10 Celebrities Who Messed Up Their Eyebrows

When it comes to a person’s facial features, we often compliment them on their gorgeous eyes, chiseled cheekbones or dazzling smile. We do not often give much thought to eyebrows. When was the last ti

When it comes to a person’s facial features, we often compliment them on their gorgeous eyes, chiseled cheekbones or dazzling smile. We do not often give much thought to eyebrows. When was the last time you told a person they had a wonderful set of brows? Never? However, you definitely do notice when someone’s eyebrows are messed up. And not even celebrities are immune to bad brows.

When it comes to Hollywood, makeovers are common. The facial features some celebrities are born with are sometimes considered mere suggestions. A lot of celebrities don’t overhaul their entire image but the majority of them will opt for a few tweaks here and there. A bit of eyebrow shaping can make all the difference and completely change someone’s look. You’ve seen enough makeover shows to have realized that.

That doesn’t mean that eyebrow makeovers are always for the better. Sometimes when you start plucking or shaping your brows, it is difficult to stop. It can become an addiction and the end result is over-plucked brows that make the celebs look like they are constantly surprised. Pamela Anderson is the poster girl for super skinny eyebrows. Another issue is completely changing the shape of your natural eyebrows. A lot of celebrities have good natural eyebrow shapes but for some reason they feel the need to completely change them. The result is unflattering and completely unnatural brows. These 10 celebrities actually had good brows but they went too far with their makeovers and really messed up their eyebrows.

10 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has sported many different wild eyebrow looks from exaggerated draw-on brows to ones embellished with sequins and rhinestones. If we ignore all of the bedazzling and just focus on Gaga’s actual brows, there isn’t really much to them at the moment. They have been bleached so light that they disappear on her face. They do match her platinum blonde hair, but they need to be a few shades darker to flatter her face. When you look at the old photo of Lady Gaga, her brows are a couple of shades darker and clearly visible. You aren’t left wondering whether they are they are not, like you are in the most recent photo.

9 Courtney Stodden

We have watched reality TV star Courtney Stodden go through a series of image changes. Her hair, lips and chest have undergone the most dramatic transformations but her eyebrows have also changed over time. She went from dark brows with a flattering arch to vey pointed brows. Instead of a nice smooth arch, her thick brows come to a dramatic point before turning into a skinny tail. The drastic shape makes her look like she permanently has her eyebrows raised. It is a look that suits no one. They also have a very messy texture which is a bit confusing considering how groomed they are.

8 Brandy

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Singer Brandy has fallen victim to the #eyebrowsonfleek brow fade. It is a look that is all over Instagram but it just doesn’t work in real life. Brandy originally had good arched eyebrows. They were thinner in the 1990s because that was the most popular look but she didn’t go as tweezer crazy as some other celebs. Her brows were still flattering to her face. Brandy’s eyebrows are thicker now but the inner corners are non-existent. The fading makes it look like she is missing a chunk of them. On top of that, they go from invisible to a very dramatic arch. The rounded shape was more flattering for her face.

7 Ariana Grande


Ariana Grande’s voluminous ponytail isn’t enough to distract from her confusing brows. She has had a few different looks and some have been better than others. Sadly, her latest look is not flattering. Her brows have no arch and they are too short by a few critical millimeters. Furthermore, they go from super thick to skinny tails at the outer corners. The fading at the inner corners by her nose isn’t helping matters. Ariana would have been much better off sticking with her natural, rounded brows. The shape was much more flattering and they showed off her big brown eyes better.

6 Lil’ Kim


It’s no secret that Lil’ Kim has gone through a massive beauty transformation over the years. Not many of her features have remained the same, and her eyebrows can be included in that. They have been ultra skinny, thick and round, dark, and very light. When you look back at early photos of her, you see how her brows had a nice shape and how they were nicely maintained. Now, Lil’ Kim’s eyebrows are way too long. They are practically touching her hairline. If that wasn’t bad enough, there is no longer an arch in them. There is absolutely no resemblance between what her eyebrows look like now and in the older photo. Granted, that is something we could say about most of Lil’ Kim’s face.

5 Sylvester Stallone

It isn’t just the ladies who struggle with their eyebrows, the men do too. When it comes to men’s eyebrow grooming, it is essential that they do not look too manicured. Sylvester Stallone’s natural brows are on the thinner side and they have a nice arch, so he really didn’t need to do anything to them. However, his brows have gradually become more rounded. Now, they make him look like he is always surprised. To make matters worse, they are not symmetrical. Sly’s right eyebrow is straighter at the inner corner of his eye before it suddenly curves up.

4 Amber Rose


Amber Rose is frequently photographed wearing a pair of chunky sunglasses so it isn’t too often that we get to see her eyebrows. When we do, it is clear that she has been messing around with her brows too much. A lot of people struggle to find the perfect eyebrow shape but Amber’s brow shape is pretty good. The issue is the color. She has a habit of bleaching her brows so light that they look invisible. Other times, the color is just off. This blondish gray color doesn’t really go with her hair and it washes her out. It looks like someone applied a heavy layer of face powder over her natural dark brows. A darker color would suit her much more.

3 Meagan Good

Meagan Good has been the victim of some poor eyebrow makeovers. She was one of many celebrities who plucked her eyebrows too thin in the 2000s. The eyebrows she has now are thicker, however, they are just too intense - they almost look painted on. Her brows are one or two inches too high and the arch is not smooth, like it should be. The strong black color is also too harsh for her complexion. A softer brown color would have improved things a lot. Right now, all you notice is her eyebrows first, as opposed to her gorgeous features. Her eyebrows should complement her face instead of distract from it.

2 Pamela Anderson


Pamela Anderson looks a lot different as a fresh-faced 16-year-old in her high school year book photo compared to the blonde bombshell Pamela we are all familiar with. Once you get passed the dark, feathered hair and take a look at her eyebrows, you will see that her natural shape is still thin but not the ultra-thin shape we’re used to seeing her with. Pamela wasn’t just the poster girl for sexy in the 2000s, she was also the poster girl for trendy pencil-thin, over-plucked eyebrows. The look was somehow considered fashionable for a brief time period but it is seen as unflattering in today’s bold brow-loving world.

1 Christian Slater


Christian Slater has been frequently photographed wearing a dapper pair of glasses but when he takes them off, you will wonder what exactly happened to his eyebrows. Christian had dark eyebrows with a strong natural arch. He went through a period when his eyebrows became so arched that is was comical because he looked surprised yet angry at the same time. Now his eyebrows are barely visible. You have to look really closely to see if he actually does have any brows or whether they were completely shaved off. They are there, but they are just very, very faint and quite sparse.

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10 Celebrities Who Messed Up Their Eyebrows