10 Actresses Who Don't Look Their Age

The entertainment industry is one that, for the most part, places a lot of value on youth. Sure, there are a few exceptions who manage to craft careers that stretch over decades. They have so much talent that they manage to keep getting roles, regardless of whether they have a few grey hairs or wrinkles. However, for the most part, actresses seem to have a limited life span before they’re relegated to certain types of roles. That’s one of the reasons so many actresses have a strict fitness regime, diet, and – sometimes – cosmetic surgery procedures. They need to look their best and remain ageless through the years, something that isn’t always an easy task.

Then, there are certain actresses who seem to do it effortlessly. You look at them and are reminded of roles they did five, ten, twenty years ago where they looked nearly identical. We’re obsessed with learning their secrets and figuring out how on Earth they manage to basically stop the ageing process. The actresses on this list have a lot of physical differences and take on different types of roles in Hollywood, but they have one thing in common – when you first find out how old they are, you’re absolutely floored and certain that it can’t be accurate.

Here are 10 actresses who definitely don’t look their age.

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10 Michelle Pfeiffer (57)

Michelle Pfeiffer is 57. Can we just let that sink in a moment? This gorgeous blonde woman is nearly 60 years old. It’s completely mind boggling. Pfeiffer got her start in Hollywood as most actresses do – small guest roles on television series that most people have since forgotten.

She began dipping her toes in the Hollywood waters in the early 1980s and was soon scoring major roles in films like Grease 2, Dangerous Liaisons, Into the Night, and, of course, Batman Returns, where she played the iconic Catwoman. Pfeiffer has been recognized as one of the most beautiful actresses for four decades. One thing is for sure – we’d all love to know her secrets!

9 Kerry Washington (38)

Thanks to her role as the badass Olivia Pope in Shonda RhimesScandal, Kerry Washington is absolutely huge in Hollywood right now. She’s an incredible actress who has brought an amazing character to life, and her beauty makes her a frequent feature on magazine covers. However, she was in the industry for about ten years before she reached her current level of superstardom.

You probably thought she was a starlet in her mid 20s, enjoying her taste of the limelight. No – she’s nearly 40 years old, something that is astonishing if you see how she looks. Take a look back to Washington in one of her larger film roles, Chenille in teen flick Save The Last Dance. Apart from the 2000s hairstyle and clothing, she basically looks the same in 2001 as she does now, 14 years later.

8 Eva Longoria (40)

Eva Longoria is best known for her role as the sexy former model Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives. It may seem like everyone was tuning in to see the latest on Wisteria Lane just months ago, but the show actually wrapped in 2012. Do the math on when it started (2004, if you’re not sure), add the years since then, and you’re left scratching your head – how old is she?

Well, the ultra sexy Latin bombshell is 40 years old, and she still looks way better than most 20 year olds could ever hope to. Good genetics? Good diet? We all want to know.

7 Lucy Liu (46)

Lucy Liu has stepped into the public eye a lot more lately thanks to her role as Watson on the Sherlock Holmes-inspired series Elementary, so it only seems fitting that she’s wrapped in a mystery of her own. How on earth is this woman nearly 50 years old and still looking like she’s in her 20s?

She’s had roles in everything from the Charlies Angels films to Ally McBeal to the Kill Bill movies, and has remained just as flawless over the years as the day she first stepped foot onto a sound stage. Her career shows no signs of slowing down, and she shows no signs of aging – seriously, how does she do it?

6 Halle Berry (49)

In less than one year’s time, mega hottie Halle Berry will be 50 years old. When did that happen? Apart from the handful of small television roles, Berry got her start in Hollywood in the risqué role of Vivian in 1991’s Jungle Fever. Her career continued steadily throughout the 90s, and in the 2000s, eager to show that she wasn’t just a pretty face, she began to take on even meatier roles in films like Swordfish and Monster’s Ball.

While she’s talented, she’s also gotten a lot of attention throughout her career for her insanely good looks. Come on, regardless of the quality of the film, how hard did she rock that skin-tight black costume in Catwoman? We’re pretty sure she’d look as good in it now, ten years later, as she did back during filming.

5 Gabrielle Union (42)

Amongst a sea of young, 20-something pro basketballer wives and girlfriends – a situation Union is in frequently, given her marriage to basketball superstar Dwayne Wade – actress Gabrielle Union doesn’t look remotely out of place.

Why is that so impressive? Well, she has a good twenty years on most of those women, and manages to somehow look even hotter than they do. She’s been in the industry for over two decades, starting out with guest starring roles on shows like Family Matters and Moesha, then moving on to teen films like Bring It On and 10 Things I Hate About You… the list is endless.

Since she stepped onto the scene, Union hasn’t really had any lulls in her career, and given that she looks as young as the day she started, we don’t anticipate her having any trouble finding whatever roles she wants.

4 Julianne Moore (54)

Redheaded bombshell Julianne Moore is in her 50s and has been a staple in Hollywood for about three decades. Moore has never been content to take the types of roles typically offered to beautiful women, instead opting for meatier parts in films like The End of the Affair, The Hours, Far From Heaven, Hannibal, A Single Man, Children of Men and more.

She received tremendous attention recently for her portrayal of an Alzheimer’s patient in Still Alice, and even managed to snag a role on the latest Hunger Games film. Moore’s career continues to be as red hot as she is!

3 Sharon Stone (57)

You know Sharon Stone, that blonde bombshell who’s inspired many fits of lust over the course of her career? Well, she’s 57 years old. I know – we were as surprised as you are. Stone got her start in Hollywood in the early 1980s, taking small roles for nearly a decade before hitting superstardom in hit films like Total Recall and, the movie that would make her a cultural icon, Basic Instinct.

However, she definitely didn’t peak in the 90s – while many will remember her character of Catherine Tramell, she’s continued to work steadily ever since, and is currently in the process of filming two features.

2 Courteney Cox (51)

Courteney Cox became beloved around the globe as the neurotic, cleanliness obsessed Monica Gellar on the smash hit television series Friends. When the popular series wrapped after a decade on the air in 2004, she stepped away from the spotlight a bit, taking smaller roles for a few years before scoring a lead in the television series Cougar Town.

Her character Jules Cobb is completely different from Monica Gellar, but they have one thing in common – they’re both completely gorgeous, and that’s all thanks to Miss Cox. Sure, a great wardrobe and hair and makeup team can help things, but at the end of the day, she still looks completely phenomenal for her age. We’d never guess she was in her 50s.

1 Sandra Bullock (51)

Recently, Hollywood’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock won the distinction of being People’s Most Beautiful Woman. The fact that she won the title at 51 years of age, in the youth obsessed world of celebrity culture, just proves how incredible she looks. Bullock was the reigning queen of the rom com for many years, starring in hits like While You Were Sleeping, Miss Congeniality, Two Weeks Notice, The Proposal, and more.

In recent years, Bullock has been taking on different types of roles, and getting a great deal of critical acclaim for them – for example, her portrayal of Leanne Tuohy in The Blind Side and Ryan Stone in Gravity. She’s even stepped into the realm of voice work, lending her voice to the character of Scarlett Overkill in the much anticipated family hit Minions. Seriously, though, all talent aside – does this woman have a Dorian Gray portrait hiding somewhere?


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