20 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Have Undergone Breast Reduction Surgery

It seems that a lot of women these days yearn for larger breasts. Well, for these twenty celebs, having a large chest was not so great after all. While they may have been endowed with some rather hefty assets, things were not as wonderful as some may think, and these women had to resort to going under the knife. While many women risk it all to enlarge their breasts, these celebs did the exact opposite.

Read on to learn about 20 celebrities you didn’t know have undergone breast reduction surgery. You may be surprised to learn that some of the actresses you have known of for years actually used to be quite voluptuous in the chest area! Even so, these ladies still look great, even those that are transitioning into older age.

There are many reasons why a woman would want to reduce the size of her breasts. Perhaps the most common reason of all is the pain and discomfort is creates for the back. It takes a lot of back strength to keep those babies up! Another reason for breast reduction surgery is an exasperation from all of the catcalls and construction-worker whistles. We would definitely hate that too!

20 Jennifer Connelly

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First on our list is actress Jennifer Connelly, who was rumored to have received breast reduction surgery. It was also observed that she had lost a lot of weight, not that she was heavy to begin with, but she was much more curvaceous in the past. With the weight loss, perhaps her breasts had decreased in size, or perhaps it was just the result of some surgery. On the other hand, Jennifer was rumored to have gotten breast implants at a younger age, so maybe she regretted that decision and got them taken out! Clearly, there are loads of plastic surgery rumors surrounding this actress.

19 Drew Barrymore

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18 Soleil Moon Frye

Actress Soleil Moon Frye is a huge proponent of breast reduction surgery and said that after her operation, she finally felt that she could be free. The star of the popular television show Punky Brewster, Soleil’s child character once had an episode where she wanted to have boobs. Well, looks like she got her wish – in reality. In her teenage years, Soleil underwent breast reduction surgery and she was thrilled with the results. Hey, at just over 5 feet tall, Soleil was carrying around breasts that measured into the DD category. We can’t blame her for wanting to ease that burden.

17 Ariel Winter

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16 Sharon Osbourne

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A breast reduction operation was the first procedure on Sharon’s agenda. The star underwent several plastic surgery procedures, yet the back pain associated with her large chest led her to seek out breast reduction first and foremost. Yet, Sharon has received so much work that people are really noticing – and not in a very good way. As the celeb continues to age, people are taking note that she seems to be looking younger, not more mature. Could it be an addiction to plastic surgery? The phenomenon definitely exists in our culture. While we do not criticize her for getting breast reduction surgery, she could cool it with the other stuff.

15 Roseanne Barr

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Actress and comedienne Roseanne Barr’s breast reduction story is quite interesting. As many recognize Barr from her acting on the sitcom Roseanne, her surgery could not be too much of a secret. So when Barr underwent breast reduction surgery, her character on the hit television show did too. It was actually a nice way to integrate her life with the series, and it seemed almost effortless and quite tasteful. Kudos to her for owning it. She was clearly well-endowed in the chest area, so we can see why she would want to receive breast reduction surgery. The celeb received multiple awards and recognition for her work on the television show.

14 Star Jones

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13 Patricia Heaton

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12 Loni Anderson

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Actress Loni Anderson achieved a name for herself in the public sphere with her signature look of being a plump and perky woman. During the 1970s and 1980s, she climbed to the top of pop culture sex symbols and her look was reminiscent of the 1950s pin-up girls. Hips, a chest, and bright blonde hair, she was definitely a bombshell during her heyday. Yet she opted to undergo breast reduction surgery so that should could feel less “outrageous,” as she put it. She stated that when she was just 14 years old, her measurements were ridiculous: 37D-20-32. Well, anything to feel more comfortable.

11 Heidi Montag

10 Janeane Garofalo

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Janeane Garofalo is a comedienne who embraced breast reduction surgery so that her audience could focus more on her stand-up routines and less on her chest. While Garofalo was open and honest about her breast reduction surgery, she kept her mouth shut about rumors that she had received botox injections as well. Maybe that will show up in a comedy routine later on down the line. What we do know is that Garofalo’s bustline whittled down from a C-cup to an A-cup. So hopefully now people will admire her more for her wit and humor than for her female assets.

