10 Sexiest Women of the Week: July 22 2013

Mostly, these women are really intelligent. Some of them are so successful. Some of them will amaze you with their superwoman-ness. But you know one thing that's common among all of them? They're all

Mostly, these women are really intelligent. Some of them are so successful. Some of them will amaze you with their superwoman-ness. But you know one thing that's common among all of them? They're all so sexy! Presenting, the top 10 sexiest women of the week!

While some people get overly giddy about the idea of Christmas or Valentine's, today, we feel the same giddiness because once again, we get to make a list of the world's sexiest women! On the list, we have actresses (hmm, Enuka Okuma), philanthropists (Natalia Vodianova, this one's for you), commercial models (Sam Pinto - truly an exotic gem), and many other women whose X chromosomes combined perfectly!

Here's our official list!

10 Melanie Iglesias

The champion of Maxim Magazine's 2010 Hometown Hotties, is the Puerto-Rican/Italian that grew up in the United States. Note that more than 7,000 girls joined the contest, and over a million people voted. Yet, there was only one champion. Melanie was first discovered by Maxim and she was part of their list of the world's top 100 most beautiful women. Apart from this, she also writes songs. Mostly though, she's known as the dazzling model and actress that she really is.

9 Sam Pinto

Sam Pinto is a famous commercial model and actress in the Philippines. She started modeling when she was 10 years old. What made her really famous though was her joining Big Brother. For a while, she also tried being a VJ in Myx, a Philippine music channel. In her country, Pinto is known to be the "it" girl, being on the cover of many magazines such as Woman Today and Gadgets Magazine. She advertised for major products such as McDonald's, Colgate, SMART and Sunsilk. For two years (2011 and 2013), she was voted as the world's sexiest woman in the men's magazine, FHM. She recently just visited Thailand to attend the Sexiest Victory Party, wherein she became the epitome of true Filipina beauty.

8 Natalia Vodianova

This stunning Russian, Natalia Vodianova, is truly a superwoman. She was born on February 28, 1982, and she's currently a model, an actress, a social media evangelist and a philanthropist. Though she lived in England most of her life, she currently resides in glamorous Paris. She's one of the world's richest models, earning up to $8.6 million annually, according to Forbes. This woman never fails to touch other people's lives, and it's evident when she founded the Naked Heart Foundation, a philanthropic organization that aims to give Russian kids a beautiful environment. She is currently already a mother to her three beautiful kids with Justin Portman.

7 Enuka Okuma

Enuka Okuma is a Canadian actress that's famous for her TV shows Madison, Sue Thomas F. B. Eye and the Nickelodeon drama, Fifteen. Today, she plays the trole of Traci Nash in Rookie Blue and the role of Marika Donoso in 24's seventh season. Apart from being an actress, this Nigerian inspirational beauty also works as an executive producer and a writer.

6 Alejandra Infante

Born in Mexico in 1991, Alejandra Infante is indeed one of Mexico's pride. Alejandra became known when she triumphed over a lot of other pretty girls in the 2006 Elite Model Look Mexico and Latin America contests. Apart from being the full-time attractive model that she is, Infante also plays tennis.

5 Marina Laswick

This Canadian blondie is best known for her astonishing blue eyes. She was made popular by the show Over the Rainbow, a model search by Elite Model Management that she, of course, won. She currently works as a commercial model, but she has been spotted as a potential Victoria's Secret Angel. Maybe one day we'll see her walk that ramp too.

4 Kirby Griffin

Kirby Griffin went to the University of Wisconsin, but she only lasted for a year there. In lieu of that, she became a model. This started her career in modeling when her potential was discovered on spring break. Since then, she's been working in New York, LA and even Europe. She was born in Georgia and was raised in Wisconsin, but now she works in different places in California. She also studies while doing acting on the side. Interestingly, Kirby is one of the seventeen models of the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated. She also has had Victoria's Secret shots done. This girl proves that black is indeed beauty.

3 Oluchi Onweagba

Currently a wife to a famous Italian fashion and a mother to a beautiful three-year old boy, Oluchi Onweagba is a Nigerian model born from a civil servant and a nurse. Initially, she was given the Face of Africa award. When she moved to New York, she got the cover of Vogue, Pop, ELLE, Surface and Untold, among others. She also came out in Nylon, Allure, Marie Claire and other issues of Vogue. She campaigned for Gap, Banana Republic, Victoria's Secret and Ann Taylor, to mention a few. Apart from being a model, she's also a charity worker, serving as a volunteer for an entrepreneurship incubator, LEAP Africa, and Nipro. Currently, she is studying and has she already launched a modeling agency as early as 2008.

2 Blanca Suarez

Probably known for her appearance in the TV shows The Boarding School and The Boat and in her movies The Skin I Live In and I'm So Excited, Blanca Suarez is a Spanish actress that makes on the list of this week's sexiest women. Suarez started her acting career when she played the role of Julia Medina in Antena. She also appeared in films such as Shiver, Cowards, Brain Drain and The Consul of Sodom, although these are films that became especially famous in Spain only. Undoubtedly great in what she does, she's even received awards for her acting. In 2012, she was declared to be the most searched performer on the Internet. In November of 2012, she was awarded as the Woman of the Year by GQ.

1 Lovi Poe

Number one on our list of sexiest women is Lourdes Virginia Poe, otherwise known as Lovi Poe, a relatively young Filipina singer and actress, born only in 1989. She got famous for portraying Kristal's role in Bakekang, but even before that, she wasn't a stranger because she's actually the daughter of Filipino actor, Fernando Poe Jr. While the beautiful lady is currently taking up Psychology, she has already achieved a lot. In 2008, she won the New Movie Actress of the Year award in the PMPC Star Awards. She's also a part of a lot of shows on GMA, a major channel in the Philippines.

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