Decadent Cosmetics Featuring Real Gold

One of the key ingredients in luxurious beauty products is gold. Even Cleopatra was rumoured to have gold facials in order to keep her skin looking young and fresh. This lush metal is meant to act as an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory ingredient, all while brightening skin. This makes it a highly sought-after ingredient in luxury beauty products. Brands like Ororgold and LaRocca regularly add 24k gold to their beauty products for these very reasons.

While gold beauty products have been controversial in recent years-The New York Times having written an article on how gold can cause contact dermatitis for those allergic to the luxurious heavy metal--it's still a sought-after ingredient for those with the budget and the love of gold.

Read on for a list of 10 lush and glittery beauty products featuring real gold.

10 LaRocca Cellular Gold Revitalizing Sugar Polish: $35

According to various dermatologists, exfoliation is one of the best ways to make your skin look radiant. Add in real gold and you're going to have some of the most luminous skin. The LaRocca Cellular Gold Revitalizing Sugar Polish uses real 24k gold to brighten and renew skin. You can pick this up for $35 USD for a 6.7 ounce jar.  The raw sugar and purple corn helps slough off dead skin. LaRocca suggests using this decadent gold treatment on damp skin by gently rubbing it in a circular motion.

9 Belmacz Blitz 24k Gold Leaf Eye Shadow: $48

Blemacz Blitz Eye Shadow

Real gold ingredients aren't just limited to skincare. Some cosmetics brands are also using it in their makeup. After all, real gold adds a metallic glimmer and luster that has the potential to beat out the imitation gold of cheaper brands. Belmacz uses two leaves of pure 24k gold in each jar of the creamy Blitz 24k Gold Leaf Eye Shadow. Price £29 ($48.00 USD) .

Blitz Gold Eye Shadow

Since it's a cream eye shadow, it goes on smooth. Pick this one up for $48.00 per 5 gram jar.

8 LaRocca Exfoliating Cream Cleanser with 24k Gold: $45

The LaRocca Exfoliating Cream Cleanser with 24k Gold features gold inside it's cleanser. Wash your face in gold by using this cream cleanser to remove makeup and dirt from your face. Not sure how often to use it? Skincare experts suggest washing your face once or twice a day depending on how your skin reacts to cleansers. In addition to 24k gold, this cleanser exfoliates your face with diatomaceous earth. It's made with wind power, which is an added bonus for Eco-friendly beauties. The 4 ounce bottle goes for $45 USD.

7 PRAI 24k Gold Caviar Wrinkle Repair System: $55

Anti-aging products are all the rage these days. After all, do you really want your skin to show off the decades you've been strutting fashionably across this earth? PRAI 24k Gold Caviar Wrinkle Repair Serum promises younger looking skin. For $55 USD per ounce, you're getting real 24k gold amongst the other anti-aging ingredients. The serum uses PRAI's special age-defying system that includes BioPeptide CL™, Derm SRC and Kombuchka™. The 24k gold is also meant to add a warm glow to your skin.

6 Guerlain 'L'Or' Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold Makeup Base: $71

Guerlain 'L'Or'

You can see the real 24k gold floating inside the bottle of Guerlain 'L'Or' Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold Makeup Base. Those gold flecks are meant to make skin smoother and brighter. Use this makeup base after moisturizer and before face makeup to lock in moisture for the rest of the day. It should also provide a smoother canvas for your foundation--all while making your skin shine with real gold. This lush makeup base is $71 USD per ounce.

5 Dyanna Body and Nail Spa 24k Gold Mask Facial: $85

Gold beauty products are just for your own at-home treatments. Even spas are offering gold in their treatments. The Dyanna Body and Nail Spa, located only a few blocks from Madison Square Park in Manhattan, provides a 24k Gold Mask Facial for important guests. The spa promises that the facial will rejuvenate, lift and firm skin. Plus, you get to relax your cares away while the gold mask is being applied. You'll be paying $85 USD for a 60-minute gold-laden spa treatment while you bring out your inner Cleopatra.

4 Kre-At Beauty 24 Karat Gold Lashes: $295

Imagine you're invited to a really important party. Perhaps it's to celebrate the launch of a friend's fragrance line or a gala to celebrate a promotion to CEO of your company. Nothing says decadence, style and drama like a pair of 24k gold eyelashes. For an important event, you might want to try the Kre-At Beauty 24 Karat Gold Lashes for $295 USD a pair.

The real gold leaf feathering away from the base of the lashes can add glitz to the rest of your makeup. Try these out if you're attending a gold-themed gala.

3 Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Face Cream: $420

Have you ever tried a face cream that has real gold nano particles throughout the product? The Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Face Cream promises to recharge, rebuild and re-energize skin if you use it daily. In addition to gold nano particles, the thick cream uses lactic acid and hydrolyzed wheat protein to reduce the signs of aging. As far as the fragrance goes, it smells rich and floral with notes of rose and geranium. Pick this up for $420 for a 1.7 ounce jar.

2 La Prairie Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold: $615

LaPrairie Gold

Looking for a skincare product that firms, smooths and brightens skin, all while infused with real gold? This is exactly what the La Prairie Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold promises for $615 per ounce. This serum, flecked with particles of pure gold, promises to make skin look younger and fresher after just one use. Use this in the morning and at night after cleansing and before moisturizing, according to La Prairie.

1 Oro Gold 24k Deep Tissue Rejuvenation Mask: $1,398

Oro Gold Cosmetics is a beauty line brimming with gold. It uses pure gold in all its products. One of the most popular of the Oro Gold line is the 24k Deep Tissue Rejuvenation Mask.

Going for $1,398 USD for a pack of 12 face masks and 24 eye masks, Oro Gold promises that the 24k gold-laden product will nourish deep facial tissue and repair signs of aging. The masks also use lavender and collagen to help with anti-aging. In fact, actress Denise Richards is a recent spokesperson for the Oro Gold Cosmetics brand.

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