20 Celebs Who Look Beautiful With And Without Makeup

There is absolutely no denying that women in society are under a lot of pressure to always be looking their best. Many women feel like they are constantly being judged, and in order to try and increase their confidence, they turn to makeup and various skin products. This pressure may become even more apparent if you're a celebrity and you know that you're always running the risk of being photographed by paparazzi. But it doesn't have to be this way. In fact, there's one celebrity on this list who has sworn off makeup! As one of the celebrities on this list says, nothing is sexier than being confident in who you are.

The 20 celebrities below are not only absolutely gorgeous, they're empowering. Many of the women have spoken out about the importance of loving your body and accepting it no matter what. By opening up about their own past experience where they struggled, you also get a further understanding that these celebrities are human just like us. You'll also get a great comparison photo, showing that yes, they look beautiful with makeup but they're also absolutely gorgeous when wearing no makeup at all. In fact, there are some women on this list that you may prefer au natural! We have no shortage of variety, ranging from Game of Thrones stars, to models, several upcoming superheroes and some of the biggest names in the music industry. The one thing they have in common: They've all shown their bare face to try and help inspire others.

Have a friend that struggles with body issues or makeup concerns? Feel free to share the list on social media. Want to see 20 celebrities that have photos out there where you'd barely recognize them without makeup? Check out the previous variation of this list!

20 Demi Lovato

Via vanityfair and bigstock

Demi Lovato is one of the most beautiful celebrities in the world, but that’s not why she’s starting off this list. Lovato bared it all in the above photos for Vanity Fair; no makeup and as you can see, also no clothes. Lovato had the idea of doing the photo shoot. "Super-sexy, but no makeup, no fancy lighting, no retouching, and no clothing."

In an interview, Lovato talked about how there was a period of her life where she hated every inch of her body and struggled with an eating disorder. That’s not how she feels today though, and her attitude towards it is empowering.

Lovato said, “When I think of confident, I think of many things. But one thing in particular, is feeling comfortable in your own skin. Something incredible about the idea of no makeup whatsoever, no clothes and no retouching…It’s empowering and shows other women that you can get to a place where you overcome body issues and you can feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.”

19 Scarlett Johansson

Via lifeandstylemag and bigstock

There is no doubting that Johansson is one of the most beautiful and sought-after actresses in Hollywood. And if you don’t think she’s gorgeous, just be careful with your words, because rumor has it she can also kick some serious on-screen ass! With several photo shoots out there that show gorgeous, albeit made-up or touched up photos of Johansson, she felt it was important to post a makeup-free selfie to social media.

She also included a long blurb where she talks about her own issues with the beauty industry and helps to empower people.

“Behind the glamor, behind the make up, behind all those flashy clothes, there's an ordinary girl who just happens to have an extra ordinary job. I have seen young girls follow celebrities and try to be one of them. They try to attain perfection, have the perfect body, perfect skin tone. They aren’t fully aware of the fact that behind the looks there are a lot of designers, makeup artists, and photoshop/video editing. Their whole sense of beauty is flawed. There is no good to looking good if you are conscious all the time about how you look. You should be carefree. Love the real you. The way you are so that even if you are without makeup, you can look into the mirror and with a big smile embrace your imperfections. Just imagine if you don’t even love yourself how do you expect anyone to love you. So first and foremost learn to love yourself by being who you are and not what the world wants you to be. All you need to do is have a great heart and be compassionate towards others. I hope you spread the message and let the world know that you value inner beauty more than the outer appearance."

18 Margot Robbie

Via INFphoto and bigstock images

Jonathan Van Meter is a writer for Vogue and had an opportunity to meet with Margot Robbie. While you may expect Robbie to be dressed to the nines to meet with someone, her outfit was the opposite. “Robbie [was] in yoga pants and a white tank top, her hair pulled up into a messy ponytail, goes entirely unrecognized, which has something to do with the fact that, dressed for a workout with no makeup, she looks like every third person you pass in Southern California—but prettier.”

It’s a good thing he added that "but prettier" part, because it’s clear that Robbie looks absolutely gorgeous without makeup on. Not to mention, when you consider Robbie’s other upcoming role as Harley Quinn has her absolutely decked out in makeup, you can hardly blame her for not wanting to don a ton of makeup when she is out and about.

17 Kate Winslet

Via vanityfair and bigstockimages

Kate Winslet is an incredibly talented and beautiful actress who is well deserving of her past Academy Award, and we are sure she will be considered again for some of her future roles. While she may not be as big of a sex symbol as others on this list, Winslet can still be stunning, and as the above photo shows, she doesn’t need makeup to prove it. Along with the photo that Winslet shared on social media, she talked about some of her own insecurities and tried to encourage other women to also post zero makeup photos.

