10 Senior Female Celebrities Who Still Rock AMAZING Legs

As we all know, in the business of being fabulously famous, a woman’s legs will make or break the look.

Beautiful, luscious legs have been described in many ways over the years. “Long and Lean”… “Legs that go on for miles”… “Shapely”… “Curvaceous”, etc.  These are all descriptions serious leg-watchers are familiar with. They are, however, usually reserved for the younger ladies; Cameron Diaz, Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry, Kerry Washington, Taylor Swift and so many more. This explains why AC/DC, Aerosmith, Rod Stewart, and Van Halen all had hit songs with the word “legs” in the title ("Shake a Leg", "Lord of the Thighs", "Hot Legs", "Drop Dead Legs", respectively).  And, there are certainly more.

Beautiful legs are as much a part of pop culture as The Oscars. So... this being said, we don’t often associate age 60+ female celebrities with having the amazing legs described above. Referring to our age, the number “60” conjures up two words - Senior Citizen. Well, as you will see, these senior ladies never received the memo! As the pictures will reveal, these ladies have done some serious "leg work" and age has certainly not slowed them down. It shows. Their looks are timeless, and, as you’ll see, so are their legs.

10 Raquel Welch, 73

9 Susan Lucci, 67 

8 Sophia Loren, 77


7 Joan Collins, 80

6 Cheryl Tiegs, 66

It’s very, very difficult to believe that Cheryl and her impressive legs were 66 when this picture was snapped at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue's 50th Anniversary in 2014. Often described as the world’s first supermodel, she made her first cover shoot for Glamour at age 17, way back in 1964. Since then, her awe-inspiring gams have graced the covers of a bunch of major magazines, including the SI's Swimsuit Issue – twice!

5 Vera Wang, 63

4 Suzanne Somers, 69

3 Cher, 66


2 Tina Turner, 70

1 Marie Helvin, 62


Her first photo shoot was as a teenager for Vogue in 1972. This is Marie doing a slightly more recent shoot. The year is… wait for it… 2015! Is that even possible? Yes. Here she is, flaunting those classically smooth, hypnotic legs.  In fact, Marie is still so hot, she is now the face / body / legs for a line of lingerie designed for older women. Take a look… there is no older woman in this picture.  Let’s consider the math, folks. Nearly half a century has passed between her Vogue shoot and this photo. Marie claims to train “like an athlete” going to the gym four times each week. During this shoot, Marie also claimed that she’d “much rather eat pizza than do another lingerie shoot.” Go ahead, Marie. Enjoy the pizza, you deserve it.

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10 Senior Female Celebrities Who Still Rock AMAZING Legs