11 Celebrities Who Look Incredible For Their Age

Many celebrities are beautiful, however, with the amount of drugs and partying done in Hollywood many celebrities don’t age as well as they should. Everyone wants to know how to look better with age and the following ten celebs have done just that, they have mastered the art of aging and have done so gracefully.

Aging well to these celebrities is no secret, they all eat well, work out regularly and have never indulged in excessive drug use. We do not all have the luxury of personal trainers and an on-call masseuse but we are all able to take little steps in taking better care of ourselves. Fast food, cigarettes and little sleep is not the way to looking good in our 40s 50s and even 60s. With a healthy diet, a consistent workout plan and good skin care products, you too can age as well as the following ten celebrities. Regardless of your income, you are able to make more positive choices for your body, squat before you pee, take the stairs instead of the elevator and say no to junk food. Do not sleep in your makeup or chain smoke and you have what it takes to age well.

The following ten stars have almost defied the aging process and have shown America what taking care of yourself can do in the long run. The next celebrities are all over the age of 40 and could pass for being 10 or even 20 years younger. We should all hope to look as good as the people on the list, and with a little TLC we can.

11 Dylan McDermott (53)

Dylan McDermott is a super talented actor who has been nominated for both an Emmy and a Golden Globe. However his talent is not the reason he made this list. This hunk made the list because he looks like a sexy 40-year-old, when in fact he is 53. Once married to the 46-year-old Shiva Rose, it is safe to say that he looks younger than she does. McDermott is a blue-eyed dreamboat who, like fine wine, keeps getting better with age. If you want to watch him on a weekly basis, you can find him on the television show Stalker… that is if it doesn’t get cancelled.

10 Jim Parsons (41)

Jim Parsons is best known as his character on the hit show Big Bang Theory. His immature yet brilliant character gives him a youthful and even infantile image. However, what many people don’t know about this funny guy is that he is actually 41 years of age. The Emmy award winner has a huge fan base and we know why, he is hilarious. Parson is known as someone who takes good care of himself; he does not smoke or do drugs and tries to eat as healthy as possible, which is probably why he looks so good for his age.

9 Alyson Hannigan (40)

Some of you fell in love with her on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She stole the hearts of others when she played the sexual crazed band geek in American Pie. However, Alyson Hannigan became a household name when she played Lily on the incredible television show How I met Your Mother. Hannigan has always played youthful characters and has not changed much in the past fifteen years. She is married to Alexis Deniof and the couple has two beautiful children together. This hot mama doesn’t look a day over 30 so it comes as a surprise that she is actually 40 years old - we must find out her secret!

8 Courteney Cox (50)

It seems that Courteney Cox just keeps getting better looking as she ages. Cox, who played Monica on the epic show Friends kept getting better looking as the seasons of the show went on, and her beautiful face and rocking body haven’t let up since. The blue-eyed beauty is a working mother who is also a fitness nut. Courteney has been in countless features and always manages to look amazing. At 50 years old, Cox is one of the most physically active celebrities; she loves the outdoors and enjoys the benefits of keeping her body moving. Cox is also an extremely healthy eater and it shows, her beautiful skin and fit body make her look at least 10 years younger.

7 Pharrell Williams (41)

Pharrell is happy about a lot of things and I am sure not looking his age is one of them. This singer, songwriter, producer and judge on The Voice, absolutely does not look 41. His skin looks at oldest 30 years old. Williams happily married to Helen Lasichanh and the couple has a beautiful child together. Helen, who is 35 looks the same age as her hubby if not older. You can catch Williams this season on The Voice and see for yourself! The man is living proof of the expression “black don’t crack” because his skin is flawless.

6 Kate Beckinsale (41)

The stunning Kate Beckinsale is arguably one of the most stunning women in Hollywood. Kate, who looks better than most 21-year-olds, is shockingly 41 years of age. The English beauty keeps in shape by doing circuits. She does a mix of cardio and weights to keep her body perfect. She also has been following the zone diet, which her trainer put her on. This diet is filled with protein, complex carbs and vegetables, giving her enough energy to hammer through her long days of filming. This working mother makes staying in shape look easy. We should all hope to look this good in our forties.

5 Gwen Stefani (45)

It is hard to believe this mother of three is 45 years old. The singer and fashion icon has been in the spotlight since she was 16. Gwen Stefani has been wearing makeup for years and her skin is still flawless which makes us wonder what products she has been using. Her incredible and lively sense of fashion also gives her a look of youthful exuberance. This blonde bombshell has reinvented herself on many occasions and her young spirit has always come through. Last season, when she was a judge on the NBC hit The Voice, fans across America were in awe with Gwen’s charm and beauty, forgetting she was in her mid-forties.

4 Sandra Bullock (50)

Who doesn’t love Miss Congeniality? Sandra Bullock is one of Hollywood’s most cherished sweethearts. The Academy Award winner has always been beautiful, however in the past few years her beauty has evolved. It is hard to believe that this mother is fifty years old. This charming stunner has a very healthy diet and workout plan that gives her both freedom and results. Bullock eats as much as she wants, however, she eats very healthy; brown rice, vegetables and protein. The busy star also loves working out, and tries to get in a workout at least 5 days a week. She loves pilates, yoga and cardio.

3 Jennifer Lopez (45)

Jennifer Lopez is one of the sexiest women on the planet. Her incredibly stunning face and fit body makes her one of the most desired women in the universe. Jennifer Lopez is both a mother and sex symbol and many wonder how she was able to stay in such phenomenal shape. However, although her perfect face may be credited to her natural beauty, her body is the result of countless hours of work. In order to achieve perfection, Lopez believes in complete dedication. She believes that consistency is the key to success and works out on a daily basis. When it comes to eating, Lopez believes that we as humans should never go hungry. She eats many small, healthy meals a day and her diet and workout plan is clearly working because this 45-year-old does not look a day over 27!

2 Jennifer Aniston (46)

It is no surprise that Jennifer Aniston has made this list. The stunning actress is 46 years old…yes 46! Her perfect face and even more perfect body make 20-year-olds around the world feel insecure. She is known as having an intense workout and diet plan which has clearly been working for her. She loves any form of physical activity and rarely eats in excess. Another key to Aniston’s youthful beauty is the amount of water she drinks, she claims it is the key to staying young. She has also never been known as a big drinker or drug user, which helps in the aging process.

1 Christie Brinkley (61)

It is hard to believe that supermodel Christie Brinkley is 61 years old. The model, actress and mother has not eaten a piece of meat since she was 12 and says that is one of her tricks for aging well. She eats very healthy, but eats a lot, she also loves her cappuccinos every morning which she hashtags on Instagram as #christiecappucino! Brinkley also believes in taking good care of her skin, she exfoliates and moisturizes every night before bed and also gets a massage every Sunday. She believes that in order to look young, one must feel young, which can only be done by making sure you are relaxed. I guess a big part of her secret is taking incredible care of herself. It is no secret that Brinkley would be number one on our list, the woman doesn't look a day over 40 and is over 60!

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