“I know I am chubby, I have big feet, and have bad hair days. When I grew up and even now sometimes, I hardly hear any positive reinforcement about body image from any female. I mostly hear negatives. But I know most of the negatives comes from the people who are busy rejoicing other people’ insults by liking demeaning post on Facebook when in reality they don’t even like themselves. Today, I want to put up a zero makeup photo. I know I have wrinkles on my skin but today I want you to see beyond that. I want to embrace the real me and I want you to embrace who you are, the way you are, and love yourself just the way you are.”

16 Taylor Swift

Via hollywoodlife and bigstockimages

When you are Taylor Swift you can imagine you have no shortage of awesome clothes in your wardrobe to bust out. But if I’m being honest, if I owned a bitchin’ elf-suit onesie like the one that Swift is wearing in the above photo, it’s probably all I would wear during the Holiday season (…or you know, all year round). The above photo was posted right around Christmas and features Swift not wearing any makeup, as well as a quote she posted saying “you used to call me on my elf phone” (spoofing the track “Hotline Bling” by Drake).

Unfortunately for Swift, there was also no shortage of Holiday photos of her hanging out with Calvin Harris who was her then long-time boyfriend. With the new year came a new guy for Swift though, which means you can probably expect another breakup song anytime now.

One thing is for sure though is that her new boyfriend Tom Hiddleston must not care if Swift is wearing makeup or not because she’s clearly gorgeous all of the time.

15 Gwen Stefani

Via today and glamour

When you are a world famous musician, your look is arguably just as important as your sound. Especially when you are constantly performing in concerts or on television programs in which you are more often than not decked out in makeup. When Stefani decided to try and pull off a bronze palette for the Billboard Music Awards, people were quick to criticize her for failing to pull it off. Comments ranged from saying she looks like she ate a Fudgsicle, to others giving her makeup artist tips and tricks (because they really know what they’re doing).

When you see criticism like that, you can understand why Stefani proudly took to social media to show off her bare faced beauty. Stefani has taken some heat as of late after it was reported that her concerts were going massively undersold, but earlier this week her partner Blake Shelton tweeted out photos of the absolutely packed crowd at Stefani’s Tuesday show and made comments that inferred that the only reason the media ran with the story of her concert ticket prices dropping due to lack of interest was that they were trying to drum up a story.

14 Bella Thorne

Via cosmo and bigstock images

Bella Thorne might only be 18 years old, but it’s clear that she’s one of the most beautiful and promising actresses in Hollywood. There are plenty of photos out there where Thorne is seen dressed to the nines and looking flawless with her makeup, but the actress has admitted the only product she needs to always have on her is her Neutrogena Lip Balm. Thorne may be beautiful now, but she’s also opened up about her past difficulties with her skin, explaining “I had acne – I had Dermatitis all over my face. I did not feel beautiful. I looked bad, to be honest. It was terrible and it made me feel really self-conscious and I didn’t even want to leave the house. I would go to sleep crying every night.”

It’s her past experiences that make Thorne want to help make a difference and empower other women to learn to love themselves. When you see gorgeous photos like the one above where Thorne is not wearing any makeup, it’s clear that she’s learned to love herself and we can only hope more women will do the same.

13 Alicia Keys

Via inquirer and bigstock

Alicia Keys has been in the public eye for over 10 years, so you can imagine her latest decision to stop wearing makeup completely must have been an incredibly empowering, albeit scary moment for her. Keys opened up saying that she was working on a new album and got absolutely fed up with “how much women are brainwashed into feeling like we have to be skinny, or sexy, or desirable, or perfect...I was tired of was the constant judgement of women.”

Keys admitted that she used to be terrified of leaving her house without wearing makeup. “What if someone wanted a picture? What if they POSTED it [online]?. These were the insecure, superficial, but honest thoughts I was thinking. And all of it, one way or another, was based too much on what other people thought of me.”

Keys ended up participating in a no-makeup photoshoot to help promote her latest single, and after the experience said it was “the strongest, most empowered, most free and most honestly beautiful that I have ever felt.”

12 Mila Kunis

Via glamour and bigstock

Mila Kunis has caught some negativity in the past for some unflattering photos without makeup, but it’s clear that the 32-year-old actress is absolutely gorgeous no matter what she does to her face. The above photo was taken for Glamour magazine and shows Kunis wearing only serum, eye cream and a bit of lip balm. When talking to the magazine about her daily life, Kunis admitted that she never wears makeup. She continued, “I don't wash my hair every day. It's not something that I associate with myself. I commend women who wake up 30, 40 minutes early to put on eyeliner. I think it's beautiful. I'm just not that person."

Kunis went onto express a strong disdain for photoshopping images as well, and told the story of an outrageous example “there was a company that I did a photo shoot for once that manipulated the photo so much, I was like, that's not even me, like, what's the point? You wanted my name, and then you wanted the version of me that I'm not. I absolutely hate it.”

