Sexy Celebrities With Straight Bang Hairstyle

There is no denying that the straight bang hairstyle is in right now! So many celebrities have been sporting the look, and have been doing a great job at it! The straight bang look can give you a very classy look if you do your eye make up just right. Many celebs have done it well to give them a very classy look, and other have done it well to give them more of an indie look. Here are some celebrities with beautiful hair cuts done straight bang style.

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4 Emma Stone

Emma has been a celeb beauty in the Hollywood scene for quite some time now. When she started out, she was more of the girl next door, but nowadays she is quite the hottie. With this straight bang style you can see Emma's sexy look for sure!

3 Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift just started rocking the straight bangs, and straight hair look! She has been rockin' this look since her red album. Taylor swift used to have her signature curls, but this new look is making her look stunning and mature.

2 Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel has been the cute girl in hollywood for quite sometime now. She has been rocking this straight bang look since almost the beginning of her fame. She might have been one of the first to make it so popular.

1 Selena Gomez 

Even Selena Gomez is sporting this straight bang look. You know when the elite A listers are getting into a style it is getting big! Selena looks great with this straight bang look, and it makes her look a lot older and more refined.


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