12 Celebs You Wouldn't Recognize Without Make-Up

For celebrities, being in the limelight makes it tough to just let loose when they’re not in front of the cameras. They have to deal with the pressure of looking their best from the moment they roll out of bed to the second they climb back in in their pyjamas at night because the paparazzi are always lurking around to catch them at their worst.

But it’s understandable that there are some days when they’re just too tired or frazzled to care. They step out in public in sweats, dirty hair, and no make-up—and the paps have a field day, snapping pictures that appear in the tabloids the next day. So yes, being a celebrity is tough and requires some thick skin. But for those who couldn’t care less how the public sees them in all their natural, not-as-beautiful glory, good on them! Their altered looks sans make-up can even serve as a worthy disguise from screaming fans.

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12 Kate Moss


Back when she was younger, Kate Moss was deemed one of the most beautiful women in the world. But in the age-defying world of Hollywood, many have noted that she has lost that once bright sparkle. When stripped off make-up, she’s almost unrecognizable, aside from her head of hair. But she doesn’t seem to mind being seen not supermodel-ready.

11 Kate Hudson


She certainly turns heads on the red carpet with her flowing blond hair, sparkling eyes, and winner smile. But when you see Kate Hudson’s face scrubbed free of make-up, you can tell how she really needs it to make her look movie star-worthy. Without it, she’s just your regular girl on the street.

10 Debra Messing


Known for her trademark shiny and rich red locks, the star of Will and Grace and Smash not only uses a whole lot of haircare products to bring the shine of her hair out, but tons of make-up as well. Without her team of hairstylists and make-up artists, she looks like your average Jane.

9 Courteney Cox


Yes, she’s a hot cougar in her comedy show, Cougar Town and she does look good for someone in her fifties. But remove the make-up and Courteney Cox isn’t quite as sizzling as she is when she’s all dolled up. Luckily, she’s rarely seen letting loose and when she is, she’s almost always wearing sun glasses to hide her make-up free face.

8 Nicollette Sheridan

Via: www.dailymail.co.uk

She’s always played strong feminine characters oozing with sex appeal, whether it was in the 80s show Knott’s Landing or just recently, in Desperate Housewives. And rightly so. Nicollette Sheridan has always had a body to die for and a fairly pretty face—with make-up that is. But when she’s seen out and about without anything on her face, you’ll have to look twice to recognize the actress.

7 Kathy Griffin

Via: www.huffingtonpost.com

It’s pretty obvious that Kathy Griffin has had a lot of work done on her face and body. And in her quest to look young, she cakes on tons of make-up to retain that desperately-wanted youthful glow. But even she can’t hide her lines and wrinkles when she’s at the beach and cosmetics-free. And that’s when you see her real age.

6 Kelly Clarkson


The original American Idol has always struggled with her weight, but with Kelly Clarkson’s beautiful singing voice and big, sparkling eyes, the fluctuating weight can easily be overlooked. But when she’s been caught on occasion without make-up, you tend to wonder what happened to the sparkle in her eyes. Then you realize it was major eye make-up that brought out that sparkle.

5 Madonna


For someone in her mid-fifties, Madonna looks amazingly good. And we all know that’s because of a very strict regimen of exercise, diet, and loads of meditation. But not even all that healthy living can hide her age. When she’s got full-on make-up, sure, she can still pass for someone in her early forties, maybe. But without make-up, the cultural icon certainly looks her age, with the wrinkles and lines donning her face.

4 Faith Hill

Via: www.huffingtonpost.com

When she’s up onstage, country superstar Faith Hill is mesmerizing. Her voice is magical, her body to die for, and her face beautiful. But when you see her on the street with not a trace of make-up on her face, you wouldn’t think that was Hill at all. The only telltale sign that it is indeed the singer is her signature head of blond curls.

3 Mila Kunis


Undoubtedly, Mila Kunis is gorgeous when she’s in front of the camera. But she also doesn’t mind stepping out in public without fixing herself up, never mind if the paps are snapping photos of her at her worst. She’s had many photos in just sweats, messy hair, and looking bleary-eyed, but she doesn’t seem to mind showing that stars can be regular people too!

2 Pamela Anderson


Given the augmentations she’s made to her body, it’s no surprise that Pamela Anderson also dolls up her face in equal measure. Unfortunately, the once sizzling hot Baywatch babe has fallen under the radar, both in career and in looks. Without make-up, her skin looks wrinkled and her eyes lack that brightness it usually emits with full eye make-up.

1 Sofia Vergara

Via; www.netawd.com

She always makes the Best Dressed lists whenever she graces red carpets and how. Sofia Vergara always looks stunning with her hour-glass figure, luscious locks, and perfect bone structure. You’d think that this Latina beauty would be a natural without make-up. But surprisingly, in the few photos that have surfaced of her with her face scrubbed clean, she doesn’t look quite so extraordinary as she does in her killer heels and couture gowns.

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