Given that Kunis is a relatively new mom with Ashton Kutcher, you can imagine makeup takes an even further backseat in her life!

11 Emilia Clarke

Via huffingtonpost and bigstock images

When it comes to recognizable faces right now, participating in the hit show Game of Thrones is a pretty good way to sacrifice your private life. But thankfully for Emilia Clarke, you may be used to seeing Daenerys with some fire, dragons or chaos around her and with her gorgeous blonde wig flowing down her back. The above photo was taken back in April 2013, when there was a movement on Facebook of different celebrities posting bare-faced photos to social media. Clarke did not speak out about the photo, but it was clear that her message was one of solidarity that you do not need to be wearing makeup to look absolutely stunning. Around that time, Clarke was also working on Broadway in the play Breakfast in Tiffany's.

Clarke is definitely looking to expand beyond just working on Game of Thrones and has 2 movies coming out in the next year, as well as the romantic comedy Me Before You which was released earlier this year and showed a gorgeous brunette (but made up) Clarke.

10 Amber Rose

Via nydailynews and bigstock

There are a lot of celebrities on this list who are not only beautiful but also incredibly talented. When it comes to Amber Rose though, I’m still not 100% on why she’s famous. I suppose it definitely helps that she was in a relationship with Kanye West from 2008 to 2010. She then followed that up with a marriage to Wiz Khalifa that was short lived.

Rose is now going to try and make a name for herself with her own television show, The Amber Rose Show, which aired on VH1 on July 8th, 2016. The series will be an interview format and will featured Rose talking about topics related to pop culture, motherhood and relationships.

One thing is for sure, even if you have no interest in Rose as a person, she still is absolutely gorgeous. The above photo was posted on Instagram in 2015 with her wearing not only no makeup, but also no pants! It was reportedly a response to the Kim Kardashian coming out and attacking Rose in the past, as well as her ex-husband Khalifa calling her a ho and gold digger in a song.

9 Zendaya

Via seventeen and bigstock images

Zendaya is not only a talented pop star, but she also has some experience working as an actress, model and dancer. As a result, you can imagine when she posts things to her social media, people tend to take note. Which is why it’s fantastic that Zendaya constantly uses her platform to post makeup-free selfies and empowering messages to help motivate other women that may struggle with confidence issues.

Zendaya has also signed a contract with Chi, which runs the #RealIsBeautiful campaign which is centered around making people learn to love their own sense of individuality. That’s not to say that Zendaya is totally against makeup (in fact, she also works with CoverGirl) but she hopes you’re in the right mindset when you put on the makeup.

“I'm not wearing this makeup so some guy will check out my highlighter. He's not going to care. I'm doing this because I feel bomb. I could not care less about what anyone thinks. I'm secure in myself, I love myself, and when you get to that point, you do what you want.”

8 8.Beyoncé

Via dailymail and bigstock

Beyoncé once said, “The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence,” and when you happen to look as gorgeous as Beyoncé does (with or without makeup) it’s clear that she has plenty to be confident about. That being said, Beyoncé is also a mom so you can also understand if she doesn’t have time to spend putting makeup on every morning. You can imagine she'll be decked out in costumes and makeup the next time she goes on tour.

The above photo was taken back in 2014 and features Beyoncé wearing no makeup but instead deciding to don a crown of white flowers. I’ll be honest, I’m not too sure if that’s a look that I’d be able to pull off, but I’m also not Beyoncé! Adding to the sexy appeal is the fact that we’re not entirely clear on if there is a shirt below where the camera cuts off (risqué!). One thing is for sure, if Jay Z did in fact cheat on Beyoncé he’ll have countless photos out there of his wife looking gorgeous in all states of makeup to make him realize how stupid his decision was.

7 Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Via Instagram and Bigstock

No matter what your sexual orientation may be, there is no doubting that objectively speaking, Channing Tatum is easily considered to be one of the sexiest men in Hollywood. It also helps that he has several movies in which he shows off that he’s very in shape, and also very into not wearing a lot of clothes. One of the perks of being an absolutely gorgeous and talented actor? You were able to catch the eye of the stunning actress, Jenna Dewan. The two have been married since 2009, and as you can imagine, have gone on plenty of awesome vacations together.

The above photos were taken by Channing when they were out in Cabo and show Jenna not only wearing no makeup, but she forgot a shirt for the photo shoot as well (not that her fans were complaining).

Jenna Dewan-Tatum may not have any movies on the horizon, but she most recently was a crucial part of the television series Supergirl, playing the role of Lucy Lane.

