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10 Different Ways Her V-Jay Could Be Groomed

10 Different Ways Her V-Jay Could Be Groomed


If you’ve been seeing a woman for quite a bit of time and you’re about to take things to the next level, you may be wondering what she looks like underneath her clothes. This curiosity is understandable, considering every woman’s body varies in some beautiful way.

Some women may have freckles, some may have a birthmark, some may have an outtie belly button, and some may have interesting ways of grooming their pubic hair. Yes, not every woman is the same, even down there. If you have a preference on hair down there, you may be in for a world of trouble if you find your partner doesn’t adhere to your preferred style.

While it’s not a very large area, us women have gotten creative with the ways in which we maintain that hair. Surely, you probably know about the obvious options, like having a full bush or going completely bare. There’s also some really inventive ways women have designed their private areas. Whether it is to surprise their husband or shock a new partner, women are keeping men on their toes with these elaborate designs.

Then again, perhaps it’s not for the men. Women may just be getting groomed down there in fun ways for their own enjoyment. It does make one happy with herself when all her body parts are in the tiptop shape just the way she likes it. Whatever the reason, there are many options when it comes to grooming.

If you thought landing strips were cool, well they are just the tip of the iceberg. Read on to find out ten different ways she might be rocking that v-jay area.

10. Full Bush


If you’ve seen ‘70s adult films, you know all about the full bush. This is, well, the perfect choice for a lazy girl. It requires the least amount of maintenance because it requires absolutely no maintenance. She can just let it grow and grow without worrying about it. The issue with this is that it can be kind of, uh, messy. If a woman isn’t groomed at all down there, it can also lead to come embarrassing trips to the beach if she sports a bikini.

Of course, some men are very into the full bush, too. Hey, to each their own when it comes to pubic hair.

9. Trimmed Around The Edges



Having it trimmed around the edges is a simple variation on the full bush that requires some maintenance, but very, very little maintenance if we’re being honest. It’s only a slight step above the laziest choice of the full bush, but there’s also nothing wrong not wanting a high-maintenance grooming option for your downstairs. Grooming every day can be brutal and time consuming.

In this case, a woman will simple shave or wax areas of pubic hair that show beyond her underwear. So, she would be able to sport a bikini or lingerie with no hair showing, but she’ll still be sporting a bush on the other side of those underwear.

8. Landing Strip



The landing strip is an intricate straight line down the middle. Of the designs one can do with their pubic hair, this is the easiest to achieve by yourself. I mean, shaving and leaving a strip of hair right down the middle is not all that complicated.

This is a great choice for women if they have a partner who doesn’t like a fully clean-shaven woman but also doesn’t want to deal with the full-on bush. It’s really the best of both worlds and one of the only shape designs that really achievable in your own shower.

7. Triangle


The triangle is similar the landing strip but with a little bit more bulk. It’s essentially an upside down triangle with the point pointing towards a woman’s vagina. It’s another fun option for a woman dating a guy who is torn in the bare/bush debate. Why choose? One can have a little hair on top (in the shape of a triangle no less) and be more or less bare elsewhere. This design is harder to pull off by yourself so some women rocking a really nice triangle shape may have gotten it done by a professional waxer.

6. Stubble

shutterstock_Shaving Legs

While stubble isn’t necessarily a way in which a woman shaves herself, it is a particular stage in the grooming process. Stubble may happen if a woman hasn’t shaved or is in-between waxes. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she isn’t keeping up with her maintenance. Remember, a woman does have to grow some stubble back in order to get a wax, as they have to have hair follicles of a certain length in order to pull. Also, shaving too often can lead to some rough razor burn, which is even less sexy than stubble. This style can be extremely ticklish and even a bit painful!

5. Completely Bare 



The bare vagina is the nothing there option. Absolutely nothing there. No landing strip, no triangle, no fancy design. It’s all of there in the open. A woman can achieve this look by either shaving or waxing. While being bare down there can seem like the smooth, sexy option, it is also actually dangerous. Removing hair down there can cause infected abscesses and even put one at a higher risk for an STD, as bacteria will have an easier time entering the body. This seems like a high price to pay for hair removal but that doesn’t stop women from doing it.

4. Rising Sun

shutterstock_Sun Rise

The rising sun design is a step up from the simple to the more elaborate. This style varies depending on who you ask but in general, it would feature three lines (on the right side, middle and left side) “rising” up from the bottom. In some cases, women will have just the lines but in others, they’ll choose to have the “sun” also – a circle where all three lines meet. This seems way too difficult to do without the help of a trained professional so seeking out a wax for this design would probably be the best idea.

3. Happy Face



Well, hello! What a happy idea, right? A happy face down there! The face is usually just the very bare minimum: two eyes and a smile. This is 100% unachievable by yourself. I mean, just think about trying to shave your pubic in the design of two tiny, circle eyes and a big smile. Impossible. A professional will be able to help you get to this desired design.

If happy faces are a thing, don’t you think maybe the Batman symbol isn’t too far behind? That could be a really sweet (and totally shocking) birthday present for a DC-obsessed boyfriend.

2. Heart

shutterstock_Heart Shape

Possibly the most romantic of ways to have your pubic hair done. It’s similar to the triangle as the point is pointing towards the vagina but it’s just a little bit more of an intricate design on the top. This being said, it is likely that a woman sporting this look may have gone to a professional waxer to achieve this. I mean, imagine trying to shave your own pubes into the shape of a heart. It’s a bit too complicated.

Also, a woman with this style may not necessarily be saying, “I love you.” It can be a little awkward to pull down the underwear of a girl you are casually seeing and find heart-shaped hair but don’t go running for the hills. She might just think the design is cute for herself. Her pubic hair doesn’t always have to do with the guy she’s seeing. Sometimes, a girl just does things to her hair for her.

1. Brazilian



The infamous Brazilian. The Brazilian wax takes it all off, and I mean all. Any hair will be gone, baby, gone. We’re not just talking about the vagina area but also the back door, too. Everything is smooth and hairless, which is cool, but boy, does the woman go through some pain in order to achieve this look. Some women will even do at-home waxing to themselves, which is actually insane.

If you’re ever with a woman with a Brazilian, you should appreciate the effort she has put in to achieve this style. Not only is it extremely painful (you’ve seen the 40 Year Old Virgin scene where Steve Carell gets waxed, right?), it is also a costly habit to keep up with.

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