10 Celebs Who Look Shockingly Beautiful Without Makeup

In today’s world, it’s easy for young girls and women everywhere to feel the pressure to look and be perfect. This need to be perfect in every way is further promoted by the way in which we worship ce

In today’s world, it’s easy for young girls and women everywhere to feel the pressure to look and be perfect. This need to be perfect in every way is further promoted by the way in which we worship celebrities. If you open a magazine or even if you’re surfing the Internet, you are bound to find pictures of perfectly airbrushed celebrities. This unreasonable portrayal of beauty is a contributing factor that makes it hard for women to feel confident without wearing make-up. When celebrities venture outdoors without their usual face full of make-up, pictures of them usually surface under headlines saying how shockingly ugly they look without makeup, when truthfully, almost all of them are just as beautiful without makeup than with it. Below is a list of ten celebrities that prove beauty doesn't have to be the result of spending hours in front of the mirror. These celebrities show that natural beauty can be even more gorgeous than the airbrushed pictures we see in magazines.

10 Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is an actress, singer and songwriter, who is known for her rocker-style and powerful voice. But that doesn’t mean that she isn’t afraid to show off her beauty without makeup. Lovato has posted numerous selfies on Instagram without any makeup whatsoever. Under one of her photos, she even added the caption, “Ladies, be brave today…take off your make-up and stop using filters!! WE are beautiful.” Obviously Lovato isn’t scared to show off her beautiful, fresh face. Hopefully she is inspiring her fans everywhere to do the same.

9 Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria is an actress, producer, director, activist and businesswoman. She is best known for playing Gabrielle Solis on the popular show, Desperate Housewives. Even though she plays a model who's obsessed with her looks on the show, the real life Longoria isn't afraid to go makeup free every once in awhile. She even did a makeup free photo shoot for People magazine in 2008. In the issue she said, “I get my hair and makeup done at work. After a while you get tired of being touched. When you do it all the time, it’s refreshing when you don’t.”

8 Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel is an actress who is best known for playing Mary Camden on the popular show, 7th Heaven. Biel has always been known for her undeniable beauty. What’s more, Biel isn't afraid to be photographed without her makeup on. She has been pictured with her fiancé at different events and strolling about, all without a hint of makeup, and she looks absolutely gorgeous every time. The confidence that Biel shows in her beauty is inspiring to say the least.

7 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a wildly successful singer and songwriter, who is known for her 'no apologies' lyrics and her devotion to her fans. Although Taylor Swift is the Queen of red lips, that certainly doesn't stop her from being photographed without a stitch of make-up on. The young star isn't afraid to empower her fans to feel confident in their beauty, even when society tells them otherwise. Swift has always been an inspiration to her fans and the photo above is even more proof of that.

6 Drew Barrymore

As an actress, screenwriter, film director, producer, model and author, Drew Barrymore is known for being a multi-talented beauty. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t afraid to show off her natural beauty. The bombshell has posted numerous Instagram pictures without makeup and has even posed for People magazine with no makeup, in their most beautiful issue. In the magazine, Barrymore said this about her beauty, “I feel beautiful right after I've worked out. I feel like I've changed the shape of my body into something more flexible and strong.”

5 Mariah Carey


Pop diva, Mariah Carey is known for her glitzy style and perfectly made up face. However, the five-time Grammy winner has recently taken to Twitter to show just how beautiful she is without a face full of make-up. In addition to the picture above, Carey posted photos of her and her husband, Nick Cannon enjoying a relaxing morning with their twins. The singer looked like she had just woken up but she was still undeniably beautiful.

4 Kim Kardashian

Besides being known for her infamous sex-tape, Kim Kardashian is also known for her over-the-top makeup and style. However, recently the reality star has taken to Instagram to post makeup free selfies. Under one of the Instagram posts, Kardashian wrote underneath, “No make up kind of weekend.” Kardashian looks absolutely gorgeous without her usual layers of makeup, proving once and for all, that she’s a natural beauty. Here’s to hoping for more makeup free selfies in the future.

3 Hilary Duff


Hilary Duff is an actress, singer and songwriter, who is known for her fresh-faced beauty. Duff has posted numerous no makeup selfies, showing that you don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror in order to look beautiful. In the picture above, Duff added the caption, “I woke up like thissss….” Obviously, Duff isn’t afraid to show how confident she is in her own skin. Hopefully she can inspire her fans to feel the same.

2 Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried is an actress, singer and a former model, who is known for her roles in popular movies such as Mean Girls and Les Miserables. Seyfried isn't afraid to walk around town without makeup, even with paparazzi lurking in every corner, and why would she be? She doesn't need a stitch of makeup in order to show off her beautiful eyes and porcelain skin. Seyfried is definitely one of the most beautiful celebrities even without makeup.

1 Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is an actress and film producer who is known for her role on the popular show, Alias and for her roles in movies such as Juno and Dallas Buyers Club. The actress is known for her laid back style, especially when it comes to playing with her children. In fact, most of the time Garner is pictured, she isn't wearing any makeup at all. Her no fuss style is refreshing and is proof that you can still be beautiful without makeup. Jennifer Garner is one of the most beautiful celebrities there is and at the age of 42, she has never looked better.

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10 Celebs Who Look Shockingly Beautiful Without Makeup