Under The Knife: 10 Most Wanted Celebrity Looks

Getting a haircut that is the same as your favorite celebrity is not really odd or uncommon. However, it is shocking to know that more people are willing to do far more drastic measures in their goal

Getting a haircut that is the same as your favorite celebrity is not really odd or uncommon. However, it is shocking to know that more people are willing to do far more drastic measures in their goal to look like famous movie stars. According to a survey in Beverly Hills which is considered as the plastic surgery capital of the world, nine out of ten patients want to have new or reconstructed body parts like their idols.

The survey is based on 1,000 patients. It was made by surgeons of the Beverly Hills Institute for Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. This survey was carried out because of the growing trend from their patients.

In a 2011 survey, the list for most wanted celebrity body parts include several famous stars. Most people will ask for a supermodel look, petite, and “girl-next-door” body that look like Gisele Bundchen. For the most desired hair, Taylor Swift grabbed the first spot.

On the other hand, men would ask for a six-pack abs regardless to their type of body. Usually, they would request something like Mark Wahlberg or Channing Tatum. Male patients would ask for Rob Lowe’s nose or for cheeks like Johnny Depp. Some would go under the knife to have the same chin as Keanu Reeves or lips of Brad Pitt. In the jawline category, Harrison Ford is high on the list.

In 2010, doctors mentioned it is important to become more realistic with the desires of their patients who want to undergo artificial enhancements. So far, many patients have realized that a more natural look is more flattering and beautiful.

As of 2013, many people continue to go under the knife to have the look of their favorite celebrities. Those who made it into the ten most wanted celebrity body parts are the following:

10 Kate Middleton’s Nose

Many women would love to have the life of Kate Middleton. She has fabulous clothes, a prince for a husband and a luxurious lifestyle. What’s surprising is many women thinks that Kate’s nose is so beautiful that it is the most requested celebrity nose for UK patients who want to undergo rhinoplasty.

In the US, the noses of Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman and Emma Stone are the top three most requested celebrity noses to be copied for rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is the most challenging procedure in cosmetic surgery. The average cost of getting a nose job is about $4,500. This is based on ASPS 2012 statistics of national average physician/surgeon fee. The cost of the surgery depends on the doctor’s experience and the geographic location of the clinic.

9 Robert Pattinson’s Jaw and Chin

For men seeking plastic surgery, one of the most in demand request is to have a jaw and chin of the heartthrob vampire, Robert Pattinson. Next to him, patients would request for a chin that looks like Johnny Depp’s or John Hamm.

Getting chin implants (mentoplasty) can be done in improving the appearance of jawline and chin. It also makes the break between the face and neck look more natural. Its average cost is $2,120.

8 David Beckham’s Legs

It’s not surprising that a lot of men envy the legs of David Beckham. His great legs are result of playing football all his life and men see how wonderful they are as he uses his legs to score goals for his LA Galaxy team. No wonder many men also want to have those sculpted quads, calves and hamstrings.

There are several procedures to get the legs of a famous celebrity. These are calf augmentation $3,900 and thigh lift $4,695.

7 Madonna’s Cheekbones

She’s already in her golden 50’s but Madonna’s not resigning yet as the ultimate queen of pop or as someone with a beautiful face. She’s able to maintain a wrinkle-free and supple skin in every red carpet occasions. Many people think her cheekbones are great and they want to have the same as well.

In order to achieve the great cheeks of Madonna, you can undergo cheek augmentation. This cosmetic procedure is made to highlight the cheeks of the person. The procedure includes placing a solid implant over the patient’s cheekbone. The average cost of a cheek implant is $2,739.

6 Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Chest

Arnold Schwarnegger is famously known as Terminator with muscular and steel body. Many men, for many years have longed to have the pecs of the former California governor. In fact, a lot of imitators in the 90’s decade have been inspired by his heaving chest. The most memorable one is the infamous “Pumping up with Hans and Franz” of Saturday Night Live.

How to achieve Arnold’s manly chest? One can have pectoral or chest implants. Its average cost is about $3,810. This is an aesthetic surgery that aims to enhance the delineation of the chest of a man.

5 Jessica Simpson’s Breasts

The godly breasts of Jessica Simpson have gained the attention of people in America. Her cup size is double D and the best part is her breasts are naturally sexy. As a result, many women want to get implants to have boobs like her.

There are several cosmetic surgeries to improve the cup size of breasts. The most famous is breast augmentation which can cost around $3,496. For sagging but big breasts, one can undergo a mastopexy or breast lift which cost around $4,304.

4 Brad Pitt’s Butt

Why Brad made it on the list? Because many men also want to have a nice and firm butt but not something that looks like Jennifer Lopez. Women love Brad Pitt’s firm and shapely posterior so it’s not surprising that it is the most wanted butt inside the offices of plastic surgeons.

In order to have the butt of Brad Pitt, one needs to spend an average price of $4,480 for butt augmentation or gluteoplasty. It is a liposculpture procedure to correct the deformity or defect of the buttocks as well as the gluteal region. These procedures include the adding of gluteal implant, liposculpture and body contouring.

Another procedure to achieve a great celebrity butt is buttock lift or belt lipectomy. The procedure removes the excess and sagging skin of the thigh and buttock that has been the result of excessive weight loss, gravity and aging. By tightening and raising the skin, the buttocks look less wrinkled, dimpled and saggy. The average cost of buttock lift is $4,665.

3 Kim Kardashian’s Butt

The most coveted celebrity female butt is Kim Kardashian’s. She is a popular reality TV star and model. According to her, her butt is God-given and 100% real. For women who want to have the butt that can be flaunted with sexy bikinis and spandex, they should consider getting butt augmentation or butt lift.

2 Matthew McConaughey’s Abs

Because he rarely wears a shirt in his movies or while bumming around on a beach, a lot of women notice and admire his six-pack abs. For this reason, he is the envy of every man. It’s hardly surprising that many men go to plastic surgeons to have a six-pack abs like Matthew McConaughey instead of doing it the hard and natural way--- sit-ups and cardio.

What do surgeons do to give a man a set of great abs like Matthew? The surgery involve is called abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. This procedure flattens the abdomen by taking off the extra skin and fat and by tightening the abdominal wall’s muscles. The average cost of getting a tummy tuck is $5,231.

1 Angelina Jolie’s Lips

The sensuous pout of Angelina Jolie made her a global sex symbol and it’s not surprising that many women want to have a mouth like hers with the help of some collagen implants. Aside from Angelina, Scarlet Johansson’s lips are also one of the most wanted lips by patients seeking lip enhancement or augmentation.

The average cost of getting fuller or pouty lips like Angelina and Scarlett is $1,853. This cosmetic surgery is known as lip augmentation which is actually a non-surgical procedure that aims to enhance the appearance of the lips by adding fullness on them.

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Under The Knife: 10 Most Wanted Celebrity Looks