10 Weird Celebrity Beauty Treatments

It’s  been happening for decades. Demi Moore used leech therapy because she claimed they detoxified her blood. Shania Twain claimed her youthful look was due to Bag Balm – a medicated cream invented to soothe cow udders. Both ladies still look fabulous for their age, so maybe they were on to something!

At least that’s the mindset of the rich and famous celebrities who are trying out the latest beauty crazes in an attempt to keep looking youthful. If you’re up for putting sheep’s placenta on your face or spraying milk on your skin in the name of beauty, then you’ll want to check out our list. We’ve compiled 10 of the most outrageous beauty treatments that celebrities indulge in to stay looking young.

10 Milk Sprays - $5 Per Gallon

Super model Cindy Crawford looks positively fantastic for age 47. Maybe some of her youthful glow can be attributed to her strange beauty tip: milk sprays. Exactly as it sounds, Crawford is reported to pour milk into a spray bottle and spray it all over her skin. Besides keeping her hydrated, it’s full of calcium and protein that’s great for skin.

9 Hemorrhoid Cream on Their Face - $15 for 2 oz.


8 Red Wine Baths - $20+

7 Fish Foot Pedicures - $70 Per Session 

The Kardashian family got their feet wet – literally – last summer when they tried out the spa treatment in Greece. While a then pregnant-Kim wiggled around in agony, hating every minute, her big sister Kourtney seemed perfectly fine. The water is filled with garra rufa fish (a brother fish to the piranha) which nibble at the dead skin while you sit and relax.

For those who are a bit ticklish or squeamish like Kim, you may want to pass, as the sensation is likened to being tickled. Also, those with any broken skin will also have to pass. Plenty of states and countries are already banning the new trend because the water can’t be sanitized, and while some spas have strict policies, refusing entrance to those with cuts, there’s still a low chance that infection could be passed on. That makes this weird beauty treatment all the more gross!

6 Cupping - $75 Per Session

5 Una Brennan Ice Facial - $180 Per Session

The Superfacialist Una Brennan tailors every session to her exclusive clientele, which include actress Sienna Miller among others. However if you’re looking for a one of kind experience with instant results, then you’ll want to pop into her Notting Hill flat for a visit. Clients have described their skin as “plump”, “dewy”, “fresh” and “smooth” immediately after the treatment.

The procedure itself consists of all the cleansing and hydrating of a normal facial plus a few special secrets. Namely –  a frozen seaweed mask combined with lymphatic drainage massage and infusions of vitamin C. These stranger additions seem to be key in improving skin, but they aren’t for the faint of heart. Miller described it as “a pretty intense experience (...) that makes you feel as if your brain is going to fall out of the top of your head”.

If you’re a little hesitant, we understand. You may want to start out at home on your own terms with this slightly less bizarre beauty tip from model Kate Moss. She attributes her gorgeous glow and smoother complexion to dunking her face in ice and cucumber water.

4 Hypnotherapy - $250+ Per Session

Smoking and binge eating are just a few of the bad habits that hurt your body. Want to kick the habit for good? Then you may want to try out hypnotherapy – hypnosis sessions that plant positive behaviors in your subconscious so you can get over that issue for good. And it’s taking Hollywood by storm! Ellen Degeneres was seen on her show getting hypnotized to quit smoking, while Charlize Theron said she was able to be done with the habit for good. Brad Pitt and Matt Damon have to tried it as well for smoking; Lily Allen credits her weight loss to it also.

3 Edible Placenta-Rich Products - $400-$500 Per Product/Dose

From Holly Madison to January Jones, celebrities have turned their placenta into pills to eat after they gave birth. Rich celebs who haven’t given birth, like Jennifer Aniston, are jumping on the trend by snacking on animal placenta-rich products like chips and smoothies. While these pills and products are not FDA approved, some doctors endorse ingesting the stuff because it’s reported to be full of nutrients that can improve appearance. They argue that skin will look younger and fuller by boosting collagen production. The only downside? It can take up to several months, and a lot of purchases, before seeing any visible results.

2 The Placenta Facial - $300 Per Session/$1,500 for Six Sessions

Sheep’s placenta facial – doesn’t quite have a ring to it, does it? Kim Kardashian has been known to try a weird facial or two (ie. the “Vampire” Blood Facial), so we’re not surprised that she also tried this one. However Victoria Beckham and Simon Cowell both tested the facial out, so maybe there’s something more to it. Beyond MediSpa at Harvey Nichols charges $300 per session for those of you bold enough to give it a go.

The facial starts out with a microdermabrasion followed by a peel to remove any dead skin. After that, the placenta serum (made of purified stem cells harvested from the placenta of New Zealand sheep) is spread across the skin. The serum also contains specks of 24-carat gold, which makes this unusual serum a lot nicer. The facial is topped off with a gold serum, and the result is skin that’s plump, lifted and glowing.

1 24-Carat Gold Bee Venom Facial - $1,500 Per Session

Want to try out the most luxurious spa treatments London has to offer? If so, you’ll want to stop by the spa at The May Fair Hotel next time you’re in town. The May Fair Spa offers guests plenty to choice from, including the Golden Caviar Facial – which is exactly what it sounds like.

However the spa is most infamous for it’s 24-Carat Gold Bee Venom Facial, which has already been tried by celebrities like Ellie Goulding. The facial uses a bee venom cream created by Rodial. The bee venom, dubbed “nature’s Botox”, firms, smooths, lifts and most importantly “freezes” the skin. The skin is then covered with a 24-carat gold mask to lock in the cream. If you can’t make it to London, you can purchase the Ultimate Bee Venom Kit, which includes the cream for $600.

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