10 Fashion Trends That Need To Disappear

trends that need to disappear

Over the years there have been very many fashion and makeup trends that have been seen taking the fashion industry by storm. Some have been fabulous and others only meant for the runway. Sometimes one may look at some of the clothes said to be "designer" and ask what the person behind that idea was thinking and whether they were under influence when they came up with the design.

Others have had their time in the limelight and need to take a back seat and allow more trendy and functional fashion statements to take over. The same applies to makeup. We have seen it all from Barbie doll makeup to downright Gothic styles. Some have been disastrous and others cute to look at.

Of course we cannot miss a good makeup look that has been overdone and ended up making someone look like a character from Witches of East End. However, the time has come to embrace new styles and old ones as well. Some of the trends from a while back are slowly creeping back onto the scene and one thing has transcended all the trends; simplicity.

The simpler and more natural the look is, the more beautiful it appears and the more functional it is. This means that the look can serve you in the day and just a small touch up can lead to it being a great look for the night as well. So spice up your wardrobe by letting some of these looks go.

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10 Flatforms

Via popsugar.com

These are shoes that look like a cross between flats and platforms. They have the thickest soles ever seen on any shoe. The inspiration behind the shoes might have been adding height while providing comfort to the wearer, but really, who needs shoes that look like that? Perhaps the designer wanted to make a shoe that would never wear out. Well understood, but these shoes need to go. Just choose whether you want flat shoes or platforms. Chances are that you will look trendier in one of those as compared to a pair of flatforms. Kick those shoes out.

9 Harem Pants

There is an upside and a downside to these pants. On the upside, they are very functional and allow plenty of space for movement, especially for dancers. This is because the dancer can move their legs as far and as wide as they wish to. However, these pants look like a cross between pajamas and sweatpants. They also make the person wearing them to look like a throwback. (MC Hammer ring a bell, anyone?). They also make one look like they made a mess on themselves, so just pick whether you want pajamas or sweatpants and leave the gypsy look at home.

8 Pun Clothing

Via zazzle.ca

Everyone wants to make a statement in how they dress. Sometimes people want to make literal statements by wearing clothes with writings on them. It is okay, no one is against someone having an identity, but the pun clothing trend needs to take a breather for a while. If you really need to make a statement then try something more unique like mixing and matching bright colors to stand out in a crowd. Perhaps some floral prints or patterned clothing will be better suited to help one make the statement that one may wish to make.

7 Noticeable Contouring

noticeable contouring
via www.fashiontimes.com

Most ladies love their makeup, whether it is just eyeliner, mascara and lipstick or full blown foundation to fake lashes. There is this insatiable need among women to look flawless, but sometimes just a little goes a long way. In this case it is the contouring. The less contouring powder used the more natural it looks. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that provide knowledge on how this is done. The less your makeup is noticed, the more natural your look will be. This means that you will look fabulous while saving up on contouring powder. We have to be economic, ladies.

6 Fan-Like Eyelashes

The eyes are a very fundamental part of one’s face. They need to pop and they do, depending on how one accentuates them. However, there is an extent to which ladies go that is just scary. The dense fake lashes that they put on make them look like they are doing weight lifting with their eyelids. One can either decide to cut the lash in half and attach them to the very end of the eyelid or just do multiple coats of mascara. Both are guaranteed to give a more natural and appealing look.

5 Super Smoky Eyes

Smoky eyes are lovely to look at. They have a certain aura about them that introduce mystery and some depth to your eyes. This does not mean that you need to apply tons of eye makeup to make this happen. Too much and you look plain Gothic. This is okay if that is the look you are aiming for, but it's rather too much for a smoky eye. The smoky eye should have a bit of dimension instead of going from brow to lash line. It just looks better when done that way.

4 Black Lipstick

Let’s face it ladies, this is one of the most difficult colors to pull off. This color is even harder to pull off than nudes, regardless of skin tone. Quite frankly it takes a person with guts to wear this lipstick in public. So trade in that black lipstick for something more complimentary to your skin tone, like a lovely shade of red. Red is one the most universal colors of lipstick and one of its perks is that there is a shade for every skin tone. Leave the black for those who are more into the Gothic look.

3 Surprise and Nike Eyebrows

Via justsomething.co

How these became a trend baffles us to this day. Have you ever met a total stranger on the road and wondered why they looked surprised? Hint; shape of the eyebrows. Sometimes they look as though someone drew them on with a compass or protractor. The other look is the Nike eyebrows (the upside-down Nike logo). These looks just make one look weird and unnatural. Instead, soften the shape of the eyebrow and fill it in nicely to achieve a natural and complimentary look. It will also keep people from having something to laugh or comment about once they have seen you.

2 Knee-Length Shorts

Via foundinmycloset.blogspot.com

Designers have been trying to keep these shorts in fashion by reworking them and adding various designs. They do have potential to look good, but on most occasions they don’t. The best bet if you want a short that is not too revealing is to go for a short that reaches mid-thigh. Either that or just go for full-on pants. In most cases these shorts look like sports gear or something you would wear to go run errands. However, if you feel that you can make it work, by all means go ahead.

1 Eagle Talon Tips

Via croc24.com

This trend was loved by all. Almost all celebrities rocked this look whether it was on the red carpet or in their music videos. In most cases celebrities flaunted this look when it was nude. The trend has been worn and exhausted and now it is time to go back to the shape that complements our cuticles. We all love to copy what our celebrities are doing but sometimes we need to accept that a certain fashion trend is long in the tooth and needs to go. Acceptance is the first step.

Sources: cosmopolitan.com, irishexaminer.com

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