20 Hot Celebrities You Won’t Believe Have Never Had Plastic Surgery

celebs who never had plastic surgery

Body positivity is becoming a huge buzzword in our society these days. But what exactly is it and what role does Hollywood play in it? Well, we all know that Hollywood and the popular media has always been trying to get us to feel bad about ourselves and our bodies. Hello, how else would we buy things like Spanx and diet pills? For those who go the more extreme route, there is plastic surgery. Nowadays we are just used to seeing celebs go under the knife. A boob job here, a tummy tuck there; sadly it is becoming no big deal.

So take a look at our list of 20 Hot Celebrities You Won’t Believe Have Never Had Plastic Surgery. You may be surprised to learn that many of the stars you admire have never actually gone under the knife for a scary and painful operation. Nope, these people are beautiful inside and out and they do not need a surgeon to make them pretty. Even as they get older, they may miss the days when they were 20 and could eat whatever they wanted, but they have learned to love themselves, honor their body, and treat it right. And we applaud that!

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20 Halle Berry

19 Kate Beckinsale

While Kate Beckinsale has never opted for plastic surgery, she does know the importance of good physical activity. And just because she has the guts not to go under the knife and become artificially pretty, she is not always super-confident about her own body. She says that just like every other normal person, she has good days and bad days. And for those who think that getting older means getting less attractive, Kate herself has said that moving into her 30s left her feeling more confident and even in better shape! Looks like you understand the importance of a healthy diet and exercise routine as you mature!

18 Beyonce

We know what you’re thinking: why on earth would Beyonce get plastic surgery? The woman is the poster child for body positivity. This lady owns her curves and she is not afraid to flaunt what she’s got! She also uses her celeb status to put the message out there that people should be proud of their bodies, not matter what shape they are in. Kudos, Bey! Her videos are often radiating body positivity while showing off her killer bod. The video for “Yours and Mine” even exposed some truths about body image and feminism in our society, a major move toward female liberation!

17 Charlize Theron

16 Eva Longoria

No one is perfect, not even the petite and pretty Eva Longoria. She is in her 40s and as such, she will have a body that reflects that. Are there times when she misses what her body used to be like in her 20s? Of course; anyone would! But she is loving where she is at in her life right now, and we must say, she is definitely rocking it. That 40-year-old body can rival just about any 20-year-old you put next to Eva. From beautiful evenings gowns to just her weekend wear, Eva looks great in just about anything. She does not need Botox or lipo to do it for her.

15 Drew Barrymore

If anyone on this list is going to talk about body image, it is Drew Barrymore. She is not afraid to let out the truth and be open and honest about the Hollywood pressures, her own inner demons, and of course, that nagging body image. She has talked about pregnant women in Hollywood needing to drop their weight almost in an instant after giving birth, and how it seems that you’re constantly under a microscope. But it is unfair to scrutinize and criticize our own bodies and those of other people. There is just no need for it and we all should just love who we are, not what our jeans size is.

14 Heidi Klum

13 Salma Hayek

12 Brad Pitt

It is important to remember that guys have to deal with body image as well, even though most of the attention is on women. Granted, women do have more microscopes peering at them all the time. They have to not only look good but be successful without being evil. It’s crazy! Yet, Brad Pitt is hot because he eats right, he exercises, and he does things that are good not only for his body, but for his mind. He focuses his efforts on helping others and spending time with his kids and his (now finally) wife. Yay! Looking good is not all about physical looks, it is about taking care of what’s inside too. Plastic surgery won’t do that.

11 Julia Roberts

We love it when women are real about their bodies. Because bodies are real, not made of plastic! If you want a plastic body then go play with a Barbie doll (whose proportions are totally skewed, by the way.) Julia Roberts is so real and she knows the feeling of waking up already feeling like crap. Hey, it happens to all of us, even those in Hollywood. Even those who get plastic surgery, believe it or not. And an awesome piece of advice from Julia? “Now listen. Ten years from now you’re going to think you should have appreciated yourself more.”

10 Johnny Depp

We are obsessed with scrutinizing every inch and every body part. Where did this bizarre addiction come from? What would other people who were cut off from our society think of us? Johnny Depp knows that people put a crazy-stupid amount of energy into thinking about their overall appearance, as well as the details like a minuscule roll of fat on a thigh or something. Yet he has never succumbed to getting plastic surgery. And he is ageing, for sure! Yet he continues to do what he loves: act. And he is darn good at it if we do say so ourselves.

9 Michelle Pfeiffer

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8 Rachel Weisz

We just love Rachel Weisz and how open and honest she is. She really is epitomizing what every female thinks in their heads, but then she adds a crunchy nugget that pulls it all together and makes us feel great. She said that she’s wanted to be super-skinny, just like all girls. But she has a woman’s body, not a boy’s body, and she is proud of her boobs, butt, belly, and all of the other body parts that make her a girl. Actually, a beautiful woman! Go, Rachel, go! We need more gorgeous and positive female role models like you.

7 Leonardo DiCaprio

6 Kate Winslet

5 Julianne Moore

4 Tina Fey

And now let us take a look at a funny woman who is also very beautiful. She has brains and a body that is real and gorgeous. She is a woman and she shows that in everything she does. From her comedy and her writing, to her clothing and her ideals, Tina Fey is a woman through and through, and we are so happy for that. The day Tina Fey gets plastic surgery will be the day pigs fly. Tina has even joked about body image, saying that Jennifer Lopez really helped women to embrace their curves. After all, J-Lo has one nice butt.

3 Clint Eastwood

2 Brooke Shields

1 Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler is not ashamed of showing off her natural assets. Her legs and arms are celebrated and she is not going to try to make them perfect with plastic surgery. Not only is the process overwhelmingly expensive, but it is painful and it takes time out of your life that you could be …well, living! And Liv Tyler has lived a lot of life. She has more to go and she does not need to use artificiality to be happy with who she is and what her body looks like. That is such a relief to see in today’s onslaught of media misrepresentation.

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