6 Kim Kardashian

Via hollywoodlife and bigstock

When you see Kim Kardashian on the red carpet or on her television show, there is no doubting that she is often going to be decked out in makeup. Kardashian has admitted in the past that she learned the art of makeup at the age of 14 when she was sent to makeup school to learn lessons with her sisters. While you may be used to seeing her dolled up, there are also plenty of makeup free photos of Kim K looking gorgeous on her Instagram, such as the above photo in which she is seen hanging out with her child. In an interview, Kardashian has even admitted Kanye’s (perhaps shocking) preference, saying “My husband loves me without make-up so... I would wear make-up 24/7 if I could, but he likes me without it.”

Perhaps that just means you’re going to be seeing a lot more of makeup free Kim in the near future, though if we know her, she’s probably going to take a page out of Lovato’s book and also pose in the buff!

5 Cara Delevingne

Via youbeauty and bigstock

Cara Delevigne undoubtedly had to spend plenty of time in the makeup chair to get ready for her character, Enchantress, in the upcoming movie Suicide Squad. But when you look at the above photo, you can defer two very clear things. One, Delevingne is absolutely gorgeous and she clearly doesn’t need makeup to look that way. And two, monkeys are always encouraged when they can make their way into celebrity Instagram photos because how cool is that?!

If you scope over Delevingne’s Instagram, you can find plenty of photos of the actress not wearing makeup (but sadly, no more monkeys). You shouldn’t be surprised by her lack of makeup. In fact, when talking about it in an interview, Delevingne said, “If I had a choice I wouldn't wear makeup and I would just jump around in pajamas all day.”

But to be fair, pajamas are pretty amazing.

4 Kylie Jenner

Via hollywoodlife and bigstock

Everyone knows that Kylie Jenner loves putting on makeup. After all, the 18-year-old star even has her own cosmetics line. When you consider her sisters are the Kardashians you can also understand that makeup has probably always been a pretty fundamental part of her life. To Kylie’s credit though, she recently posed on the cover of Allure magazine with barely any makeup on, and as you can see above, has also posted various social media photos of her wearing little to no makeup.

Taking things one step further, earlier this month, Kylie took to social media to show her fans an entire step-by-step tutorial on just how she does her entire makeup routine (start to finish). Many commenters praised Kylie for having the confidence to show her face in all states, as well as to not hide her complexion issues. It can be easy to think these women look perfect 100% of the time, but having Kylie break it down into steps not only shows the time it takes, but also helps reaffirm that even the most gorgeous women utilize plenty of makeup.

3 Gwyneth Paltrow

Via youbeauty and bigstock

Your favorite Paltrow role may be as the redhead Pepper Potts, but the above photo shows that she’s also a gorgeous blonde without makeup as well. Paltrow posted the above photo to social media to help empower women and in the past has even admitted that she's awful when it comes to makeup, saying “I’m not very good at putting on [my own] makeup, which is, I think, a result of having had my makeup done for 20-plus years. I can do the foundation, a little cheek and some mascara.”

Paltrow has admitted that she’s tried to get better with it though, as her daughter Apple is now 11-years old and is allegedly obsessed with beauty products. Paltrow is also very carefree about her hair saying, "I just air dry it and then put an oil in. There’s a Spanish oil I like called Orofluido, or I’ll use the Rodin by Recine Luxury Hair Oil. It’s very wavy, so if I have to go out, I’ll use Harry Josh’s flatiron on the underneath. But I leave the top as it is.”

2 Heidi Klum

Via dailymail and bigstock

Are we really going to be surprised that Heidi freaking Klum looks gorgeous without makeup on? Of course she does! Klum is one of the most internationally recognized models. She has also had a fantastic career on television and is a current judge on America's Got Talent.

Klum is also a mother of 4, so you can also imagine she must be plenty busy running around and does not often have time to throw on some makeup. The above photo was taken back in 2012 and was part of the "BBC Children In Need Bear-Faced" campaign. Klum, who was 39 at the time, participated to try and raise awareness of the beauty of no makeup, as well as to help raise funds for charity.

1 Rihanna

Via olwomen and bigstock

Rihanna is one of the biggest musical artists in the world, but with her gorgeous looks, you shouldn’t be surprised to see her do photoshoots and appear on magazine covers as often as she does. Rihanna may look gorgeous with makeup on, but the above photo shows that she can also strip it all away and still be left looking absolutely gorgeous.

Rihanna has been an incredibly empowering figure for many women, in the past saying "You just want something that someone else has, but that doesn't mean what you have isn't beautiful, because people always want what you have and you always want what they have - no one is ever 100 per cent like, 'Yes, I'm the bomb-dot-com - from head-to-toe!"

That attitude can translate to her confidence in posting makeup free photos. It’s clear that her followers are going to fall in love with whatever she posts, so you can only hope she’ll continue to use this platform in a positive way.

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