Nicole Richie Looks Hot in a Bikini

The two friends were seen having a good time as they stripped down to their bikinis and interacted with people on the beach. They were of course getting the tan as well. Thirty one year old Nicole Richie is looking much healthier now. She had become anorexic, which made her look rather scary. She was in fact looking as creepy as what Macaulay Culkin looks like these days.

The dance classes Nicole has been taking with Tracy Anderson have proven to be worthwhile for her. She certainly looks much healthier now, happy and very bright. It seems that these classes have done their bit. It is a pleasure to look at Nicole Ritchie like this. The last time she was seen looking so happy was when she and Paris Hilton were filming the reality television series “The Simple Life”. This turned out to be one of the longest running shows on television. The two looked extremely glam on the show. Much of the viewership was because of the amazing clothes they wore, and of course their antics. No doubt Paris and Nicole knew how to entertain!

Nicole is presently married to Joel Madison, and has two children with him. She is busy shooting for “Fashion Star”, which is set to hit the screens soon. Nicole probably wanted to take a break before she goes back to shooting for Fashion Star again. She has been working very hard lately, and is no longer the spoilt brat she used to be once. Richie makes a great mom and spends as much time she can with her two kids. She loves to be around them.

The bikini she chose to wear on the beach at St Bart’s was bright blue in color. It suited the body of the actress to a tee, and made her look simply out of this world, shaming all other ladies on the beach.


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Nicole Richie Looks Hot in a Bikini