Kanye Spends $250,000 On Kim’s Beauty Squad

$250,000 can buy you a lot of things. You could purchase 1,000 bottles of Dom Perignon, 350 pairs of Louboutins or four brand new Corvettes. Case in point, there’s a lot of ways you could spend $250,000.  Although the possibilities seem endless, Kanye West has decided to lay down a quarter of a million dollars of his $100 million net worth on Kim Kardashian’s beauty squad.

Up from $2,175 per week in 2012, Kim is now treated to $4,807 worth of goods and services while Kanye is on tour so she can stay looking her best for Yeezy. That cost is likely to change once his tour ends, we wouldn’t be surprised if the rapper shells out even more for his lady to look her best at their rumored-to-be summer wedding.

We know Kim doesn’t shy away from spending, whether it’s $9,000 a month on makeup or a $1,000 facial. So we decided to delve into the Kardashian world to find out how she stays looking so good. Here’s a peak into the beauty routine of this famous socialite.

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10 Eyebrow Shaping - $80 Per Month 

“Anastasia Soare would always say she wanted to get her hands on my eyebrows,” Kim dished. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians bombshell finally gave in to the brow expert, Soare, and now visits once a month. She’s not alone either: Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell and Sharon Stone are just a few of the celebs who flock to the Beverley Hills spa to be treated to Soare’s special eyebrow shaping technique.

9 Manicures and Pedicures - $150 Per Session

A tip straight from Kim herself: “I carry a nail file with me everywhere I go!” Kim’s lavish beauty regime extends all the way down to the smallest details, like her perfectly groomed nails. She’s even taken to Twitter to get her fans input on how to style them. she loves to get them done regularly, which can cost up to $150 per visit. West has even been seen waiting while his lady gets a fresh manicure. Now that’s love!

8 Fashion Styling by Monica Rose - $500+ Per Session

You’ve seen her outfits on television, in fashion magazines and in snaps by the paparazzi. That’s because Monica Rose doesn’t just style Kim, she works with the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan. In fact, she dressed Kim's younger sisters Kylie and Kendall in designs by Chanel, Calvin Klein, and Manolo Blahnik for the American Music Awards this past December.

Prices for a stylist may vary from $500 per day for consultations all the way up to $10,000 a day to be dressed for an event like the Oscars. Seeing as Kim always looks perfectly chic, we’re guessing she calls in to consult with Monica often.

However, Monica is not the only designer in Kardashian's life. Kanye forced Kim to ditch over $100,000 in designer clothes last year so that he could help her revamp her wardrobe. Due to their in-sync style, we suspect he plays a big role in her wardrobe decisions!

7 Workouts with Tracy Anderson - $1,000+ Per Week

Kim’s trademark is her bootylicious behind, and she knows it. She keeps it looking perky and plump thanks to workouts with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson. Anderson tailors workouts to the new mom so she can stay looking curvy and svelte. While working off the baby weight, Kim was working out from four to six times a week.

Most personal trainers cost approximately $300 an hour, and Anderson’s team charges about $250 a session. To meet with Anderson herself, celebs have to dole out even more to get a piece of the in-demand trainer. Anderson’s other long-time clients are Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna.

6 Facials and Body Treatments - $1,150+ Per Visit

This socialite has tried $110 body scrubs and $270 mud wraps to reduce cellulite and remove imperfections. She’s also had an $800 UMO 24-Carat Gold facial. The lavish treatment, which involves sheets of pure gold being pressed into her skin, promises to brighten and hydrate while firming and ridding skin of toxins.

5 Hair and Extensions by Phillip Wolff, Hair Colour by George Papanikolas - $1,225+ Per Visit

Kim’s known for her long flawless locks. She dishes out over $800 for visits to celeb stylist Phillip Wolff at the Shades Salon in Beverly Hills, who sews in her extensions.

As for her recent color,  she’s switched out her dark brown shade for a lighter ombre, done by George Papanikolas. The colorist charges $200 and up for color and $400 and up for highlights, but we’re sure with Kim’s long locks that her color costs are on the higher end.

We saw Kim wear her hair in a beautiful and sleek camera-ready up-do for her wedding to Kris Humphries on national TV. We wonder what perfect picture ‘do the future Mrs. West will don this time around.

4 Blood Facial - $1,500 Per Treatment

America knows Kim isn’t one to shy away from outrageous beauty treatments. But we’re not talking about the live fish pedi with sister Kourtney in Greece. We’re referring to her infamous “vampire” blood facial. In an episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, the reality TV princess had blood taken from her arm, spun in a machine to remove platelets and then re-injected into her face. If it sounds terrifying, it was as Kim cried in pain during the procedure.

While we aren’t sure she’ll be going in for another blood facial, we wouldn’t rule it off the list. This treatment only last 15 months and despite what her big sis had to say, Kim thought she saw an improvement.

3 Fraxel - $2,000 Per Treatment

Motherhood to daughter North isn’t the only thing that’s put a glow on Kim’s face lately. The fresh-faced celeb says she owes it all to Fraxel, a laser procedure that resurfaces the skin. “I’m really open about telling all my friends and my sisters what the best treatments are,” explained Kim when discussing Fraxel with Oprah. Something must be working because the 33-year-old looks stunning and youthful.

Unlike the blood facial, this treatment is quick and easy, which is why it’s become a favorite among other celebrities including Jennifer Aniston and Ellen Barker. Fraxel removes wrinkles and acne scarring while reducing sun damage and age spots.

2 Makeup - $9,000+ Per Month

Whether she’s stepping out in Paris looking for a wedding venue or doing an interview on TV, Kim’s reported to spend 90 minutes a day applying her makeup. She’s got her routine down but still has regular visits with makeup artist Troy Jensen to prep for big events. Want to get those dramatic lashes and creamy skin? Check out what’s in her makeup bag: Lancome Voluminous Mascara, La Mer The Radiant Serum, and Smashbox Bronze Lights (and of course, items from her and her sister’s makeup line Kardashian Beauty) among a ton of other products.

Although she has been spotted out and about without makeup, it’s usually when the controversial celeb is heading to and from the gym or having low-key family time.

1 On-Call Beauty Squad - $250,000

Looking good 24/7 in Los Angeles is nothing new for this Kardashian. However looking good 24/7 while travelling with her fiancé? That’s a whole other story. Kim insists she has to look her best for her beau when she’s stepping out across American on Kanye’s Yeezus Tour. Her hair stylist, make-up artist and fashion stylist are on-call 24/7 during his five-month, North American tour.

Kanye has called the 33-year-old reality TV star “the most beautiful woman of all time”, quickly correcting himself by saying not just of all time but “of human existence”. We guess he’s okay with Kim putting in the hours, effort and most importantly (his) money into looking so good. He did go on record as saying Kim’s “talented at being beautiful” after all.

We wonder how much it’ll cost if Kanye leaves the continent for his next tour!

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