10 Celebs Who Have Siblings That Are Hotter Than Them

celebs with hotter siblings

If you grew up having a sibling, you have experienced the great joy that comes from knowing you will always have someone in your corner. Having a sibling is like having an eternal best friend, and someone who will have your back no matter what. Even though siblings can fight and quarrel like no other, the bond between siblings is strong, and not easily broken. Through the ups and downs of life, it's nice to know you share a deep, long-lasting connection with someone who knows you in and out.

Celebrity siblings are no different from the rest of us. Many celebrity siblings have chosen to walk the same career path by taking the entertainment industry by storm. Actresses-turned-fashion designers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been working together since they were toddlers on the hit sitcom Full House, the whole Kardashian-Jenner clan works together on various television shows and endorsement gigs, and Bella and Gigi Hadid are both trying their hands in the modeling industry. But there are a few celebrities who have siblings that aren't too keen on living their lives underneath the glaring lights of Tinseltown. And surprisingly, these celeb siblings are even hotter than their more famous counterparts!

Despite not being as famous or as popular, these gorgeous, celebrity siblings can still turn heads when entering a room. One look at their picture and you will conclude that these celebrity siblings hit the gene pool lottery. Check out our list of 10 celebrities who have siblings that are way hotter than they are!

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10 Taylor Swift

Via intouchweekly.com

While Taylor Swift continues to build her music empire, the singer has an equally hot younger brother who supports her each step of the way. Taylor's little brother, Austin, could seriously be on the cover of a fashion magazine, but he has decided to live a more low-key life...until now!

Austin landed his first movie role in the film Wildest Dreams, and his big sister Taylor is his number one fan! She posted a heartfelt message on her Instagram feed, congratulating Austin for snagging his first gig. With his chiseled features and dreamy eyes, we think Austin definitely has a chance at surpassing Taylor's popularity.

9 Robert Pattinson

Via imgkid.com

Actor Robert Pattinson must have had it bad while growing up, because he was given the task of protecting not just one, but TWO beautiful sisters from all the skeevy neighborhood boys. Lizzie and Victoria Pattinson are the epitome of double trouble: they're young, svelte, blonde and gorgeous! Surprisingly, the sisters are just as protective over their younger brother. When Robert's ex, Kristen Stewart, was outed as a cheater, his sisters threatened to "kill him" if he even thought about reconciling with her. How's that for tough love?

8 Kate Hudson

Via condenast.co.uk

Actress Kate Hudson's older brother, Oliver Hudson, is an actor in his own right. Although his fame doesn't compare to that of his younger sister, he has still managed to make a name for himself on the comedy show Rules of Engagement and the musical drama Nashville. It also doesn't hurt that he's super hot! As the offspring of actress Goldie Hawn and musician Bill Hudson, it's no surprise that Kate and Olivier acquired such gorgeous, good looks.

7 Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

Via nydailynews.com

6 Joan Smalls

Via forbes.com

Supermodel Joan Smalls has walked the runways of some of the top fashion houses in the world. The statuesque Puerto Rican was blessed with a great shape and beautiful features, and she even has a sister who could definitely take a stab at the modeling world if she felt like it! Joan's sister, Erika, made her modeling debut in the H&M x Balmain advertising campaign back in July, and everyone's jaws dropped when they realized Joan's sister was actually hotter than her!

5 Sofia Vergara

Via etonline.com

Colombian-American actress Sofia Vergara has been lighting up our television screens with her sultry accent, stunning good looks, and her never-ending curves. When she revealed her cousin and adopted sister Sandra to the world, we realized beauty definitely runs in the Vergara family!

Sandra's girl-next-door aesthetic has landed her acting gigs on shows such as CSI: Miami, and The Bold and the Beautiful. With her budding career nowhere near the level of Sofia's, at least Sandra has her good looks to fall back on, right?

4 Vanessa Hudgens

Via celebrityhive.com

The pressures of Hollywood have the tendency to take a toll on celebrities, and many nude picture scandals threatened to destroy Vanessa Hudgens' acting career. Luckily, she had her little sister, Stella, to help her through the rough times. Stella lives a relatively private life away from the spotlight, but she has stepped out to accompany her sister to a few Hollywood events. We didn't think there could be someone more gorgeous than Vanessa, but Stella definitely gives her big sister a run for her money when it comes to beauty!

3 Prince William

Via womansday.com.au

While Prince William focuses on his family and royal duties, his smoking hot younger brother Prince Harry continues to be the eye candy for drooling women across the globe. He's the rugged counterpart to his clean-shaven older brother and he upped the hot factor every time he donned his Army fatigues. Women are dying to become a part of the royal family by tying the knot with Harry, but he stays focused on his humanitarian efforts (in-between hitting up his favorite London pubs, of course!)

2 Penelope Cruz

Via libertatea.ro

You may think you're seeing double, but believe it or not, Penelope Cruz has a hotter, younger sister that could easily be her doppelganger. Monica is a trained dancer, and she has acted on a couple Spanish television shows. Her most memorable acting appearance was when she played her sister's stand-in on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Penelope was pregnant while filming some scenes, so directors called in Monica to appear in certain scenes since the siblings look so much alike. But if you ask us, Monica definitely receives the "hottest sibling" award.

1 Miley Cyrus

Via khaleejmag.com

Miley Cyrus has a few siblings, but her sister half-sister Brandi is definitely the hottest in the Cyrus bunch. Brandi is a TV and movie actress in her own right, and she also appeared alongside Miley in the television program Hannah Montana. Now that Miley has slowly morphed into a tongue-wagging nutcase, it's no surprised all eyes are on Brandi and her natural beauty. It also helps that she's sane and can perform simple task without baring her private parts.

Sources: radaronline.com, wmagazine.com

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