Lily Collins is One Hot Woman!

Lily Collins, daughter of the musician Phil Collins, is one hot lady! The actress has proved that she is as sexy and stylish as other fashionistas in Hollywood, by appearing in a very sexy outfit at the Wonder Con recently. Lily wore a skin-tight leather pant and a shirt made of sheer material with a white collar. She was also wearing a black leather jacket. Lily was among the best dressed person at the event.

Lily is turning out to be quite a prominent actress. She has many important films to her credit. One such film is “Mirror Mirror”. Directors love to cast Lily because she can carry off most roles to perfection. She can do both comic and dark roles with equal élan, and that’s why she has received so many rave reviews. Lily is now concentrating on abstract roles. We are sure that she is going to prove herself in this acting genre as well. The stylish element of Lily Collins comes as a surprise. It is certain to help her go a long way as an actress in Hollywood.

Lily is only in her early twenties. She looks terrific at this age, and so we can only imagine how gorgeous she is going to be when she is older and more mature. Unlike many stars in Hollywood, Lily is not linked up with anyone interesting yet. One reason for this could be because of the fact that she does not have an active social life. She steers clear from most people her age in Hollywood. Lily is quite an introvert.

One wonders if the actress is ever going to take to music to prove herself before a wide audience. Lily is someone who obviously possesses good music skills. After all, she is the daughter of Phil Collins. We don’t know yet whether she is nervous about taking up music as a profession. No doubt she has a good guide in the business, who can advice her on what to do and what not to do.

Lily Collins is now trying darker and more gothic roles. Her present getup is a reflection of this.

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Lily Collins is One Hot Woman!