Beauty Products Featuring Real Diamonds

They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend. In the real world, diamonds are the best friend of anyone who can afford them. While diamonds are normally used to adorn jewelry in the form of impressive engagement rings or heart-stopping red carpet necklaces, this isn't the only way to use this sparkling, sought-after rock. Rather, diamonds are now gracing the high-end beauty industry.

Aside from the possible boost in status, diamonds in beauty products have been said to be a great exfoliator, buffing dead skin cells away and leaving behind fresh, smooth skin. In a 2012 article from The Los Angeles Times, diamond beauty products were even listed as having brightening effects on skin because of light refraction due to the sparkle inherent with diamonds.

The anonymous wealthy populace aren't the only ones shelling out mad dough to fund their diamond-laden beauty habits. Celebrities have been known to follow this opulent trend as well. According to The Cut, Mila Kunis, who starred in That '70s Show and Black Swan and has been recently engaged to Ashton Kutcher, spent $7,000 on a ruby and diamond facial before attending the 2011 Golden Globe Awards.

We compiled a list of some of the most decadent diamond-filled beauty products around. Read on for 10 diamond-filled beauty products.

10 Knesko Diamond Radiance Eye Pads - $50

Sure, you could get your hands dirty by massaging a messy face mask into your skin, but what about when you want to sit back and relax? This was the kind of situation that Knesko was probably aiming for with their Diamond Radiance Eye Pads--the at-home spa experience. The eye pads feature real diamond and promise to decrease fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, as well as diminish puffiness and add a bit of radiance. You just place them on your eyes, lay back, relax and wait it out. These eye pads come in a pack of four pairs for $50 suggested retail price.

9 Judith Williams Luxury Diamond Day Cream - $50

Judith Williams

Real diamond particles are used in the Judith Williams Luxury Diamond Day Cream to illuminate and brighten skin--at least that's what the brand promises! The day cream also features peptides to help with anti-aging. The lower price point--especially compared to other products on this list--helped the Luxury Diamond line become a success. When it was released in 2011, it sold out on its very first day, according to The Daily Mail. Perhaps it's because it promises to provide a radiant and younger-looking complexion. You can pick this up for £29.50 or about $50 USD.

8 La Mer Refining Facial - $85

La Mer listened when experts said that diamonds are great at exfoliating skin--that's why they came up with The Refining Facial. It uses diamond powder and fermented sea mud to help buff skin, sloughing off dead skin cells and leaving fresh skin behind. Once a week, you massage the formula into your damp face in a circular motion, then rinse it away.

La Mer

La Mer promises that this facial rejuvenates, smooths and brightens the delicate skin on your face, all with the power of diamonds and a few other select ingredients. Pick this one up for $85 suggested retail price for a 3.4 fluid ounce bottle.

7 BeautyLab Black Diamond Energizing Serum - $150


While the BeautyLab Black Diamond Energizing Serum uses the usual peptides for anti-aging purposes, the true draw for customers is the use of black diamonds. Unlike the white diamonds of other entries on this list, the BeautyLab's Energizing Serum has the added mystique of black diamonds. Because of this, it had over 4,000 pre-orders before its release in 2013, according to The Daily Mail. The serum promises superior anti-aging, wrinkle minimization and an enhanced complexion if used regularly. You can pick this up for £90 or about $150 USD.

6 AINHOA Luxury Diamond Caviar Concentrate - $225


The AINHOA Luxury Diamond Caviar Concentrate has two ingredients that any rich person would clamor for: caviar and diamonds in the form of caviar extract and diamond powder. The anti-aging formula promises extreme hydration and the improvement of skin firmness, rejuvenation and luster. AINHOA recommends their products for those 30 years or older or those who feel it's time to start worrying about anti-aging. If that sounds like you, you can pick this one up for $225 suggested retail price.

5 NaturaBisse Diamond Life Infusion - $590


The Diamond Life Infusion Youth Biomarker Serum from NaturaBisse promises quite a few things based on its use of diamonds. They say it will rejuvenate, hydrate and illuminate skin while reducing wrinkles and fixing uneven skin tones. In addition to diamond peptides, it also uses collagen, vitamin E and maslinic acid for its purported anti-aging properties. Although NaturaBisse has many beauty products in its diamond collection, the Diamond Life Infusion serum is definitely the most decadent and flashy. Beyonce is even a fan of the brand's diamond collection, according to InStyle Magazine. You can find it for $590 suggested retail price for a 0.8 ounce bottle.

4 L'Core Express Lifting Diamond Serum - $750

Not only does the L'Core Express Lifting Diamond Serum boast real diamond dust in its list of ingredients, but it also uses organic extracts straight from France.


The diamonds and botanicals are promised to boost and brighten skin, fix an uneven skin tone and reduce the signs of aging. The biggest promise of all? L'Core says that their Express Lifting Diamond Serum is comparable to Botox or Restylane with its results, though definitely safer than those treatments. That's quite the claim! If you'd like to test that out for yourself, you can find it for $750 suggested retail price for a one-ounce jar.

3 111Skin Celestial Black Diamond Night Cream - $1,000


Black diamond particles aren't the only things gracing the list of active ingredients in 111Skin's Celestial Black Diamond Night Cream. Hyaluronic acid, collagen and glutathione are also meant to help reduce the signs of aging. In fact, 111Skin promises that this black diamond-infused night cream will brighten, protect, hydrate and regenerate skin, all without hydroquinone--a product that most beauty-lovers try to avoid. Use this cream every night to see if these promises are legit. You can pick up this black diamond night cream for £599 or about $1,000 USD.

2 Forever Flawless Complete Platinum Collection - $3,500

Forever Flawless calls itself a "diamond-infused" beauty product line. They use diamonds in all of their skincare and anti-aging products and they promise to improve skin just as well as spa treatments or plastic surgery. Their Complete Platinum Collection is their most expensive  and sought-after collection in the line. It features three skincare products that should last you a least six months of regular use. You get the Diamond Infused Instant Face Lifting Cream, Instant Face Lifting Serum and Snake Venom Correcting Cream. The Platinum Collection goes for $3,500 suggested retail price.

1 Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish - $250,000

Diamond beauty products aren't relegated to just flashy facials and decadent moisturizers. If you have the money, you can even get your nails adorned with black diamonds--for a steep price. The Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish has the distinction of being the most expensive nail polish in the world at $250,000 per bottle, according to Huffington Post. Each bottle has 267 karats of black diamonds. That's one expensive and luxurious manicure! Fortunately for budget-conscious divas, if this price is a bit too steep, Azature has a cheaper version at $25 per bottle. The lower-priced polish has one black diamond per bottle.

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