10 Celebs Who Have Not Aged In Over 10 years

Celebs love nothing more than to be told just how stunningly young they look. This is merely seen in stars who have been around for decades on end and just haven’t changed a tiny bit. Sorry Madonna, you did not make the cut. Needless to say, it has often been wondered how the celebrities listed below have managed to keep themselves looking as good as they do, as placing a side-by-side portrait of them from a recent photo to one that dates back to 2005 would not show any significant difference in their looks. Of course, a large amount of being able to age gracefully comes down to the genes and how healthy one keeps themselves throughout their years. If you are working out, moisturizing frequently and eat healthy food regularly, you are bound to stay looking as young as some of the celebs we’ve listed. At least that’s what they say. Whatever secrets these stars have that keeps them looking eternally youthful, it needs to be shared with the world, as being anywhere above forty and still looking like someone in their 20s is an achievement in itself.

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10 Patrick Stewart

It’s been fifteen years since Patrick Stewart made his debut in X-Men, playing the role of Professor Xavier — and it’s fair to say that the actor has not aged since. Still sporting a rather youthful look, the recently married Hollywood star is putting many of his fellow peers to shame, seeing that Stewart looks considerably younger than his age and is still pulling major roles in Hollywood. What’s even more interesting is the fact that the 74-year-old doesn’t have a particular regimen that keeps him looking as great as he does.

9 Jennifer Aniston

It’s been twenty years since the world was introduced to the ever so lovable character Rachel Green, on Friends, famously played by Jennifer Aniston. The actress, who would go on to start a hairstyle movement with ‘The Rachel’ has done a great job at keeping herself looking young and healthy. Aniston’s supposed secret in looking younger than her age are regular facials and drinking lots and lots of green tea! In Jennifer’s case, it also helps to know that the 46-year-old rarely ever changes up her hairstyle, which sort of contributes to the idea that having the same ‘do for twenty years keeps you looking youthful.

8 Halle Berry

She is a former beauty pageant contestant, a successful business owner, and an Oscar Award-winning actress. Yet despite all that Halle Berry has achieved in her life, she continues to put a smile on her face — without one wrinkle in sight. At 48, Halle is most certainly putting other women her age to shame, following a strict regime that has allowed her to feel and look as young as she did a decade ago. Believe it or not but yoga is one of the actress’ secrets to keeping herself looking young. Halle says that yoga helps her feel relaxed, adding that when she is under a heavy workload or feels stressed, yoga instantly puts her in a better mood. We all know that stress and frowning cause wrinkles, so it would make sense as to why Halle is always so happy.

7 Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is one of the best aging actresses in Hollywood. Right up there with Jennifer Lopez, holding a portrait of Sofia next to a recent photo of the TV-star easily shows that the 42-year-old old has not aged in over two decades. Whether she is having a little help from a plastic surgeon, Sofia looks so good for her age that people would not even believe she is well above 40. It should also be noted that Sofia is a mother of a teenage son — she could easily pass for his girlfriend, that’s how young she looks.

6 Jennifer Lopez

Ten years ago, Jennifer Lopez was booty shaking her way to the top of the charts. It is now 2015 and nothing has changed. Literally nothing. While the songstress continues her successful run as one of R&B’s best-selling female artist, Lopez is undoubtedly one of the most stunning women that must have stopped aging once she reached eighteen. Despite being a mother of two, runs a billion dollar worth empire, continues her judging stint on American Idol, and just signed on for her own Las Vegas residency, J-Lo is not letting her hectic schedule stop her from looking her best. Anybody can hire themselves a great makeup artist to make them look good, but only devoted people follow a strict healthy regime that they believe keeps them looking young.

5 Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is one of the best aging actors in Hollywood. How does he do it? Despite having recently turned 50, Keanu still resembles his 33-year-old self when he first starred as Neo in the blockbuster hit The Matrix. His age has not stopped him from landing movie roles that are just as big as actors half his age -- we think this is pretty much down to the fact that Keanu is aging incredibly well and can still easily pull off younger roles.

4 Jay-Z

He has been named one of the hardest working people in Hollywood, but even that has not stopped Jay-Z from looking just as good as he did a decade ago. Having reached the billion dollar net worth status when combining his assets with his wife Beyonce, the Tom Ford rapper continues to dominate his competition with his latest venture as the current owner of his own music streaming service, TIDAL. You would think that a man with so much going on for himself would suffer from a lack of sleep, would rarely make appearances out in public and would look relatively old. Not Jay-Z. Nobody really knows the 45-year-old’s secret to looking as good as he does despite being involved in so many businesses. Perhaps being married to one of the most talented women in music has something to do with it.

3 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is definitely not at that age where one applauds her for being able to look younger than her age, but considering the fact that she’s been in the industry for almost fifteen years and has not aged one bit, she deserves some credit. Having slowed down with her career in acting, Alba has turned her attention to her Honest Company business which is one of the most successful eco-friendly shops in the world. The company is reported to be worth up to a billion dollars, allowing the 34-year-old to retire right now if she wanted to. Instead, she continues to work hard, appear in movies every now and then, while her good looks refuse to fade.

2 Will Smith

Will Smith famously made a name for himself in the ever-so-popular program Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and while it has been twenty-five years since the first episode aired, it is astounding to see how well Will has aged. One of the reasons why many casting directors hope to scoop Will for their movies isn’t just because of his good reputation and likeability, but also for the fact that while he is almost pushing 50, he looks young enough for roles to play young adults.

1 Pharrell

Everybody is obsessed with Pharrell and his genes which simply refuse the singer to age — ever. Memes have been made about the hitmaker on social media, comparing the producer’s looks from 2003 to 2013, and to say that the singer has not changed one bit is an understatement. From the same haircut to the same facial expressions. You would expect someone like Pharrell to have gained some weight in his face knowing how much he loves food, but no — there is no change in the 42-year-old’s looks. Pharrell has been granted youthful looks for eternity!

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