Cosmetic Lies: Celebs Who Use Animal Tested Products

It is 2014 and surprisingly enough, there are still companies that use animals to test cosmetics. Most of these companies state that they are against animal cruelty and do not test on animals in the U

It is 2014 and surprisingly enough, there are still companies that use animals to test cosmetics. Most of these companies state that they are against animal cruelty and do not test on animals in the United States, but are still performing experiments on animals in other countries. In the United States, it is not illegal to test on animals and according to the Food and Drug Administration, it is not necessary. In 2010, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) launched a campaign to end all animal testing, and now all of Europe has banned it permanently. Unfortunately, there are still countries out there who believe that animal testing is still necessary in the realm of cosmetics. There are many celebrities that use or endorse these cosmetics and it is possible that they may not even know that the company that they are endorsing condone this.

5 Reese Witherspoon’s Rosy Cheeks

On their website, Avon claims that they care about and respect animals. In the late 1980’s, Avon Products, Inc. also stated that they were not going to do animal testing and still stand by that claim. Although, in other countries where testing is required by law, Avon must abide by those laws if they want to continue selling in that country. In 2012, Avon was forced to remove the fact that they did not test on animals in their brochures and on their website, for the simple fact that they do still sell and manufacture products in other places that require animal testing on cosmetics.

4 Carmen Electra Goes Naked

Procter and Gamble (P & G) is well known for making shampoo, perfumes, soaps and many different household products. What many people don’t know is that they also create some cosmetics, as well. These cosmetics lines include: Covergirl and Max Factor. On their website, P & G states that they are against animal cruelty and are claiming to end the use of animal testing, but are still doing so in 1% of the cases that have “no alternatives available.” Even though it is still a small percentage, it is still going on in the company. The company is currently working with the 'Humane Society of the United States' and the 'American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' to try to end animal testing and to try to create better ways for research.

3 Just Where Does Gwyneth Paltrow Stand?

It is no surprise to most people that Gwyneth Paltrow claims to be a vegetarian and animal-rights activist. The London resident and her children set up a lemonade stand trying to raise money to help out their charity, 'Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals'. The charity was basically England’s version of the Humane Society in the United States, back in July 2011. Yet, in 2008, she had posed for Vanity Fair wearing fur, but stated that she did not “realize it was real fur.” She also stated that she has turkey in her household every Thanksgiving. Sure, we all make mistakes, but how does she explain wearing makeup that is owned by a company that tests on animals?

2 Revlon Has No Plans to End Animal Testing

Emma Stone has her favorite Revlon cosmetics listed on the company’s website, but is she aware that Revlon allows its products to be tested on animals in China? Other celebrities such as Halle Berry, Jessica Biel and Elle Macpherson are all considered ambassadors for Revlon and have done several commercials for the cosmetic giant.

1 Michelle Kwan Olympic Medalist

Five-time world ice skating champion, Michelle Kwan describes her favorite makeup as “Shiseido Foundation in shade O60. It's the only foundation that I can sweat through without irritating my skin,” according to Cosmopolitan Magazine. It’s fortunate that some can find a makeup that can do that, but at what price? Shiseido is another cosmetic company that is against animal cruelty, but they have a market for their product in China.  According to Shiseido’s Cross-Channel Brand Growth Strategy in 2007, “Shiseido’s China business sustained rapid year-on-year growth in sales that surpassed 30%, and this business has served as an engine of growth for the entire Shiseido Group.” This means that Shiseido Cosmetics were being sold in China, which actually has laws demanding that makeup is to be tested on animals.

A company cannot accurately say that they are against the testing of cosmetics on animals, especially if they allow it to happen in another country for sales or manufacturing of their product. PETA is trying its best to change laws regarding animal cruelty and the testing that is being done on them. Several people are using these cosmetics every day unknowingly and some companies are just not going to budge when it comes to selling their product. No matter what.

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Cosmetic Lies: Celebs Who Use Animal Tested Products