15 Ugly Things Women Do To Look Hot

Women are beautiful creatures in general and men will often notice and adore just how beautiful women are. Of course, beauty comes from the inside and all that cool stuff, but beauty can also be maintained in some absurd and, often times, ugly methods. It’s almost a relief to think that some of the most beautiful women in the entire world may be resorting to some ugly, disgusting methods of acquiring the beauty for which they are known because, otherwise, life just wouldn't be fair.

In order to obtain and maintain beauty, women must resort to a number of extreme techniques, ranging from daily practices to major surgeries, from which they could take months to heal. It may seem odd that women are willing to go to such extremes to look beautiful and youthful, but we live in a society that places extreme importance on physical attraction. Being attractive could change your life in many different ways --- from getting out of a parking ticket, to who you date, to landing a modeling or acting career. Sure, some attractive models and actresses have worked hard to get to where they are and are truly talented, but being drop dead gorgeous doesn’t hurt.

On this list, you’ll find some zany and gross ways that women stay beautiful. So, next time you see a hottie at the bar, Kate Upton in a magazine or Blake Lively on the screen, just remember that she may be sitting at home on a Sunday afternoon doing one of these ugly habits in order to stay hot. You’ll totally feel more confident when you approach her, right?

13 Braces, A Retainer Or Invisalign


Some people are born with very crocked teeth, which is fine. Not everyone can be blessed with a straight perfect smile. To correct the issues, many people get braces when they are in their teenage years. Braces are pretty ugly in their own right. I mean, it’s a huge hunk of metal on your teeth that can get food particles trapped in them. It can make for some really awkward teenage years and a few high school yearbooks that one would rather leave unseen.

Unfortunately, all that hard work can be ruined if one doesn’t keep up with wearing their retainer. That hot girl with the perfect smile may be going home every night and popping in a retainer, which can result in extra saliva and a lisp. I guess wearing that every night is better than crocked teeth, though.

Some people skip the teenage braces but, later in life, decide that they want to join the straight teeth party too. In that case, they may resort to Invisalign, which is a clear retainer one wears all day but must take off to eat. If you’re ever out at a restaurant with a hot girl who had Invisalign, she’ll have to take it off and place it in a napkin in order to eat. It’s not the most appetizing thing to watch.


On the teeth train, some people decided to get a straight, white smile not through braces or whitening but by getting veneers. In case you don’t know about veneers, they are some weird shit. They’re a more expensive option, which is why celebrities specifically will resort to this alternative.

First the dentist shaves all your teeth down into pointy, tiny stubs. Yeah, so all of your real teeth are basically unusable. Then the dentist covers these tiny teeth with veneers, which are perfect, white replacements for your once ugly teeth. The end result is a wonderful smile that is on the level of celebrities, but the fact that your real teeth are shaved down to weird little stubs makes this one ugly procedure.

12 Wearing Spanx


Spanx are a Godsend to women who want to smooth out their gut while wearing a hot, tight dress. They are seriously a miracle and can sculpt a woman’s body into looking much different than it would if it were, say, not being sucked in with Spanx.

In case you’ve never seen a pair of Spanx, they are like Granny panties on crack. They are super big underwear, generally spanning from a woman’s mid-thigh to right below her chest, that are made of stretchy material. Furthermore, when a woman takes off her Spanx, she’ll usually have red marks on her body from where the Spanx tucked everything in.

Unfortunately for men, they can’t tell if a hottie is wearing Spanx in order to get that perfect body and may be in for a rude awakening when they go home with her.

11 Whitening Their Teeth


When you think of someone who is beautiful, you probably think of someone who has a bright, glowing smile. Sure, you could still be hot if you have dingy, yellow teeth I guess, but it certainly helps to have a beautiful, bright smile.

In order to achieve one of those perfect toothpaste-commercial-level smiles, many women (and men) have to whiten and bleach their teeth. Everyday things can easily dull a bright smile -- smoking, drinking coffee, drinking red wine -- so from time to time, one may have to sit down for thirty minutes with whitening strips on their teeth.

This isn’t exactly the grosses thing on paper, but have you ever seen someone whitening their teeth? They’re basically dripping saliva all the way down their chin so it’s not a pretty sight.

