Kate Beckinsale Looks Stunning in a Black Bikini

Kate is not holidaying alone in Mexico. She was accompanied by her daughter Lily, who was enjoying some quality time with her mommy. Kate’s busy schedule does not allow her to spend much time with her daughter these days. Rarely can they afford to be together. And so, she wants to make the best of every opportunity she gets to be with her daughter. The holiday in Mexico was thus a special one.

Kate and Lily were spending most of the time by the poolside, interacting with guests. They were busy ordering food. The mom and daughter are both very friendly, and are capable of charming whoever they meet. They did spend time together, but were also liberal in socializing with the other guests.

The two also tried various relaxation activities in Mexico. They went shopping and on sightseeing excursions. Kate is quite an avid photographer. She loves to take clicks of everything that come in her path. The sights and sounds of Mexico are quite abundant, providing the actress with a marvelous range of subjects to choose from for her photography.

Lily and Kate were of course not the only celebrities who went to Mexico recently. Molly Sims went on a holiday break to Mexico as well. And so did Reese Witherspoon with her husband Jim Toth.

Indeed, Mexico seems to be quite the getaway for Hollywood stars this summer. The historic wonders of Mexico are a joy to explore, and of course there are some amazing beaches in the country as well.

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Kate Beckinsale Looks Stunning in a Black Bikini