9 Of The Most Narcissistic Celebrities

There are many celebrities today that have narcissistic traits within their personality. Narcissism can be defined as having an inordinate fascination with oneself, an inflated sense of one's own importance and a deep need for admiration. As a celebrity it is easy to have a self-inflated ego and believe you are a gift to everyone around you. A mentally healthy celebrity understands that this is important to keep ones ego in check and to stay in touch with reality. However, with today's social media and a self-absorbed society, it seems as if narcissistic is the way to be, by posting selfies every day and documenting your every step as if you are important enough for everyone to care, even though many people do care.

9  Madonna

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The global superstar has been around for decades, making it not surprising that her ego has been completely inflated. Madonna admitted during a 2004 20/20 interview that during her "Erotica" period in the 90's she was being an exhibitionist and saying "look at me." She continued to state that if she didn't have a big ego she wouldn't be where she is today and that she came to a certain point in life to finally realize that one's ego is like a dog and you have to question if you are walking the dog or is your dog walking you. The queen of pop has since turned to Kabbalah in order to gain a new philosophy on life.

8  Paris Hilton

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Socialite, Paris Hilton is one celebrity who has become famous for her narcissistic personality. Hilton is notorious for craving the attention of the paparazzi and has shown her self-absorbed ways on her reality television shows. The party girl claimed to have changed her ways after serving time in jail for a suspended license, claiming that she wanted to focus on helping others, especially the female prisoners that she served with. However, Hilton was called out by Barbara Walters on The View when a clip of her reality TV show portrayed her complaining about her community service. Hilton claimed she was complaining about having to wake up at 6 A.M. and not the duty itself.

7  Lady Gaga

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With lyrics like, "I live for the applause" is it really surprising that Lady Gaga is a huge narcissist? The singer makes sure to create waves where ever she goes by wearing outrageous outfits that just scream for attention. She even calls her fans her "little monsters" as if she is some supreme being over them. Her flamboyant behavior can appear to many as a cry for attention. On a trip to London in 2013, the singer and her parents were photographed leaving their hotel however, instead of getting into the car with her parents, Gaga decided to create chaos by making a walkabout appearance, causing fans to be injured as they ran over to see her.

6  Miley Cyrus

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The former Disney star has really transformed before everyone's eyes. Miley Cyrus went from sweet, Hannah Montana, to gyrating on stage with a large foam finger. The singer seems to have taken on a new persona that screams for her to be the center of attention at all times. Since her performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Cyrus has presented nothing but shocking photographs and odd behavior. The singer told MTV News that she is a self-proclaimed party animal but, also the hardest working person you'll ever know. In September 2013, Cyrus with 121 Twitter selfies, earned the title of the celebrity with the most selfies on Twitter.

5  Kylie Jenner

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As of 2013, the youngest daughter of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner has the most selfies on Instagram with 451 selfies taken since June 2012. It's really not surprising that the 17-year old has grown up to be self absorbed and obsessed with taking photos of herself seeing as whom she was raised by. Jenner could also be screaming out for attention due to her sister Kendall's modeling career taking off.

4  Kendall Jenner

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Another member of the famous Kardashian-Jenner clan makes the list. Kendall Jenner is in fourth place for the number of Instagram selfies, with 236 photos under her belt. The up and coming model has recently been making a name for herself in the modeling world. Although she just recently announced that she will only be going by "Kendall" after deciding to drop her last name. The 18-year old states that despite having a famous last name, it hurt her career rather than helped it. In May of 2013, Kendall showed a bit of her self-absorbed side by tweeting "Just wish things could be easier sometimes man." However, Francis Bean Cobain, the daughter of Courtney Love, did not let her get away with that statement. Cobain tweeted back, stating that she couldn't believe how someone with such entitlement could be complaining when there are much greater issues in the world.

3  Justin Bieber

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Pop singer, Justin Bieber isn't really famous for his singing anymore as he is more notably known as the boy walking around with no shirt on. The 19-year old is continually onstage and walking around airports shirtless. His Instagram account is covered in numerous shirtless selfies, screaming for the world to notice him. Hollywood celebs have even begun to get fed up with it as actress, Olivia Wilde took to Twitter in March of 2013 stating "Bieber, put your f***ing shirt on. (unless you lost all your shirts in a fire in which case my condolences and please purchase a new shirt.)"

2  Kim Kardashian

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1  Kanye West

Self-esteem is something that rapper, Kanye West is not lacking. He has been deemed as one of the most narcissistic celebrities out there with his outlandish statements. Last year, West received bitter backlash from an interview he gave where he compared himself to the late Steve Jobs and called himself the Michael Jordan of music. Not to mention, who can forget what he did to Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. The narcissist has also referred to himself as the messiah, calling himself "Yeezus" and he has stated that his greatest pain in life is that he will never be able to see himself perform live. It looks like he is the perfect match for Kim Kardashian.

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