15 Of The Hottest Rejected Girls From The Bachelor

Each season Bachelor fans are left wondering why on earth, did that man choose HER? Especially when he has a pool of sweet, gorgeous and...ok, never mind, mostly crazy, applicants all vying for his love and their fifteen minutes.

Sadly, the Bachelor and Bachelorette are not known for producing long-lasting relationships--but for spawning tabloid drama and incestual (within the Bachelor family) coupling. For a show created specifically to find a husband or wife, just four, (soon to be five) pairs, out of 18 Bachelor and 10 Bachelorette seasons have led to marriage, with most couples turning off their relationship with the cameras.

So what do these guys look for in a woman? There's no denying that contestants are enviably gorgeous, but some bachelors have actually made comments on the women's personalities. Bachelor Sean Lowe loved how fun Catherine Guidici is, saying they were never short on laughs and told the world on the After the Final Rose Ceremony that he "just loves her so much," and Juan Pablo...well, Juan Pablo said nothing of substance the entire season.

Maybe bachelor's like Sean give viewers a little faith that some of the men are choosing for looks and real love. Especially when going through this list of some of the most gorgeous women to ever not get chosen on the Bachelor.

16 Samantha Levey

Much to viewers confusion, Bachelor Ben Flajnik said to the pageant girl: "from what I’ve seen up to this point, I don’t see this going much further, to be completely honest with you. I wonder if you take this seriously enough.” The Season 16 contestant wasn't a huge feature on the show, and said in and interview that she would tell her friends on the show to "run for the hills" instead of accepting Flajnik's final rose.

15 Ashley Spivey

The New York Nanny said she was "more in love with Ashley [Hebert]" than Bachelor Brad Womack, after getting eliminated on an awkward two-on-one date with her best friend in the house and future Bachelorette contestant.

14 Jillian Harris

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Interior decorator Jillian Harris lucked out when confused season 13 Bachelor Jason Mesnick eliminated her--she avoided his flip flopping and became the next Bachelorette. Although things didn't work out between her and playboy pick Ed Swiderski, Harris has become a television personality, being featured on shows like Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Love it or List it,  and Canada's Handyman Challenge.

13 Rozlyn Papa

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Did she or didn't she have an "inappropriate" relationship with one of the producers? Looks like that might have been a hoax cooked up by the show. At the time, the mother of a 7-year-old boy was part of a "scandal" rocking Bachelor world. The model was asked to leave Jake Pavelka's season by Host Chris Harrison.

12 Deanna Pappas

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Neither of the finalists were chosen on Brad Womack's season, but Pappas went on to become the season four Bachelorette. Although her relationship with winner Jesse Csincsack didn't last, Pappas found love in Stephen Stagliano, brother of Michael Stagliano who was on Season 5 of the Bachelorette. They had their first child together earlier this year.

11 AshLee Frazier

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This professional organizer from Texas was second runner up in Sean Lowe's season, but subsequently won the heart of Bachelor Brad Womack, then started dating Michael Garofola from Desiree's Hartsock's Bachelorette season. She claims that Bachelor Sean Lowe lied to her, saying that there wasn't anything between him and the other women.

10 Tenley Molzahn

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Bachelor Jake Pavelka's runner up and former Disneyland Ariel is now dating Bachelorette Jillian Harris' runner up Kiptyn Locke, follow that?. After "losing" on The Bachelor: Wings of Love season, fan favorite Molzhan was on Bachelor Pad where she met Locke. The two broke up briefly in 2013, but reunited earlier this year.

9 Bettina Bell

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Bell was technically first runner up, since both of Season 11 Brad Womack's top two were eliminated in the final rose ceremony. After the show, she claimed that she and Womack dated before he returned to find love on the Bachelor season 15. Host Chris Harrison said that there was no truth to it, saying "don't you think if it were true we would have brought her on...as a surprise for great television?"

8 Casey Shteamer

Although she left Bachelor Ben Flajnik's season pretty early, she's now dating Bachelor producer Elan Gale and became best friends with contestant Courtney Robertson. She says she had a big crush on Gale during the filming of the show. She runs her own fashion blog, Imperfect Wonder, from Chicago.

7 Ali Fedotowsky

Fedotowsky left Jake Pavelka's season for her job with Facebook, but returned to be the Bachelorette. Although she got engaged to Roberto Martinez at the end of her season, the two broke up in 2011. She has worked as a morning show correspondent for San Diego's Fox News, host of 1st Look on NBC and a correspondent on E! News.

6 Alexis Morgado

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Lots of people thought she would be a perfect match for Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis. Communications director and Tampa Bay Lightning cheerleader, Alexis Morgado, said she was excited to find out that the Bachelor would be Galavis because of their common Hispanic heritage. Yet, despite lots of promotion from the show and the internet, Morgado didn't even make it past the first night's rose ceremony.

5 Selma Alameri

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Selma wouldn't take the plunge into freezing Canadian water--a deal breaker for Bachelor Sean Lowe who didn't like her "no means no" attitude. Although she and Sean weren't a perfect pair, it was rumored that she dated beloved host Chris Harrison after his separation in 2012, although Alameri denied the claims.

4 Elizabeth Kitt

Season 14 Bachelor and season one Bachelor Pad contestant, nanny Elizabeth Kitt didn't end up with Jake Pavelka, but instead tied the knot this year with season five Bachelorette contestant Ty Brown. Kitt was known for controversially refusing to kiss Pavelka before she knew if there were sparks.

3 Michelle Money

This outspoken "villian" was in the top five on Brad Womack's second attempt at love in season 15. After the show, it came out that hairstylist Michelle had an affair with then married basketball player Carlos Boozer when he played for Utah Jazz. She said: "It has been hard to see one very small side of me being the only side portrayed. But that's what you get for signing up for a reality TV show."

2 Holly Durst

This children's book author was eliminated in the 4th week by British Bachelor Matt Grant. She went back to her Bachelor roots for season two of Bachelor Pad, where she participated with ex-fiance and Bachelorette alumn Michael Stagliano and then got engaged to Black Julian during the final episode.

1 Honorary Mention: Melissa Rycroft

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Technically Melissa Rycroft was chosen--until Bachelor Jason Mesnick dumped her during the After the Rose Ceremony for runner-up Molly Malaney. She has been on other reality television, including Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleaders: Making the Team and Dancing with the Stars. She married before Bachelor boyfriend Tye Strickland and now has two children.

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