5 Reasons Why The "Dad Bod" Is Driving Women Wild This Summer!

Six packs have taken on a whole new meaning, now that the "dad bod" is creating a frenzy amongst women all across the Internet. This summer, it won't be chiseled abs that are capturing women's attention, it will be subtle beer bellies.

Women are finally seeing the "up-side" to spending time with a man who doesn't put his workouts and supplements before your happiness. The "dad bod" represents more than an image, it represents a man that can be fun, nurturing, and more accepting.

This new trend is making women feel more comfortable in their own skin, and taking loads of pressure off of our own image and self expectations. Not to say that women love this look for their own confidence (or lack thereof), but it does feel nice to eat fries and a burger once in awhile.

19-year-old Clemson University sophomore Mackenzie Pearson is responsible for the term becoming so famous, after writing an article for The Odyssey. "Pearson said she didn’t make up the phrase 'dadbod,' but she had heard it a few times in different circles" (

Here are 5 reasons why women are going wild this summer for the "dad bod."


5 It shows that he is a Family Man

Men that aren’t concerned about being just shy of overweight, show that they posses priorities far beyond supplements and working out. The dad bod is like a magnet for women who are seeking out men that have more responsible priorities.

Sure, a six pack is great to look at, but is it going to provide for your children and be there for you when times get tough? Maybe, but not usually. It’s natural for people to judge, even though as decent individuals we try not to; same goes when we see a man with a mediocre figure. We think “he probably has kids,” “quality time with his family trumps leg day at the gym,” or “he’s not going to blow off our dinner reservation when he discovers green salad isn’t on the menu.”

4 It’s called “beers & babes” for a reason!


This summer is going to be a scorcher, and the best way to cool off is with a refreshing cold beer, or two.

Excessive drinking isn’t sexy on anyone, but if you’re with a man that’s turning down a cold beer with your buds, strictly because he’s worried about what it will do to his figure, get used to a summer filled with awkward silences.

Have you ever heard of the expression “girls just wanna have fun”? It doesn’t matter if we’re 19 or 45, sometimes we just want to let loose, and we want you to be right there beside us joining in on the fun. The dad bod reassures us that you’re the type of ‘summer fun’ we are looking for.

3 Nobody likes to cuddle a rock…


In a recent study done by myself, younger and older women throughout Langley, B.C. were asked if they would rather cuddle a man with defined muscles, or a man with a little more meat on his bones. The survey resulted in a mix of reviews for various different reasons. Women weren’t sure how they felt about a man with more meat on his bones, but what the vast majority could agree on was that “nobody likes to cuddle a rock.”

Speaking from experience, being spooned by a man with arms bigger than your head can sometimes feel like being placed in a choke hold, but spooning with a man with a figure between Seth Rogan and Tom Hardy can feel like a cloud of pillows is holding you tightly, and let me tell you, nobody dislikes fluffy pillows.

2 Cheat whenever you want!


....On your diet, I mean. I don't condone eating fast-food everyday, unless you're striving for a heart attack by the age of 30, but I do condone "living a little."

Chips, goodie bags, or ice cream. Whatever your guilty pleasures may be, you can be confident that if you delve into one (or all of the above), he's not going to raise an eyebrow and lecture you about what that sort of food does to your bikini body.

1 Face it, were all victims of what’s trending

Whether you like to admit it or not, we all fall victim to what’s trending.

The internet is a love/hate relationship for many, as we love to stay informed on what’s hot right now, but we hate to be sheep-like and follow the crowd.

The “dad bod” is no more than a hot topic and a trend this summer. Everyone wants to have the latest trending hashtags, or the most “likes” on a picture. Hanging with buds with bellies might just be another hashtag that blazes through the internet like wildfire.

It doesn’t matter what spin you put on it, as long as you’re promoting an average physique this summer, you’re in with the cool kids. #budswithbellies.


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