15 Most Popular Celebs On Her "Free Pass" List

What's a 'free pass' list? It's a list of celebrities that your significant other would allow you to hook up with if they showed up at your front door. There are only two rules. The 1st Rule: It can't be someone you know in real life. The 2nd rule: Your significant other is also allowed to create their 'free pass' list. You never know— Ryan Gosling could get a flat tire while driving down your street, not have cell phone service, and have to come knocking on your door!

Here are 15 of the most common celebs on the 'free pass' lists of women everywhere! Share in the comments below who is on your 'free pass' list?

15 Jason Momoa

This Dothraki warrior is on the list for one simple reason. He is hot! Jason Momoa caused women everywhere to wish they were his Khaleesi. This 6'4 Hawaiian God is a combination of bad boy and passionate lover.

14 Christian Bale

13 Ryan Reynolds

Yes, Ryan Reynolds is married to one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, Blake Lively, but that doesn't mean he can't be on your 'free pass' list! You do know the statistics on Hollywood marriages, right? Isn't it like one out of two end in divorce?

12 Liam Hemsworth

Everyone knows the Hemsworth genes are some of the best in Hollywood. Liam and Chris Hemsworth are to die for.

11 Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is the epitome of cool. He walks with confidence and a sexy swagger. If you were allowed to bring only one person to a deserted island, it would most definitely be this guy.

10 Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is the older, more bada** Hemsworth brother. He did an amazing job as Thor. He fully embodied the character's charm and incredible, other-worldly looks.

9 Scott Eastwood

Scott Eastwood is the son of none other than legendary actor Clint Eastwood. He definitely has some incredible genes. He has a furrowed, deep brow that gives him a very serious expression. He has blue eyes and gorgeous dirty blonde hair.

8 Ian Somerhalder

There are those vampires in the world that just pull at our heartstrings, and Ian Somerhalder is one of them. This gorgeous creature is not only lovely to look at, he has an incredibly large heart for the earth and animals! He has cleaned oil off of animal oil spill survivors and rescued dogs from crowded animal shelters.

7 Jamie Dornan

50 shades of O.M.G.! Jamie Dornan is an exceptional male specimen. He not only has the body, he has the most gorgeous Irish accent. He has been in many films but most notably the film that propelled him onto the radar of women everywhere, 50 Shades of Grey.

Jamie pulls off the clean shaven high-powered executive look but he also dons an incredible looking beard. He has dark, piercing eyes and a sexy jawline. His classic good looks make him perfect for being cast in everything from Marie Antoinette to the fairy tale television series Once Upon a Time.

6 Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan hit the scene is a BIG way with the Oscar nominated film Creed. Co-starring alongside Sylvester Stallone was a huge deal for him. Creed is one of those rare films that men and women love. Women love the eye candy and the heart warming aspect of the story and men love the fighting!

5 Ryan Gosling

"It still isn't over!" are probably the most romantic lines ever spoken in movie history. The film The Notebook struck such a chord with the audience due to the unbelievable chemistry between Ryan Gosling (Noah) and the beautiful Rachel McAdams (Allie). It was made even more exquisite due to the real life romance between Ryan and Rachel. Every girl dreamed of making love in an abandoned old house or canoeing in the rain.

4 Richard Madden

Richard Madden is a stunning Scottish gentleman with piercing blue eyes and dark hair. He played the Prince in Cinderella and a King on Game of Thrones. Richard is royally good-looking with or without the facial hair. When he sports a clean shaven look he could pass as a Ralph Lauren cologne model. With facial hair he looks like a gentleman that has just stepped out of a Jane Austen novel.

3 Theo James

From playing the devastatingly good looking Turkish diplomat on Downton Abbey to Four in the Divergent trilogy, Theo James is on fire. What girl didn't want to run their hands up Four's tattooed back in Divergent.

2 Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill captured our hearts in the HBO series The Tudors. He steamed up the screen playing the best friend and confidante of King Henry VIII. He also starred in Superman, which causes women everywhere to dream of being Lois Lane. Now he will be co-starring alongside Ben Affleck in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Henry has classic good looks and is the perfect Clark Kent/Superman.

1 Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum. It's impossible to look at him and not think of sex. The guy is gorgeous. He's got a legitimate bad boy past. He can dance. He can act. What doesn't Channing have— besides you in the passenger seat of his cherry red convertible?

Guys everywhere dislike even hearing Channing's name because of his heartthrob status. They're intimidated beyond belief at this former stripper turned A-list Hollywood movie star. They cringe every time they are forced to watch Magic Mike. Those rippling muscles, sexy grin, gorgeous green eyes are just too much for the average Joe to look at.

If you ever happen to be swept up in Channing's arms, hang on for dear life! There is an army of "Future Mrs. Channing Tatum" t-shirt wearing ladies behind you.


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15 Most Popular Celebs On Her "Free Pass" List