10 Wearing Hair Extensions


You know women who have perfect, shiny, thick, long hair and walk around looking like a Pantene Pro-V commercial? They are beautiful goddesses, right? Yep, well some of them might be faking that gorgeous mane.

Fake hair is more accessible than ever. Women can easily schedule an appointment at a hair salon to have extension sewn into their hair. It’s painful to say the least. A more affordable and removable option is buying clip-ins, which can easily be clipped in and taken out. The only issue is that if you ever run your hand through someone’s hair who is wearing clip-ins, your will, err, get stuck. Also, they can fall out, leaving a little trail of tiny clumps of hair. Very cute, right?

9 Pedicure With Fish


Pedicures and manicures are a pretty basic concept when it comes to beauty maintenance. Many women get a pedicure and manicure every week, which seems totally normal. What is not totally normal is the type of pedicure a woman can receive with fish.

Garra Rufa are a type of fish that eat off the dead skin cells. In this style of pedicure, one would put their feet in water filled with these tiny fish. The fish then nibble at their feet and eat off their dead skin cells. Totally weird, right? It’s pretty gross having an animal nibble away at your dead skin in order to get a nice pedicure. At least it’s not a facial with fish. That would be even weirder.

This actual pedicure can be seen on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, as a hesitant Kim receives this pedicure and, more or less, freaks out the entire time.


Face masks are a great at-home alternative to getting a professional facial, as they can be costly and time consuming. Women can buy face masks basically anywhere, whether it’s Target, CVS, or Walmart. This results in women looking fairly goofy for anywhere from 5 minutes to almost an hour, as they lay around with a bunch of shit on their face, waiting for the results to happen.

This is only half the issue. The other issue is the actual ingredients, which can range from charcoal to garlic bits to coffee grinds. Lush, a company specializing in natural products for skin and hair care, sells face masks with literal chunks of this stuff in them.

Lastly, women will either wash off the face mask or peel it off. Afterwards, since the facial was most likely pulling off dead skin cells and purifying their skin, the women will look blotchy and red. This redness fades, of course, and they are left with clear, even skin.


This is a style of facial made famous by Kim Kardashian. Only Kim K could make a facial famous, right?

On an episode of Kim and Kourtney Take Miami, Kim’s face was stabbed with tiny needles full of her own blood. It apparently uses a tool called a Dermapen that contains several acupuncture-sized needles. During Kim’s procedure they used a Dermapen with nine needles, but the amount of needles does vary.

If you’re wondering why the hell someone would have their own blood injected into their face, you’re not alone. It seems like a very odd procedure. Apparently, having your blood injected will stimulate collagen, making your face smoother and clearer.

Not only is the procedure of being stabbed in the face with several tiny needles kind of ugly in itself, the fact that your face is left bloody afterwards is pretty gross too.

8 Apple Cider Vinegar Shots


Have you ever taken a whiff of apple cider vinegar? It’s pretty gnarly. It seems like the most bitter, sour, pungent thing you could ever taste. That being said, would you like to do shots of apple cider vinegar every single day? Probably not. Well, some women are sucking down shots of this on the daily. Apparently apple cider vinegar can balance the PH levels in your body, resulting in clearer skin and shinier hair. It’s also an appetite suppressant, meaning women may take shots of this in order to keep themselves from being hungry. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather just eat than take shots of apple cider vinegar every single day.

If you aren’t familiar with apple cider vinegar this may not seem so gross to you, but you should definitely take of a whiff of it at some point. After that, imagining a hot girl swigging down shots of it in order to have shiny hair may seem insane.

7 Dying Their Eyebrows


Eyebrows have become this big, huge thing again. For a bit, having very thin, almost-not-there eyebrows were in again, as they were in the ‘20s. Recently though, big, full eyebrows have made a resurgence into the world.

Women are can resort to several methods in order to achieve a nice, full brow. They can pencil in their eyebrows every morning, which is what many women will do. However, this becomes another time-consuming process in an already busy day. Instead, women can get their eyebrows dyed with a vegetable dye. This will give them a darker, fuller look, without the need for coloring them in every day.

The actual act doesn’t sound all that ugly, but as women sit with a massive glob of dye on their eyebrows, they, err, don’t look their finest. In fact, they look a little bit like Frankenstein.

