8 Great Drinking Games You Haven't Tried

Drinking games are one of those things you can find in almost every part of the world. Each country seems to have its own fun take on them, and they're usually easy to pick up and play along, language and country of origin aside.

What about where you’re from? You’re probably familiar with some of the more popular drinking games, like Kings Cup and Beer Pong, and you may even have your own “house rules” when it comes to playing them.

Drinking games date back as far the invention of alcohol; it’s just human nature to make things we enjoy into games. Even better, drinking games don’t require much equipment. Some games might require a deck of cards, quarters, plastic cups, ping-pong balls, but usually not all are required.

In our efforts to make alcohol more fun, we’ve made drinking into a highly social activity as well. This has led to the creation of dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of drinking games, with contributions from all over the world. And with each drinking game comes unique takes on it, depending on who is in charge of setting up the game.

These “house rules” just make the games more interesting, as you get to see more fun ways to get drunk. Even better, some drinking games have an element that makes each game more unique. In the case of a game like Kings Cup, some scenarios might require you to do random dance moves, rhyme, or list out different things in a specific category (e.g. sex positions).

So drinking games can be fun, casual, competitive, simple, or random. There’s something out there for every kind of drinker. So let’s go ahead and take a look at some of these fun drinking games, and maybe you’ll be inspired to try one out and even add your own “house rules” variation to them.

Of course, it goes without saying that these games encourage binge drinking. Please be sure to arrange to stay with a friend for the night, or for a sober driver to take you home after playing one of these games.

8 Mmmm... Water


This simple game was found on Reddit, and is one of the easier games to set up here.

All you need to do is take several shot glasses and fill them up with either water or vodka. Take a group of people and have them randomly drink from the selection, one person at a time. They have to say “Mmmm... water,” and it’s up to others to call them on whether they’re bluffing or not.

If somebody correctly calls their bluff, they drink again. If the person calling the bluff is wrong, then it's their turn next. If nobody calls it, then whoever is next in line goes.

7 Jiuling

This drinking game is done in China. It’s pretty simple, all you need is a group of people and some alcohol. Each player puts both hands behind their back and picks a number between one and 10 with their fingers.

Each player guesses the total amount each persons fingers add to, and the player that guesses to the closest the total number doesn’t have to drink, while everybody else does.

6 Sinking Ship

Via epicureanbliss.com

This game is also pretty simple, but can be quite a lot of fun.

You only need two items: a large glass or pitcher, and a smaller glass that can float. First, fill the larger glass with beer and then put the smaller one into it so it floats. Each person will then takes turns adding as much or little of beer that they want into the smaller glass. The person who causes the smaller glass to sink is the loser, and has to pick out and chug the small glass.

The strategy aspect starts to kick in once the shot glass starts to get full, you start to think "should I try and screw the next person by filling it super high? Or should I play it safe and only add a little bit?"

5 Civil War

From Wikimedia

This game is a twist on the classic game of beer pong, but this version is more fast-paced and competitive.

The basic format is a 3v3 setting. Each player has a three or six cup setup arranged in a pyramid formation, and there’s usually at least half as many balls in play as there are players. The goal is to get your ping pong balls into all of your opponents cups, just like with regular beer pong.

Unlike with regular beer pong however, there’s no need to take turns. You just keep going until one of the teams is defeated. If you manage to land a ball in an opponents cup, they can’t shoot again until they both chug and flip the cup that you landed in.

If you two players manage to get a ball into the same opposing players cup, that player is instantly eliminated, bringing an exciting comeback factor to the game. Players who are eliminated are still allowed to catch rebounds and give them to the remaining players, though they must stay on their side of the table when doing so.

That’s basically it. The lack of taking turns revs up the pace of the game, and making it 3v3 game lets more people play at once. Great game if you have a lot of people interested in playing a fast-paced drinking game.

4 Bear Paw

From wallpaperup.com

I don’t how much of a “game” this really is, but it’s not surprising, considering its Russian origins. Just take a group of people and have them each take a drink from a mug of beer. Once everybody has a drink, top it off with vodka and restart the drinking process. The game is over once you've done enough rounds that the mug consists only of vodka.

And that’s it, that’s all there is to it. If people still want to play after filling it completely with vodka, repeat the process by topping it off with beer this time.

3 Wizard Staff

From senateskateshop.com

This drinking games uses a little “gamification” to enhance things.

Everybody starts with a single beer, giving everybody the status of “level 1 wizard.” Drink that, and then tape your next beer to the top of that one. This gives you “level 2 wizard” status, and then 3, and then 4...

Every 3-5 beers is a “boss fight,” which involves taking a shot of hard alcohol. The winner is the wizard with longest staff of them all.

2 Pass The Pitcher

From beernexus.com

This is a simple game but can become really interesting. All you need is a pitcher of beer and a group of people who are willing to drink from that very same pitcher as everybody else.

Everybody takes turn drinking from the pitcher, drinking as much or as little as they like. The goal is to ensure that the person who is to drink after you cannot finish whatever you leave for them, otherwise you lose. So it becomes a battle of deciding if you should just sip a small amount or try to down the entire thing yourself (and possibly not finish it all, leaving only a tiny bit for the next person to finish off).

The loser has to buy the next pitcher (so you can start the game up once again).

1 Buffalo

From elephantplains.co.za

This is a funny game, as some people continue the game into every experience where they are drinking.

It’s pretty simple. Players may only drink using their non-dominant hand. If other players catch them doing otherwise, they call them out by saying “buffalo!” The offender must then chug the entire drink down. If they hold back at all then everybody starts chanting “buffalo!’ and generally makes a ruckus.

If, however, the person they call buffalo on has an empty cup or is drinking a nonalcoholic drink, then the person may respond with “false buffalo!” The caller must finish their own drink, or the nearest alcoholic drink nearby.

The twist on this game: there is no escape. Once a person plays buffalo, they must play it for life. So if they go out drinking with buddies and some random person yells “buffalo,” they still must follow the rules.

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