance of a sexy attitude, it’s the pint-sized diva who’s been tearing up the Billboard charts for the past year or so, Ariana Grande. At 5’1” and 106, almost none of Ariana Grande’s very little body mass comes from her breasts. That said, she has no trouble making anyone “focus on [her], fo-fo-focus on [her]”. In fact, no one can seem to stop focusing on her, from her donut licking fiasco to her amazing, but fake, hair.


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