10 Megan Fox Looks That Will Drop Your Jaw

If there is a synonym for the title “Sex Symbol,” then it has got to be “Megan Fox.” The sultry, exotic, outrageous and tattoo ridden Hollywood superstar has the ability to make men fantasize into oblivion. Whether it's walking out on a sunny day with her baby bump proudly displayed or walking on the red carpet at Cannes, the actress has loads and loads of "oomph" and the oh so very enviable "Wow factor." This woman has it all in her bag.

Megan Fox is so popular thanks to her undeniable beauty and sex appeal, and websites have been driven mad due to her overexposure. Well that’s the star power this proud mom of two children has accumulated over the course of her career.

Fox is larger than life but here we turn our microscopes on and have our imaginations focus entirely on her wardrobe. Yes! Whatever she wears is in the news, and seldom does she go wrong. Here we pick the top 10 jaw dropping looks from among the gazillion times she has mesmerized us.

10 Megan’s Legs at Jennifer’s Body

Seldom does it happen that the screening event garners more eyeballs than the movie itself. The horror flick Jennifer’s Body’s screening was one such instance, thanks to the lead star Megan Fox’s appearance in a black dress which was as tantalizing as the legs it partly didn’t intend to cover.

9 Hot Purple

8 Denim Fantasy

7 Glittering in Gold

Although this was the 66th annual Golden Globe awards, the much awaited and most star studded show in the world where everyone has his/her eyes glued to see who wins the coveted golden statuette, it was Megan Fox whose starry gold dress became the talk of the town.

6 Classy in White

5 The Woven Interlude

4 Dressed to the Nines

3 Love the Way You Dress

Very few people are deserving of being described as a visual spectacle, but Fox is. It seems that every element of her look is perfectly matching. One of the main highlights of this super look is Megan being dolled up to the max. As if her acting wasn’t enough to get her accolades, Megan’s look at this event was surreal amidst the glitz and glamor at the premiere of her movie This is 40.

2 Hug the Skin


1 The Best With Less

We have saved the best for the last. Megan’s look in this photo is one to die for. Tantalizing, mesmerizing, sexy, upbeat, there aren't enough words to describe how amazing she looks. This is the best look she has ever donned, as it leaves very little to a viewer’s imagination while remaining classy and not stepping over the edge. Yeah, we could examine this look all day and still not get enough of it. Megan, you just killed it this time.

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10 Megan Fox Looks That Will Drop Your Jaw