Hollywood's 15 Hottest And Most Real Women Without 'Work Done'

You won’t find a celeb who hasn’t been accused of going under the knife at least at some point in his or her career - this is especially true for female celebrities. We love to judge. It is almost just as rare to find a celeb who hasn’t succumbed to Hollywood’s unrealistic vision of people: that they don’t get older, that their nose can’t have the slightest bump or that small lips are not ideal. The list goes on and on. In Hollywood, even getting a nose job, a procedure that involves cutting into the nose to reshape the bone and cartilage and typically involves two weeks of recovery time, is rather tame by our “normal folk” standards.

Sure, it is not uncommon for actors and actresses of the older generation to publicly denounce plastic surgery. Although still commendable, arguably it is a much different world that younger actors and actresses live in today. Then again, some celebrities in that same generation, such as Jane Fonda, turned to plastic surgery to maintain their career. Fonda said, "Plastic surgery bought me a decade" (although, at the same time, she also wished she was "brave" enough not to have done it).

Nevertheless, we have compiled a (small) list of celebrities who have denied allegations of plastic surgery, as well as those who more vehemently speak against it. We have excluded all the celebrities who have been mum on the topic and have not publicly refuted plastic surgery claims, or spoken out against plastic surgery in general. Of course, let us be clear: there is not anything necessarily wrong with augmenting your appearance: the problem, rather, is the fact that we live in a society where beauty is so prized that people have become so unhappy with the image they see in the mirror. Hollywood celebs are ultimately modelling these unattainable standards with many people, especially those of the younger generation, eating it up. A recent study found that 75% of teens who were of normal weight actually felt "fat " - a rather bleak statistic when it comes to body image. This article is in celebration of all the celebrities out there who challenge Hollywood’s unrealistic pressure to look a certain way. We salute you for your braveness.

14 Halle Berry

13 Kate Winslet

12 Eva Longoria

11 Rachel Weisz

10  10. Kate Beckinsale

9 Jennifer Lopez

8 Heidi Klum

7 Salma Hayek

6 Sofia Vergara

5 Megan Fox

4 Eva Mendes

3 Beyonce

2 Zoe Saldana

1 Angelina Jolie

Obviously, a woman of immense beauty like Angelina Jolie would have those suggest that her beauty isn't real. That includes her lips and especially her nose, with plastic surgeons commenting that it appears as though Jolie might have undergone rhinoplasty. Dr. Youn said: "Angelina's nose appears to have slimmed, like her figure. It's possible that she's undergone a subtle nose job, or rhinoplasty, that has refined her nose. Overall it looks good, but I wouldn't recommend any more plastic surgery for her." Another plastic surgeon agreed, saying: "Angelina has definitely thinned out her nose bridge since this old photo was taken." He continued: "Additionally with age and keeping such a low body weight, her nose has less fat and thins some anyways. But hers appears to have been surgically altered."

However, Jolie has publicly stated that she has not had any work done, saying: "I haven’t had anything done and I don’t think I will,” a statement that was made in an interview with The Daily Mail. That being said, Jolie‘s stance on plastic surgery is an open one - she is not against others getting plastic surgery because “it’s up to them.” However, she said: “I don’t plan to do it myself.” Of course, this interview was back in 2010. Until we hear otherwise, we will assume that Jolie is just extremely genetically blessed.

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Hollywood's 15 Hottest And Most Real Women Without 'Work Done'