5Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag - Collective net worth $200 thousand

This couple made quite a large sum of cash and wasted it in rapid fashion. These two fell victims to instantaneous fame when they were cast in the reality television show The Hills. The show proved to be wildly popular and they were soon being paid large sums of

money for personal appearances, interviews and photo shoots. The pair soon made about $10 million. This is a level of wealth that would last most people a lifetime, but these two decided to live at a level reserved for stars who shine much brighter.

A modest home was not enough for Heidi and Spencer so they decided to live in a $35,000/ month house in Malibu. Heidi then decided that she was a singer. $3 million was spent on her music career, that failed miserably. The couple spent extensive amounts on plastic surgery for her and six cars for him. Within a relatively short time, all the accrued wealth from their 15 minutes of fame was gone. No longer in demand the couple has no chance of climbing out of their financial hole. They even faked a divorce in an attempt to raise their popularity. Much like other aspects of their lives, it failed horribly.

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