15 Beautiful Models That Are Sure To Make Your Girlfriend Jealous

There is one day of the year that most men look forward to, and I’m not talking about Super Bowl Sunday! I'm talking about the infamous Victoria's Secret runway show that plays around the world with some of the most gorgeous, new and seasoned models in the fashion industry. The modeling game has changed with some of the most exotic women gracing magazine covers from parts of the world we would never expect or have never heard of.

A long time ago, the first set of supermodels started out with Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss (just to name a few). There has been some controversy with some men questioning the appearance of modern day models in comparison to some of the first supermodels.

But the truth is every 5 to 10 years fashion changes. So why can’t the face of beauty change right along with it? Below we have some of the most beautiful models in the industry. Ranging from the woman who won People's sexiest woman back in 2014, to models that are clearly the future of the industry.

For the ladies that are reading this article, all men have a favorite model, and men, most of us are completely fine with this. Some men will even go as far as having “a type” and being romantically involved with women that look like their favorite runway celebs. Have you ever seen such an attractive person that you almost lost your breath? Well, get ready to be entertained with a list of women your boyfriend either has his eye on or has included on his own personal top 15 list. Just try not to get too jealous!

15 Lily Aldridge

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Out of all the models, Lily’s personal life seems to be one of the most interesting. Her mother is the Playmate of the month Laura Lyons and her half-sister Saffron Aldridge was a consistent model for Ralph Lauren in the 1990s. Lily has had a wide range of modeling jobs that includes being the face of the skincare company Proactive in 2014, modeling for the urban fashion line that was once owned by Jay-Z, Rocawear, and working with Tommy Hilfiger, and Coach. When it comes to the world of music, Lily was one of the models that cameoed in Taylor Swift’s music video "Bad Blood" as an assassin called Frostbyte.

14 Imaan Hammam

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Imaan has been working her butt off around the world and is culturally ambiguous with a Brazilian, East African and Caribbean look. Despite this, you may be surprised to learn that she is actually from Amsterdam. Imaan is half Moroccan and half Egyptian and can also speak 3 different languages. If you haven’t already seen her on billboards or campaigns for H&M, you might have seen her on the cover of Teen Vogue. Imaan was the third black model to make it on the cover of Vogue magazine, so you better believe she is an inspiration to many. While there is not much information to be found about her personal life in articles, although YouTube is flooded with her modeling work.

13 Lakshmi Menon


12 Taylor Hill

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11 Chrissy Teigen

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10 Fatima Siad

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Reality television has been a tremendous platform for regular people to become famous, and it definitely helps if they're beautiful! Fatima Siad made it to 3rd place on Tyra Banks successful show America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 10.

9 Ana Beatriz Barros

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8 Kate Upton

7 Emily Ratajkowski

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6 Jasmine Tookes

Jasmine has 10 years of gymnast experience, so you better believe she's flexible. On top of that, she's been modeling since she was 15, so she's recognizable as well. It also helps that her mother is a celebrity fashion stylist! Jasmine admitted to being inspired by Tyra Banks as a child.

Jasmine is half Caribbean and half Caucasian and although her first jobs were not in high fashion, she showed designers that she can look normal in Gap and Ugg boot campaigns.

5 Kelly Gale

4 Ashley Graham

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If you haven’t heard of her yet, you will see her face more this year. Her name is Ashley Graham and she is the most popular and talked about curvy model in the world. It only takes one look at her to make it clear why she is taking the fashion industry by storm.

More recently Ashley was caught in Los Angeles out on the town with Moroccan American rapper French Montana and is the star video vixen in Nick Jonas’ music video for "Tooth Brush". Some of Nick’s fans were not happy with this and took to social media with unfortunate comments about the curvy appearance of his choice in video vixen.

Ashley is the first plus-size model to make it on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Go Ashley go!

3 Liu Wen

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Can you believe that Liu Wen is the first East Asian model to walk the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? If that didn’t surprise you, she is also the first Estée Lauder spokesmodel of East Asian descent and the first from Asia to ever make Forbes magazine’s list of highest-paid models. Wow, what has this woman not accomplished?

2 Gigi Hadid

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1 Maria Borges

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Guess who is fashion designer Ricardo Tisci’s favorite model? You guessed it, Maria Borges. Maria is from Luanda in Angola, Africa and was named Forbes Africa Magazine’s top model three years ago. Maria is like a chameleon because when she wears her hair short and long, she looks like an entirely different person. Fashion designers such as Balmain, Marc Jacobs, Moschino and Oscar De La Renta have requested for her to walk in their shows and for three years in a row (starting in 2013), Maria walked the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She is a light-hearted girl that was also not afraid to show off her hula-hooping skills on Vogue's YouTube page. You should check it out!

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15 Beautiful Models That Are Sure To Make Your Girlfriend Jealous