Celebrity Advice For Moms-To-Be

Nearly every Hollywood red carpet features at least one mom-to-be, and it never ceases to amaze observers just how effortlessly beautiful they can look. Take Olivia Wilde at the recent 2014 Golden Globe Awards, for example. She was the perfect definition of maternity glam, stepping out in a long-sleeved, sparkly emerald green dress by Gucci. When Beyonce was pregnant back in 2011, the glowing singer showed up to the VMAs wearing a bright orange Lanvin gown.

Just ask any mother, celebrity or not, and they’ll tell you that pregnancy can be exhausting. It is hard on the body, it can cause nausea and illness, it can create stretch marks and bad skin, and it can cause junk food cravings – and that’s just a few of the potential symptoms you’ll face.

For this article, we’ve investigated the beauty, fashion and workout regimes of 10 pregnant (or recently pregnant) celebrities and laid down their top advice for moms-to-be.

10 Beyonce – Vegan Diet

Superstar Beyonce is widely known to have followed a partially vegan diet while she was pregnant with Blue Ivy. She says she felt responsible to follow the best possible diet for the health of her unborn child. While she didn’t discuss the full details of her diet, she said foods such as tofu and stir-fried vegetables were staples for her. Beyonce also had the full support of rapper husband Jay-Z, who also made the same dietary changes to help Beyonce through. They both say they had more energy as a result of their switch to mainly vegan foods.

9 Jennifer Lopez – Take Time Out

This Hollywood diva and mum of twins says pregnancy advice is “boring” so doesn’t dish out too much. However, one thing’s for sure – she managed to keep herself looking fresh and radiant throughout her pregnancy. When she was pregnant she was quoted as saying that she didn’t go out a lot, and that the best thing for her body was rest. She said pregnancy was the first time in her life when she was “a little bit selfish” and that she had to ask her then husband Marc Anthony to take the reins for a while so she could look after herself better. Jennifer also says that her favorite pregnancy book for new moms is What to Expect When You’re Expecting (costing $8 on Amazon.com).

8 Victoria Beckham – Belly Oil

Mother of four, Victoria Beckham, maintained a trim figure throughout her four pregnancies – and after giving birth too. Some credit goes to Hollywood body stylist, Rachel Zoe, who was spotted visiting Victoria at her Beverley Hills home while she was pregnant. On top of that, Victoria gives credit to Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil Blend (costing $45), which helped her rid her belly of stretch marks through all four of her pregnancies. She was such a big fan of this product that she tweeted her fans during her pregnancy to tell them all how “amazing” it is.

7 Kerry Washington – Crop Top Comfort

This pregnant Scandal actress, due in mid 2014, was recently spotted wearing a custom-made pink Prada crop top at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. She said that since she became pregnant her first fashion rule has been finding “things that fit” and aside from that, she’s on the hunt for anything that’s comfortable and makes her feel good. This classy crop top made the cut and got good reviews. Aside from fashion advice, Washington says her beauty secret is simple: happiness.

6 Drew Barrymore – Happiness

5 Gwen Stefani – Heels and Red Lipstick

Expecting her third child in 2014, 44-year-old Gwen Stefani has plenty of experience when it comes to staying red-carpet ready while pregnant. Despite most women opting for comfortable flats while they’re expecting, this platinum blonde singer continues to rock high heel, high fashion boots and shoes. She also continues to wear her signature red lipstick (which has in the past included L’Oreal Infallible Le Rouge in Ravishing Red, costing $10). Gwen’s known for not letting her pregnancies slow her down. She keeps working throughout, and attends social functions as normal. She doesn’t let her pregnancy rule her life.

4 Angelina Jolie – Belly Butter

Supermom Angelina Jolie must have plenty of advice on how to stay beautiful during pregnancy and as a new mother. Her and husband Brad Pitt have six children, some of whom are adopted.  Her secret to keeping her skin looking beautiful and radiant while pregnant with daughter Shiloh was using Bella Mama products. Bella Mama is a luxury maternity skincare range, which works to fight stretch marks and other skin conditions associated with pregnancy. The all-natural Bella Mama belly butter (costing $39 for 6 oz) was reportedly a favorite of Jolie’s, helping her reduce stretch marks. Other celebrities who have used this range include Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Garner, Britney Spears and Heidi Klum.

3 Kim Kardashian – Fitness Routine

2 Kelly Clarkson – Fight Off Morning Sickness

Kelly Clarkson, who is due in mid 2014, has been publicly suffering from extreme morning sickness throughout her pregnancy so far. Speaking to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres recently, she admitted that she vomits about a dozen times a day. After searching for a cure for many weeks, she tweeted some special advice to her followers, which won’t cost them a thing: “Ladies if you r pregnant & sick as a dog trust me when I say the one thing u will keep down might just be ‘baked potatoes’ #godblesspotatoes”. It seems Kelly Clarkson isn’t the only one to have suffered from serious morning sickness. Celeb JWOWW has had the same problems, but opted for a more traditional cure – medication.

1 Olivia Wilde – All Natural Beauty

This 29-year-old, who is the face of Revlon’s new Age Defying Makeup, says she started being extra health conscious from the moment she got pregnant. Just recently she was spotted at Earth Bar in West Hollywood, getting a healthy smoothie for a post-workout snack. She says that she’s always had an interest in using beauty products that “are a little less harsh” and that since she became pregnant she’s been following up on that and using fewer products too. Wilde recommends the company called Soapwalla in Brooklyn, which produces a natural deodorant cream that she swears by, for a cost of about $16.  Due in May 2014, she says a lot of her beauty routine comes down to water, moisturizing (such as Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream, $45 for 30mL) and staying active with Pilates.

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