Old Hollywood Glamour Brought Back By Oscar Nominees

“Old is New Once Again” is a saying that holds extremely true for Hollywood. Most Hollywood actors and actresses who have been nominated for the Oscars this year have been found to be sporting hairstyles, and looks which are extremely similar to actors and actresses of the yesteryear's.

Indeed, it seems that Hollywood stars are going out of their way to revive old world glamor as the fifties and the sixties were really the time when fashion had reached its peak and when style was something very common.

Anne Hathaway who is quite a well known face in Hollywood now, having come to fame with her role in the movie series, “The Princess Diaries”, has been found sporting a hairstyle which was once sported by the Hollywood beauty and one of the most popular actresses of all time, Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn was famous for her impish looks and her short hair in particular. Hathaway appears to have made some efforts in recreating this style to create a glamorous look and make a style statement at an awards ceremony where she was present recently.

Amy Adams who has been nominated for the Oscar’s this year for her role in the movie, “The Master” was found aping a hairstyle and look that was sported by Ginger Rogers decades ago. Rogers came to fame during the 1930’s and won the Best Actress Award in the year 1940. The award was given to her for her role in the movie, “Kitty Foyle”. Amy Adams like Rogers has been known to play characters that are of both a frivolous as well as of a fun temperament. She has been known to play gritty characters on screen as well.

Naomi Watts was recently found sporting the same elegant bun which Grace Kelly had made very popular in her time in Hollywood. Grace Kelly is one of the most sophisticated of American actresses ever. She won the Oscar for her role in the movie, “The Country Girl” in 1954. Naomi Watts, a well known actress from Australia, radiates the same grace and elegance of Grace Kelly. She was seen carrying out the Grace Kelly look to a tee and won herself a lot of admiration for being able to do so.

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Old Hollywood Glamour Brought Back By Oscar Nominees