10 Best Smelling Celebrity Perfumes

Celebrities, thanks to having their names in lights and turned into de facto brands, tend to have opportunities the average person doesn't. For example, they can decide that they're interested in perfume, and have signature scent whipped up and shipped out to stores cross-country within a year.

But do these perfumes actually smell like something you'd want anyone to wear? This question in mind, I put on my scarf and mittens and went off to The Perfume Gallery in Metrotown to find out (a big thank you to the staff who let me smell their selection- this article owes it's existence to you!). So here they are: ten of the best smelling celebrity perfumes!

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10 Mariah Carey's 'Luscious Pink'

First off, this is definitely a summer-only perfume. If you wore it during the winter, it'd probably confuse the people around you. Luscious Pink has a very bright citrus and sunshine smell. Which was very nice, but one of the other main notes was something I couldn't identify beyond 'alcohol', which was not appealing. Further research showed that the alcohol note was supposed to be a Bellini note, but I think any peachy scent was overpowered by the citrus. It'd be a great vacation perfume, but the distinctive alcohol note may make it inappropriate for casual or business wear.

9 Rihanna's 'Nude'

This was the sort of perfume that I'd guess sells really well to younger audiences, because it smells like what your first perceptions of perfume 'should' smell like. It's sweet - really, really sweet- but kept from being too cloying thanks to its range, holding both sugary and flowery notes. It finished off with a powdery scent that I've always associated with cosmetics, especially the older ones, which was very nice. Way too sweet for my tastes, but I can see how it would appeal to people.

8 Justin Bieber's 'Girlfriend'

Apparently this one is, for obvious reasons, really popular with teenage girls. And, startlingly, it smells pretty good. It's far subtler than you'd expect from a teen idol fragrance, with citrus notes and an underlying vanilla and musk scent. All in all, nice smelling, and it's probably very easy to wear, though I'd be worried that it was too subtle, and wouldn't get noticed.

7 Paris Hilton's 'CanCan'

This perfume claims to be a sensual fragrance that opens with floral notes. I have to admit I didn't notice the floral notes. To my nose, it opened sharp, almost astringently so, and then almost immediately mellowed into citrus and neutral amber. to be honest, I really liked this scent; it came across as a very no-nonsense, and go getter. The sort of thing that a person could wear to work, and be taken seriously.  However, when I was looking it up to double check the notes I'd noticed, there was an emphasis in the blurbs on the floral notes, so it fell a few notches down the scale due to the dissonance.

6 Lady Gaga's 'Fame'

This one fits the star's image better than some of the earlier scents. At first, it smells really fresh, like citrus, and not at all sweet. Then the smell sweetened as it deepened out to include richer notes, like honey, incense and saffron. The perfume apparently uses  new  'push-pull technology' that allows all the notes to be noticed at once, instead of the traditional hierarchy of top and base notes.  I noticed the notes one by one, but that could be due to an untrained nose, rather than a failure of technology.

5 Britney Spears' 'Midnight Fantasy'

I fully expected this one to be the cloyingly sweet one, but I was wrong, and pleasantly so! It is a sweet-smelling perfume, with prominent notes of iris, night orchid and freesia, but were kept from being overpowering by the black cherry and amber notes. The first sniff comes across as sharp-sweet, and then rounds out into richer amber and vanilla notes.  While it's still a little sweet for my tastes, it's undeniably a pretty, wearable scent.

4 Jessica Simpson's 'I Fancy You'

My first thought, upon smelling the perfume, was 'it's Sporty Spice: the perfume!' While it might sound mean, I certainly didn't mean it so. It's a light-smelling, fresh and sporty scent. Starting brightly with apple and pear notes that are kept from being too fruity by white flower notes and a woodsy base, I imagine that this is an easy-to-wear perfume well suited to casual use. It reads as pleasant, but unobtrusive, the sort of thing you wouldn't notice unless you were close to the person wearing it. Whereupon you'd probably think that they smelled nice, and ask them what fragrance they were wearing.

3 Jennifer Lopez' 'Live Luxe'

The bottle for this perfume matches the title, it looks like something fancy and special, which puts a person in a certain frame of mind even before opening the cap. Unlike many of the perfumes on this list, the first smells I noticed for this perfume were more traditionally base notes, a warm sandalwood and musk combo. After the base notes the scent rounded upwards, into a lightly flowery honeysuckle and melon scent. It's a lovely perfume, and especially noticeable due to its different opening notes.

2 Madonna's 'Truth or Dare'

This is Madonna's first perfume, which I was surprised to find out. She's been famous for my entire life, so I'd just assumed she'd have a string of luxury perfumes to her name.On the other hand, good things come to those who wait, because this is a nice perfume. The perfume has a spicy floral scent, that thanks to a gardenia top note and a bitter orange flower mid-note almost echoes itself, before finishing with a lingering warm musk. It's a dramatic, sophisticated scent that I couldn't imagine wearing casually, but would be a great confidence booster, or for special occasions.

1 Beyoncé's 'Midnight Heat'

This is a sexy perfume. It starts with a dry floral notes of orchid, peony and starfruit, that is both warm and exotic. These top notes blended perfectly with the with the sandalwood and musk base. It seems like proof that Beyoncé doesn't do anything she's not great at, since this perfume smells awesome. It's not a casual scent; it's far too sensual for everyday wear, but it's a great event perfume, to wear when you want to make a statement. Without a doubt, the best smelling of the celebrity perfumes that I encountered.

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