Celebrities Who Had Butt Augmentation

Women are pretty fond of doing certain things for the sake of beauty and physical appearance. There are several types of cosmetic surgeries that have once been thought to be a taboo, butt augmentation

Women are pretty fond of doing certain things for the sake of beauty and physical appearance. There are several types of cosmetic surgeries that have once been thought to be a taboo, butt augmentation for instance. As time went by, these cosmetic surgeries have gradually been accepted by society. The ladies who submitted themselves to butt augmentation are now brave enough to show off their incredible booties. These women are not composed solely by common people. Actresses, singers and models are no exception. So, here is a rundown of celebrities who were bold enough to admit that their posteriors have undergone some form of augmentation.

8 Chloe Sims

Chloe Sims is among the most famous British actresses of the present generation. She is one of the stars of The Only Way is Essex and this show became the stepping stone that paved the way to her success. Chloe Sims became even more popular when she gave an interview to Reveal Magazine and gushed over her plans of getting a Brazilian butt lift. She had a strong desire to end her sweet teenager image and wanted the public to see her as a sexy woman just like Nicki Minaj. She even told the press that she wanted a much bigger posterior than that of the surgeon’s suggestion.

Chloe Sims is very vocal about her love for Nicki Minaj’s bum. Although the end result did not go exactly the way she wanted it, Chloe seems to be happy and content about it, posing pictures of her backside in Britain’s “Now” Magazine.

7 Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag is a reality star that became famous for the hit show called The Hills. In 2010, Heidi Montag bravely admitted that she underwent several surgical procedures including a butt augmentation. This reality star shared her experience in People Magazine, recalling how she subjected herself to a lot of cosmetic surgeries. The actress admitted that she used to do around ten procedures a day, and this is because she wanted to feel sexier each day and maintain her flawless body.

However, in some recent interviews, Heidi expressed how she regretted every slice her body has received. Apparently, she hates it when people call her “plastic girl”. To her, surgery has been successful in damaging both her personal life and career as it brought a lot of negativity into her world.

6 Countess Vaughn

In 2006, Countess Vaughn, a ‘Moesha’ star, shocked the people by admitting how she had some of her fats transferred to her posterior after feeling quite unhappy with the way she looked. Her uneven body, which includes her big breasts and flat butt made her very uncomfortable with her physical appearance.

Countess once signed herself up for a liposuction but instead of feeling better, it worsened her outlook on life. Apparently, the doctor sucked a lot of fat out of her butt, making it look flatter than it was before the procedure. It was in the year 2005 when she went to some doctors and looked at the pictures of their clients. Seeing that most of the cases were successful, she was finally convinced to make her booty as big as Beyonce’s or Trina’s. Although the results did not appear exactly like that of the singer or the rapper’s, for Countess, it was something to feel ecstatic about as it tremendously improved her self-confidence.

5 Buffie the Body

In 2009, Buffie the Body admitted that she visited a man known as “Dr. X” to have some surgical procedures. Her doctor transferred some of her fats to her butt to make it look fuller and more shapely. Dr. X’s gave her a formula that was composed of a list of foods, which include pasta and peanut butter, together with a liquid appetite stimulant. She claims that in less than two weeks, she noticed her body gaining some weight. Her body started changing so fast that it seemed like it just happened overnight. What made her feel much happier was the fact that everybody she bumps into noticed the changes at once.

4 Vanity Wonder

Vanity Wonder may not be an actress or a singer but she sure is a well-known video model. She made a series of appearances in different television shows, sharing about her addiction to certain butt injections. She was so addicted to it that she spent around $15,000 for these butt enhancement procedures.

At first, she didn’t have an idea on what medications were being used to enhance her butt. Eventually, she turned to using silicone injections after contracting some infections from other alternatives. Looking good also means feeling good. That is why for Vanity, submitting herself for a butt augmentation is one of the best decisions she has ever made.

3 Karissa Shannon

Karissa Shannon made headlines when she became one of Hugh Hefner’s three new girlfriends. This gave Shannon the opportunity to gain publicity and become one of the most famous Playboy models of her time. Modelling for Playboy also became her stepping stone that allowed her to star in the television series The Girls Next Door. Karissa was said to have undergone a butt augmentation using hydrogel injections, to maintain her sexy figure.

2 Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson is a retired adult film actress and a proud mother of two. She is one of the people who believe that aging should not be a reason to stop pursuing cosmetic procedures to look younger and feel better. The press and her guests during her 38th birthday celebration were witnesses to her revolutionary transformation. Jameson happily showed off her newly augmented butt and surely, she seemed to be more confident now than ever.

1 Virginia Gallardo

Virginia Gallardo has a tremendous looking posterior, which gives her the needed satisfaction and confidence. Even though she received some criticisms, she still raves about how fulfilling it is to have a great looking butt. Her videos are dedicated to those who are hesitant to get up and start looking good. Gallardo has been known for being open about what’s new with her. She believes that one should not hesitate to give herself the satisfaction of looking and feeling sexy.

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Celebrities Who Had Butt Augmentation