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Beauty Products Featuring Snake Venom

Beauty Products Featuring Snake Venom

When you first think of snakes, a lot of things probably cross your mind. Perhaps you’re scared of them. Maybe you think of how deadly their bite can be or how they can hide in unlikely places such as trees or under your car. It may never cross your mind that some people out there use snake venom in their beauty routine–but they do!

In the past few years, scientists and beauty brands have been trying to find non-surgical alternatives to Botox. According to Elle Canada, Swiss company Pentapharm decided to check out the effects of synthetic snake venom, called SYN-AKE, in their skincare products. After all, the paralyzing effect of the venom could have a positive effect if applied properly. It’s certainly worked for bee venom beauty products. In their study, they found that the synthetic snake venom-laced products reduced fine lines and wrinkles for women who used it regularly, making it a good anti-aging product.

As you might expect, celebrities have jumped on the snake venom bandwagon. Fergie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham have been known to use these products in their routine. Whether you want to try a snake venom beauty product or you just want to see what’s come of this trend, read on for 9 beauty products featuring synthetic snake venom.

9. Greensations Venomous Thermal Anti-Wrinkle Serum – $29.99


Greensations added two trendy beauty ingredients to their Venomous Thermal Anti-Wrinkle Serum. Not only does it have synthetic snake venom like the other entries on this list, but it also features capsaicin–the aspect of hot peppers that makes them so hot. While the venom is meant to smooth out skin and reduce wrinkles, the capsaicin is meant to add some heat and increase skin elasticity.  Don’t worry about getting the capsaicin on your hands.–the Venomous Thermal Anti-Wrinkle Serum features a roll-on applicator. You can find this one for $29.99 suggested retail price.

8. Nip and Fab Viper Venom Kit – $40


Since most of us get our deepest and most noticeable wrinkles around our eyes, it makes sense that we’d use a snake venom beauty product in that sensitive area. Or course, we also have wrinkles on the rest of our face as well. The Nip and Fab Viper Venom Kit, featuring synthetic viper venom, comes with two products: the Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix and the Viper Venom Eye Fix. Together, they take care of both the skin around your eyes and the skin on the rest of your face. Nip and Fab promises that the duo will tense and smooth the skin on your face while blurring wrinkles. You can pick this up for £24.95 or about $40 USD.

7. Ultraluxe MicroVenom Daily Defense SPF 30 BODY – $57


The Ultraluxe MicroVenom Daily Defense SPF 30 BODY sunscreen has two things going for it that no other products on this list can boast: it’s a sunscreen and it’s used on the body. As you’ll see, everything else on this list is for the face and doesn’t contain any SPF qualities. Still, if snake venom can have such a positive effect on the face, why not use it for the body as well? The synthetic snake venom, along with apple stem cell technology, is meant to provide youthful skin. It uses lavender and tangerine oils for a supposedly refreshing scent. You can find this one for $57 suggested retail price.

6. Transformulas Wrinkle Block Line Restriction Creme- $58


Transformulas’ tagline is “Beauty Without Surgery.” Then, it’s no surprise that they use the Botox-alternative that is synthetic snake venom. Rather than getting shots at your local cosmetic surgery office, you can just use their Wrinkle Block Line Restriction Creme. It promises wrinkle reduction and smoother skin. The cream also features vitamin E to soften skin. Transformulas suggests using it in morning and night on your face, neck and chest before other skin treatments. They also say that you can reapply it anywhere on your face–even over your makeup–throughout the day if you want an added boost of venomous anti-aging magic. Get it for £35 or about $58 USD.

5. NuFace Smoother Powerhouse Peptide Infusion Serum S2 – $84


The synthetic snake venom SYN-AKE peptide isn’t the only peptide comprising the ingredients of the NuFace Smoother Powerhouse Peptide Infusion Serum S2. Rather than relying only on the trendy snake venom for the serum, NuFace added five other peptides as well. This formula promises to strengthen skin while relaxing facial muscles (just like Botox claims!) and reducing wrinkles. It’s also supposed to reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. To use it, you just spread the serum across your face, neck and chest. You can always add an extra layer of the serum over the more stubborn wrinkles around your mouth and forehead. Pick this one up for $84 for a one-ounce bottle.

4. Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum – $162


If you’re looking for a snake venom beauty product from a famous and very reputable skincare brand, then you might want to try the Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum. Like the other products in this list, it uses the synthetic SYN-AKE ingredient to mimic the frozen face you’d get from real viper venom. It’s meant to plump up skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, much like Botox, hence the clever product name. Besides the synthetic snake venom, the serum also uses Fiflow® BTX, Proturon, Ronasphere® and pomegranate tannins for their purported anti-aging skills. It promises to reduce wrinkles and correct skin tone while brightening, moisturizing and renewing the skin on your face. You can find this one for $162 suggested retail price for a 0.8 ounce bottle.

3. Planet Skincare Platinum Creme Excellence – $265

Planet Skincare

Snake venom isn’t the only ingredient out there that promises anti-aging super powers. Planet Skincare decided to use several of these ingredients for their Platinum Creme Excellence anti-wrinkle cream. In addition to the SYN-AKE synthetic snake venom that’s the talk of the town right now, it also features platinum colloid. With these two anti-aging ingredients, Planet Skincare promises that skin will feel smoother, have less fine lines and wrinkles and have a boost in collagen production. The cream also uses shea butter and vitamin E to soften skin. They suggest using it day and night after washing your face. Pick this one up for £160 or about $265 USD for a 100 ml jar.

2. Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic Snake Venom Age Control Facial – $450


While you can certainly buy snake venom beauty products on your own and slather them on your face in the comfort of your own home, nothing beats the decadence of having someone do it for you. The Sonya Dakar Skin Clinic in Beverly Hills, California is one of those spas that’s a favorite for celebrities and the elite, and you can get your snake venom fix during a visit there. Their Snake Venom Age Control Facial features SYN-AKE synthetic snake venom to act as a Botox-alternative. The spa promises that you’ll look younger and more relaxed after the treatment. If you make an appointment, you’ll be paying $450 for this snake venom facial.

1. Ultraluxe Snake Venom Facial DeLUXE Age-Control Regimen Kit – $962


Have you ever read the label for a skincare product and saw that they recommend using other products from their line in addition to the one in your hand? Supposedly, you get the most benefits if you use everything from a single skincare line. That’s what Ultraluxe had in mind when they compiled all of their snake venom products into the Snake Venom Facial DeLUXE Age-Control Regimen Kit. It comes with 10 skincare products for your full skincare regimen. It has a face wash, serums, creams and treatments, all while highlighting the anti-aging synthetic snake venom. If you want all of your skincare to come from the same place and have the same anti-aging goal, then this might be right for you. Pick up this kit for $962 suggested retail price.

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