9 Pamela Anderson

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Yes, it seems as though the breasts of Pamela Anderson are always getting more attention than Pamela herself. Yet the celeb, who achieved her fame with the hit show Baywatch, has had a fluctuating chest for years. Her chest ballooned, then shrunk, then grew again, and on and on! Well, she had a noticeable a breast reduction for sure in 1999, but she later got some new implants. Maybe Pam has an affinity for her curves and her chest. Hey, she has lived with them all her life, so of course they are important to her! Yet, with all of the work she has gotten done on them, they seem out of place as she ages.

8 Phyllis Diller

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Phyllis Diller is another funny woman who took to undergoing breast reduction surgery. She was known for her work on the television show Bonkers. She passed away in 2012 at the ripe mature age of 95. She was famous for playing the crazed and off-her-rocker housewife, and donned a wardrobe of bright colors and patterns. She often joked about her appearance, which she said was not so attractive. Besides undergoing a breast reduction procedure, Diller also had a tummy tuck, three facelifts, and a chemical peel. Or so she says. Really, you have got to read the interviews with this lady. They are hilarious.

7 Marie Osmond

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6 Kris Jenner

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Obviously Kris Jenner has received some work. Belonging to the Kardashian clan almost automatically guarantees that there will be some artificiality there. Well, for Kris, she had undergone a breast reduction operation. And of course the whole thing was aired on the television show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She replaced the old boobs with a new set by getting some brand-new breast implants. Because when you hang out with Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney, you need to keep up your appearances. Who knows if Kris is finished with her plastic surgeries? If she undergoes anything else, we are sure that she will be certain to let us know.

5 Kim Fields

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Do you remember little Tootie on the popular television show The Facts of Life? Well, we do! The 1980s sitcom was super famous, and Kim Fields’ character was downright adorable. Well, in her adult life, Kim decided to go for a breast reduction procedure at the age of 43. According to reports, Kim’s large chest was causing health problems. There was a rumor circulating the Kim was getting the procedure to take out some breast implants that she had been put it earlier, but that is just speculation. Whether her breasts were real or not, Kim looks happier and healthier now.

4 Letitia Dean

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It is said that actress Letitia Dean was experiencing health problems as a result of having a large, voluptuous chest, so she decided to undergo the procedure for breast reduction. It is believed that the actress was fed up with the media and public focusing more on her bodily appearance than on her hard work. There was also a lot of attention on Dean for her up-and-down weight. Besides back pain, Dean suffered from poor self-esteem. Poor girl! Hopefully the breast reduction surgery helped her to feel more confident about herself and her figure. Dean underwent the procedure when she was just a teen.

3 Patti Stanger

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Many people may know of Patti Stanger from her appearance on the Bravo television show Millionaire Matchmaker. Well, the outspoken Stanger was not afraid to speak out about her surgery. She said that she has undergone not one, but two breast reduction surgeries. Well, when you have got all that womanly treasure, it can be quite a lot to carry around, hm? Stanger is often seen on television and the media while wearing clothes that cling to her body and show off those (reduced) assets. Hey, more power to you, Patti. When you are a millionaire, that must be what you do.

2 Dina Manzo

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Another Bravo television kind-a-sort-a-celeb is Dina Manzo. She is known she starring in the scary Real Housewives series. Manzo is a mainstay on the New Jersey edition. Being a Real Housewife, you can guess that Manzo is one to keep up with appearances and the like. Of course, there is nothing too expensive, but perhaps the one thing that can get too big is her chest. Manzo underwent a breast reduction surgery after 10 years dealing with a boob job that was done in 2000. The result was back pain and lower self-esteem. So with her smaller set of breasts, Manzo is feeling more confident and oh-so-pretty.

1 Queen Latifah

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Back in 2003, the Queen (Latifah, that is) underwent surgery for a breast reduction procedure. She looks great, and she still maintained her curvy and feminine figure after narrowing down her chest. Queen Latifah underwent the surgery because she was starting to see some detrimental effects (cosmetic and physical pain.) She went from a chest measurement of 45 (whoa!) to a more manageable 36, which is still large and grandiose, but not so outrageous. Along with a breast reduction operation, Queen Latifah has also received eyelid surgery. Hey, she is a celeb after all, and you know what they say: When in Rome…

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