10 Celebs Who Use Questionable Home Remedies

Some people use things such as hydrogen peroxide, vinegar or baking soda to clean their house with, simply because they cannot afford to pay for expensive household cleaners. One would think that celebrities have enough money that they do not need a home remedy for washing their hair or cleaning the bathtub; for they are celebrities and supposedly, they make a lot of money. There are some famous people, though, who use natural solutions and they swear by it. Others are using downright crazy concoctions and insist that they do, in fact, actually work. Whether they are spending a thousand dollars on a jar of hand cream or decide to make something spectacular at home, these celebrities are sharing their home-made mixtures and refuse to use anything else, no matter how insane it may seem.

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9 Halle Berry and Coffee Beans

Rumor has it that Halle Berry believes that caffeine improves the blood flow, so what better way to stay young, than to use cup o’ joe on her skin? According to gossip, she thinks that putting coffee grinds in her body-wash will help her stay looking young and wrinkle-free. Truth of the matter is that caffeine actually restricts blood flow, which is the complete opposite of what is believed to be true. It essentially shrinks the blood vessels, making the blood harder to move throughout the body when consumed. Who knows? Maybe coffee has the opposite effect when putting it on your body, rather than drinking it.

8 Demi Moore and Leeches

While leeches are something that most people don’t have lying around their house, they are extremely useful (and painful) when it comes to “detoxifying” the body, according to ancient myth. During an interview with David Letterman, Demi Moore said that she uses leeches that are “medically trained, and they keep away the toxins present in the blood. Now I feel without any kind of toxins. I did the treatment at home". The statement was a little bizarre (as is the treatment of leeches actually sucking the blood out of a person), but whatever she is doing, appears to be working out rather well.

7 Catherine Zeta-Jones and Strawberry Seeds

Catherine Zeta-Jones reportedly uses a combination of honey and salt to make her skin soft. She also uses an apple or strawberry to rub her teeth with, after eating. In fact, she believes that the rubbing that on her teeth will make her chops much whiter. Although this is true, it is actually bad for the teeth. Strawberries are very high in acid and can erode the enamel that is on the teeth, and can be very dangerous. Even the seeds in the strawberries can possibly do damage when rubbed onto them. The malic acid that is in the berries will undoubtedly cause the teeth to become whiter, but eventually the enamel will disappear, which is neither helpful or healthy.

Another odd concoction that Catherine uses is beer for conditioning her hair. She mixes it with honey and says that it works well to bring out the shine in her locks. Catherine states, “I do condition my hair with honey and beer. I smell like the bottom of a beer barrel for days afterwards, but it’s very good for the hair.”

6 Julia Roberts and Olive Oil

If you don’t want to use beer to condition your hair, try olive oil, as Julia Roberts does. She also uses it for her skin and nails. Apparently, it works as a moisturizer for the skin to keep it from being too dry. According to The Doctors television show, olive oil is full of vitamin E, which works well for the skin and nails, and even protects and softens the cuticles.

Julia Roberts is not the only famous person who uses olive oil for the skin. At the age of 75, Sophia Loren even uses olive oil to keep her skin looking young. Young pop stars, Selena Gomez and Kelly Clarkson both use it to “loosen” their vocal chords before singing on stage, by drinking a small amount.

5 Scarlett Johansson and Apple Cider Vinegar

Olive oil is definitely not the only home remedy for the skin. Scarlett Johansson uses cider vinegar as a face wash instead of using the higher costing alternatives. Apple cider vinegar can be used to treat acne, and can also be used in the hair to promote shine. If using the apple cider vinegar for a face wash, it is important to mix with the appropriate amount of water to get the desired effect. For instance, if using as a toner, use equal amounts of water and apple cider vinegar, then rinse clean.

4 Jennifer Love Hewitt and Toothpaste

Although most doctors would not recommend using toothpaste on your face, Jennifer Love Hewitt has decided that it is the best possible way of getting rid of her acne problem. Toothpaste will definitely dry out the skin, but the ingredients in toothpaste is enough to cause redness and irritation. It may seem to help the skin short term, but it may damage it in the long run.

4) Mariah Carey and Peppermint Oil

A lot of celebrities want larger, fuller lips and Mariah Carey seems to have found the solution, without spending a lot of money or going to a plastic surgeon for enhancement. She adds a drop or two of peppermint oil to her lip gloss, to make them appear larger. The Peppermint oil allegedly has other health benefits related to it, as well. It can be used as a cure for a headache, an upset stomach or a few drops can be used to prevent heartburn.  Rubbing some of this oil on the chest reportedly helps breathing when having a cold, or you feel one about to happen. It can also be used to relieve sunburn pain and cracked lips, as well.

3 Uma Thurman and Gem Therapy

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For thousands of years, many people have believed that gemstones can be used to heal, find love or for emotional well-being. Rose quartz can be used to attract new loves, amethyst theoretically aids those with sleeping disorders and has special “healing powers,” and jade is believed to help out with encouraging creativity in those who are in need of ambition, when stuck with writer’s block. Uma Thurman is a believer in gem therapy and wears a carnelian necklace (according to Redbook magazine), which is alleged to make those who wear it happy and optimistic.

2 Jessica Simpson and Fish Pedicures

While dry, hard soles on the feet are irritating, how many people would go as far as to let fish nibble on them? Apparently, Jessica Simpson would. While in Japan, Jessica discovered the way that the Asians get the dead, dry skin cells off of their feet. The small fish, called Garra Rufa, nibble on the foot, which in turn is said to regrow skin, making it smoother. This is known as a fish pedicure and is banned in over ten states in the US, due to such things as animal cruelty, not meeting the legal requirements of an actual spa and the practice is occasionally dangerous to those getting it done. Sometimes the fish leave damaging marks on the skin, which in turn, cause infections.

1 Victoria Beckham and Japanese Geisha Facials

Asia seems to be the world center for odd remedies when it comes to beauty regimens.  Victoria Beckham uses an old Japanese practice, “Japanese Geisha Facials” which use nightingale excrement to cover the skin on her face. Yes, in English that would mean “bird poo.” Although not exactly a home remedy (a Geisha Facial can cost over $200), it seems to be all the rage of Hollywood. Victoria and her husband have been using the method of dried feces to soften their skin for years. It is also available for home use as a cream and according to customers, does not smell like bird poo at all, it is actually “quite pleasant.”

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