6 Taping Up Her Boobs

Have you ever seen a girl wearing a dangerously low dress but somehow still flaunting amazingly perky, full breasts? It’s a look often rocked by celebrities on the red carpet. Well, to achieve a look like this without a bra, women have to get a lift somehow, right?

Some women will turn to taping up their breasts with masking tape in order to look hot in their low cut dresses. Yes, the heavy duty tape that you use for household projects or shipping, women use that on their skin.

Of course, this is uncomfortable and odd, but the true ugliness comes at the end of the night, when they have to take the tape off. Ouch. Also, they may look super hot in the dress but underneath, they basically look like a package that’s being shipped in the mail.

5 Fake Eyelashes


Did you know that one of the most attractive features a woman can have is long, beautiful eyelashes? It’s a sign of fertility so men are automatically drawn to women who have pretty eyelashes to bat. Of course, eyelashes can be faked in a number of ways. Women can wear mascara, which is an easy way to get darker, thicker, longer lashes. This is easy to take off as a woman can simply wash off her mascara at the end of the day.

Some women who want even longer, fuller lashes may apply fake eyelashes. In this case, they use a strip of lashes that kind of resemble spider legs. Women with fake eyelashes look glamorous and beautiful. I mean, most the Kardashians and Jenners rock fake eyelashes. No natural eyelashes are as long as theirs, no matter what vitamin supplements you may be using.

These look hot on but the ugly part comes afterwards when you wake up and there's a strip of fake eyelashes on the pillow next to yours. Oh, there’s also the fact that women can pull off their own natural eyelashes when removing these so there’s that.

4 Waist Trainers


We can all blame Kim K for this one. Waist trainers are basically like corsets that women can wear in order to train their waists to have the certain shape that Kim K rocks. Of course, Kim is paid money to post pictures wearing waist trainers on her social media. She has the money to afford specialists and surgeries or whatever else is necessary to achieve her shape. Unfortunately, their marketing idea worked wonders and women all over bought waist trainers in order to get a teeny waist.

What is so ugly about this contraption is that it actually restricts a woman’s breathing and her organs from fully working.

Of course, she wouldn’t have to wear the waist trainer outside of her house anything but, for a few hours a day, she would restrict her organ functionality and breathing in order to get a tinier waist. That seems like a steep price to pay just to look a little bit more like a Kardashian.

3 Waxing


Women can get an assortment of things waxed – their legs, arms, eyebrows, lip hair, vaginas, arms. Basically, a woman may get any part of her body waxed. If you’ve ever had any hair waxed off of your body, then you know that this process hurts like hell. If you haven't ever had hair waxed from your body, please watch The 40 Year Old Virgin immediately so you can know the pain some women go through to be hotties.

While there isn’t necessarily anything ugly about the process of pulling out several hair follicles all at once, it does leave women looking a little funny. If you’ve ever seen a woman who had just had her eyebrows waxed, you know that the skin from which the hair follicles were pulled is usually a bright red. It’s not a super hot look by any means but hey, she no longer has a unibrow and the redness will shortly fade away.

2 Extreme Dieting

While taking shots of apple cider vinegar is bad enough, some women go to extremes in terms of dieting. Of course, there are different levels to dieting. Some women will forgo carbs, so no bread, pasta and basically all the good stuff in life. Instead, women will eat burgers on lettuce leaves or pasta made of zucchini. Sounds appetizing, right?

Well, perhaps replacing bread with vegetables is an alright thing. I mean, most doctors would approve of that so that's not too ugly. When women start taking supplements and diet pills or restricting themselves to alarming degrees, that’s when things can get ugly.

A woman should never starve herself or not indulge in something she’d like to enjoy once in a while just to look hot. The sexiest thing in the world is a woman who is happy and healthy. Restricting your diet to alarming degrees is not great for your mental or physical health.

1 Boob Jobs


Sure, some women want to achieve the look of having larger breasts. It’s easy to understand how they may desire having a full bust when you see all the pressure the media puts on women to have a certain type of body.

While this may be a kind of common procedure anymore these days, that doesn’t make it any less ugly. Women have to be surgically opened up, have breasts implanted into them and then be closed back up. With medical advancements, the incision is now able to be smaller and smaller, but that doesn’t discount the fact that this is still a surgery - you know, a medical surgery that involves blood and stitches.

As with any things on this list, in the case of boob jobs, the end results may look fabulous, but the path to getting there may be a bit ugly.


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