10 Ripped Celebs And Their Workout Routines

There are so many hot celebrity bodies running around these days, it is getting more difficult to select ten of our favorites. With the scanty diva outfits, buff beach bodies and latest fashions, we're seeing a greater amount of skin than ever before and we're not hearing any complaints. Skin is in and the tighter the abs and booty, the better. This goes for both genders.

The paparazzi is mainly responsible for catching celebs showing off their ripped bodies and sometimes we just have to wonder how they got that way. Are they all on seven-day a week strenuous workouts? Actually, they are not. However they all have two common secrets. When they are working out, they maximize the time and often work with a trainer who can push them harder than they might work out themselves. The second secret is not a big mystery, they eat a healthy diet, particularly when trying to lose weight or stay lean. That often includes a high protein, low carb diet that fuels the body.

We're not saying they never indulge in a piece of chocolate cake or bowl of pasta. The truth is they are aware of what they are eating and how much the food will help or hinder their body's performance.

Take a look at this list of fabulous celebrity bodies and learn their secrets. Many of them don't use fancy equipment and instead use the outdoors for their fitness pleasure.

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10  10. Jennifer Lopez - Tracy Anderson Method

Via: www.popsugar.com

This multi-talented performer, mother and business mogul is so busy keeping up with her life, that is probably a workout in itself. Her rehearsals and performances include high cardio dance numbers, which undoubtedly burn the day's calories while tightening and toning. She is also said to watch what and how much she eats and often follows the Tracy Anderson Method for training.

The Tracy Anderson Method is available in DVD format, if you want to try looking like JLo. It is based on working out different muscle groups to create strength and endurance.

9 Rihanna - Tough Workouts 

Via: contosdofelix.blogspot.com

This fantastic Barbadian singer is consistently called one of the "World's Most Sexiest", and with Rihanna it is the whole package. Her trainers, Harley Pasternak and Ary Nunez, help keep her in shape, although we think her familial genes can take credit for some of her natural physique.

Rihanna enjoys a run on a treadmill and other cardio activities like jumping jacks, jogging in place, jumping rope, cycling and, of course, dancing.

8 Matthew McConaughey - Outdoor Circuit

Via: himmag.com

Matthew occasionally trains with a trainer and uses the outdoors as his gym. He circuit trains which keeping him going from one type of training and exercise to the next without stopping.

His routine includes pushups, squats, kettle ball, road biking, sprints and other outdoor activities. It's fairly common to see Matthew photographed without his shirt, so there is constant proof he is planning to keep that incredible physique for a long time. Being a daddy probably adds a different workout level, as well.

7 Nicki Minaj - Dance & Circuit Training

Via: www.nickiminajfans.co.uk

6 Channing Tatum - Fat Burning Cardio Circuits

Via: hdwallpaperia.com

His roles vary and so do his workout routines, but make no mistake he works at keeping this incredible six-pack abs body. He is often into using fat burning routines coupled with abs sculpting. The surprise is that he keeps his workouts to 30-45 minutes.

His trainer William J. Harris often gives Channing four exercises to do each day, but they have to be repeated for 30 minutes nonstop. The four exercises might include weights and some form of cardio to add strength and endurance. Add a warm up and cool down and he is finished in record time. Harris says that 30 minutes each day is enough to keep a body in shape. Looking at that body has made us believers.

5 Cameron Diaz - Combo Workouts

Via: www.amazon.com

Cameron has always had the body of steel and makes it look effortless. She is naturally a healthy- eater and is always physically fit. Teddy Bass is Cameron's trainer and it is clear they work together to maintain her amazingly fit body. She is becoming a bit of a health guru herself and authored a book, The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body. In it she includes some of her own workouts, diet tips and other lifestyle advice.

Cameron concentrates on exercise routines that strengthen each muscle group, as well as her core. Some of the exercises include lunges, using dumbells, as well as elliptical machines. Her fondness of the outdoors provides variety so she encourages bicycling and kayaking.

4 Keri Russell - Soteria Method

Via: abcnews.go.com


She is a Russian spy in The Americans, which can be a pretty physical part. So Keri has been working out with the Soteria Method and is under the training guru Avital Zeisler, who is a self-defense and combat trainer. Soteria is the goddess of safety, so the method follows suit by focusing on training women. It arms and guides users to become fit, aware and knowledgeable, so they can react in any situation to defuse and protect themselves.

Like most martial arts, there is an inner understanding that goes hand-in-hand with the disciplines and Soteria invites their clients to use the method for body, self-defense and self-discovery. Keri Russell looks like a natural when she uses the techniques in the highly-acclaimed television series.

3 Kerry Washington - Pilates

Via: www.womenshealthmag.com

Kerry Washington plays the popular character Olivia Pope on Scandal. On and off the screen, the actress stuns with her gorgeous face and outstanding body. She has stated that it is due to her dedication to Pilates. Nonna Gleyzer is the trainer behind these curves and a few other notable celebrities, as well. Nonna's methods are intended to gently train the muscles to be toned as well as increase overall core strength. The entire body is involved in each exercise which results in long, lean muscles that work together.

Kerry has been with Noona for over six years and does a 60-minute Pilates workout four times per week. Noona concentrates on creating a strong pelvis and says it is what gives Kerry that sexy and smooth walk on the red carpet.

2 Usher - Circuit Workouts

Via: getitfromboy.net

Usher is the quintessential celebrity - great body, handsome, talented and a really nice guy. Like most anyone, he works at it and uses a combination of routines, bodybuilding techniques and abs training. He also follows a strong nutritional program so that everything all works together.

He typically uses a combination of 30-minutes of cardio (treadmill or bicycle), 60-minutes of circuit strength training and then stretching. He follows it up with alternating steam and cold showers to help muscles recover more quickly. He eats a lean and mean diet and remains disciplined. The results are stunning.

1 Kate Beckinsale - Circuit, Cardio and Core

Via: www.munchforhealth.com

Kate is in such great shape she looks 10-20 years younger than her 41 years. Her lanky 5'7" frame stays fit by working out at her home gym four times a week and running for 30 minutes. But when she is working on one of her Underworld action movies, she ramps up and works with a trainer, like Ramona Braganza. As you can see by looking at this photo, she takes her fitness very seriously.

On top of a fitness routine, Kate eats a healthy and lean diet but allows for periodic indulgences. After all, this goddess is human.

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