10 Of The Nicest Beauties In Hollywood

When it comes to female celebrities, the media tends to focus on the negative things that are said about them. We saw this happen with Jennifer Lawrence after nude photos of her were leaked to the public this year. Suddenly, tabloids were talking about the well-known actress being promiscuous and irresponsible instead of focusing on the fact that her email account was hacked. She was a victim, which is why she and several other famous women are suing Google for $100 million. It's no surprise that magazines, entertainment shows, and tabloids focus their attention on controversies because it adds up to more earnings. However, there are celebrities who do kind things for people on a regular basis, which the media rarely highlights. You'd be surprised to find out how giving and selfless some of the most recognizable superstars can be.

Here's a list of the kindest female celebs who are known to be beautiful on the inside and outside.

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10 Lady Gaga

Via: bigstockphoto.com

In 2013, singer Lady Gaga had to cancel her Born This Way tour after suffering an injury. However, she still staged a surprised visit to one of her fans, 5-year-old Kayleigh Gurbynski. The little girl suffered from a terminal heart condition and traveled far to see her favorite singer only to find out she had to go right back home due to the cancellation of the tour. A radio show host, Tony Waitekus, reached out to Lady Gaga to see if she would surprise the young girl. The meeting happened in Chicago, and Kayleigh's dream of meeting her idol came true.

Another instance of the singer's kindness was when she told a fan he could come backstage after going to 24 of her shows. She took photos with him, signed his penguin costume and chatted. Also, the superstar often gives free concert tickets to kids who aren't able to afford them.

9 Jennifer Lawrence


Perhaps the most heroic thing the actress Jennifer Lawrence has done was rush to the aid of a teenage woman who collapsed on the ground in front of a complex. The Hunger Games star was walking her dog in in front of her Santa Monica apartment building when she saw a person on the ground. Jennifer kneeled down to the young girl, dialed on a cell phone, and waited next to her until police came.

Also, at a red carpet event, Jennifer noticed a disabled fan standing behind a barricade. With security helping her, the star moved the barricade and gave the fan a hug. She also took a picture with her and signed an autograph.

8 Mila Kunis


When a fan, Marine Sergeant Scott Moore, invited actress Mila Kunis to the Marine Corps Ball she happily accepted. The war hero posted a quick video on YouTube asking Mila to go with him, and then Justin Timberlake also helped in getting it to go viral. Mila surprisingly said "yes" and did in fact attend the event.

One fan wrote about her, "I have met her, and if you know anything at all about her reputation the last 20 years, and what every fan, fellow actor and director has said about her after they'd met or worked with her, you'd know she's known as easily one of the most warm, down to earth and sweet people in Hollywood!"

7 Amy Poehler 


Star Magazine reported that funny woman, Amy Poehler gave up her first class seat to a mother who was struggling with her baby and luggage. The woman tried to refuse her offer, but Amy insisted. While the actress sat in coach, she took the time to speak to her fans and even joked around.

Then, Amy surprised a fan by letting him spend the day on set of her television show, Parks and Recreation. Joshua Ritter, a young disabled boy, flew out with his family to meet the star and others of the NBC show. And when Joshua performed a rap song he wrote for Amy, she recorded it on her phone. Here's what he told The Hollywood Reporter about her: "You can tell the difference when someone is being nice just to be nice and when someone is genuinely nice and caring. It was really a huge surprise just how much she cared."

6 Taylor Swift


While being interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine in New York this year beside a pond, a fan began paddling in a row boat toward singer Taylor Swift. Instead of shrieking or moving away, the superstar had her bodyguards steady the boat. Then, she took a picture with the fan. If that wasn't enough, Taylor gave her $90 when she learned the girl was going to celebrate her birthday by going to Chipotle.

She even gives tips about unrequited love to her fans. When one of them asked her on Instagram for advice about love, Taylor wrote a long response that was heartfelt and genuine.

5 Queen Latifah


Actress and talk show host Queen Latifah is known for being very private about her personal life, but she opened up to People magazine this year about her mission to take care of her mother who has scleroderma, an incurable autoimmune disease. Queen said the following about her move to Los Angeles: “I wasn’t going to do the show unless she came here. I knew she was dealing with her health issues sometimes and I would not be able to get to her as easily.” She continues to take care of her mother to this day in between taping her syndicated talk show in Los Angeles. Queen also helped design a pair of shoes for the Stuart Weitzman charity shoe auction, which benefited ovarian cancer awareness and research.

4 Robin Roberts


Good Morning America host Robin Roberts has inspired millions of people after successfully beating cancer twice. “Be patient. Be persistent. Life is not so much what you accomplish as what you overcome. Determination makes the difference.” This is just one of the many quotes she's written to inspire people who are struggling, or battling an illness. She is an Ambassador of Hope for Be The Match, which is an organization that helps people find life-saving marrow donors. Robin even has wristbands that people can purchase, and all of the proceeds go to charity.

3  3. Pink 


At a concert in Philadelphia pop singer Pink stopped singing to ask the audience, "Why is that little girl crying?" She soon found out that a fight had broken out around the girl. Pink then offered her some treats to make her feel better and made sure she was okay before continuing the show. Also, Pink agreed to be the face of Australia's Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals campaign. The goal of it was to encourage teenagers to be kinder to animals. In the past, the star began a petition asking KFC to stop abusing animals.

2 Ellen DeGeneres


Comedian Ellen often gives away money, cars, trips, clothes, and more on her talk show. She also supports numerous organizations and has won awards for her charitable actions. On her website, she urges people to donate to a specific organization or cause that's important to her such as the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund. Also on the list are: The Gentle Barn, The Humane Society, Stand Up to Cancer, Save the Music, Feeding America, Children’s Health Fund, and more. Ellen will often auction off items she receives from celebrities who come on her show on eBay. Doing this has helped to raise thousands of dollars for charities.

1 Oprah Winfrey


Oprah Winfrey has given millions to charities and those who are less fortunate. In 2007, she opened the The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, a South African boarding school for girls. When Oprah decided to auction off numerous items from her multiple homes, it was her decision to donate all of the proceeds to the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation College Fund.

She also has numerous foundations, such as Oprah's Angel Network in which the goal  is to "inspire people and make a difference in the lives of others." There have been numerous projects associated with Oprah's Angel Network, such as when she was able to motivate 15,000 to join Habitat for Humanity; they built around 200 homes. In 1997, she asked her audience to donate their spare change and ended up raising $3.5 million.

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